Halimah Yacob finally announces intention to contest Presidential Election


Mdm Halimah Yacob has finally announced her intention to contest the upcoming Presidential Election. In a speech today at a National Day dinner at Marsiling Mega Sports Park, she said:

“I recognise that the position of the elected President has the tremendous capacity to do good for all Singaporeans and for Singapore.
“Hence, I wish to inform you that I will be contesting in the coming Presidential Election.”

She added that she will resign from her positions as Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC tomorrow, 7 August 2017.

WATCH: Mdm Halimah Yacob formally announces she will contest the upcoming Presidential Election and that she will resign as Speaker of Parliament on Monday.Full story: https://cna.asia/2v9bpEJ

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Sunday, 6 August 2017

Mdm Halimah has been expected to announce her intention to contest for some time now, ever since Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Chan Chun Sing, referred to her as ‘President’ twice in Parliament in February this year.

Mr Chan also confirmed earlier this year that no by-election will be called if a minority candidate in a GRC resigned to contest the Presidential Election.

Mdm Halimah was fielded and elected as the minority candidate for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

Mr Chan explained that the GRC system, which requires each team to include at least one member of a minority race, has been in place since 1988, and that it has two purposes: first, to ensure enough minority members in Parliament and secondly, to ensure no political campaign on issues of race and religion.

He noted that there are 25 minority MPs out of 89 – “more than what you’d expect proportionately from adding up the percentage of Malays, Indians and other minorities”.

“Even if we have one less, that is 24 out of 89, which is 27 per cent of Parliament,” Mr Chan said.

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  1. Please do not void the votes. At first i thought of spoiling the vote in a form of protest too but in this way we will be falling into PAPies trap. By spoiling the vote meaning a gain for Halimah in another way. We also need to show support to the Malay community by voting for other Malay candidates. So how about we vote her out by voting for other Malay candidates?

  2. contest the election? u sure? u guys ordy made sure she WILL be the one to be the indian muslim president so what contest? we all have a mind of our own to see the truth & i guaranteed they will even stoop to rigging the votes to make sure they hold on to power

  3. Voters shouldn’t have to put up with this manipulative shit by the PAP, another puppet
    If there is an election, I hope she lose and lose terribly.
    She can pack up and be out of our political sphere.

  4. See what I mean. Pretending consider, now what? Stop pretending, is all set up. Your boss asked you to be President you dare to say no? Ha.. ha.. sounds so Hippocrates. Do help Singapore GOD.

  5. Malay President means Malay President. Don’t any of you know
    that the Indian race is not the same as the Malay race. Being Muslim does not affect any race at all cos there are Muslims of all races the world over….

  6. If her position in the GRC is not been filled by a minority when she steps down then the whole argument for the GRC system to enable minorities to be represented is no more valid.

  7. Lolx…. wonder y she wayang till nw…as if e whole of spore didn knw tat she HAS to b a contender cum winner as master wants it! Anythin else will b inadmissible isnt it

  8. Even before been “elected” to be President of Singapore, this lady failed to earn our trust when she said she was still “considering” as a candidate. Comeon, come clean….

  9. No accountability for their failures. Sell the ppl’s interests for their own wealth. Now even try to put up a puppet to destroy the system. This country really has no future.

  10. Now we are told half Indian can also qualify as Malay. All the pretending was part of the wayang. So it was fixed right from the beginning ? Why don’t they be honest enough to simply admit that the President has to be one of them ? Will kind of save us folks wondering what the bloody election is for ?

  11. There is no higher calling than serving the citizens who voted her into power. Since no by-election will be called, she will be letting down her constituents as MP.

  12. Now that Halimah have declare her candidacy, my fellow true blue SGPn, let’s join hands together and let Halimah feel to be out of job for being greedy and disgrace to her ancestor.
    Let’s vote for Saleh Marican who is willing to give up the president salary if he is voted as president of SG. It is better than a PAP endorsed yes woman.
    Please do not spoil your votes. You are only helping PAP by doing so

  13. If Madam Halimah truly has the heart for the people, then she should know that this presidential election is wrought with controversy and to participate in it only serves to DIVIDE THE NATION FURTHER. No, if she is truly looking HEAL THE NATION, then the most SACRIFICIAL DECISION on her part is to abstain from participating in this presidential election, join together with the HEARTS OF THE NATION and bring back the TRUST of those who obviously sees this presidential election as a FARCE. This only shows that she has a crutch mentality and feels this is the only time she can get a real opportunity to win such a heavily slanted election. If she is looking to serve, then surely she can continue to serve in her current capacity and if she still feels strongly in wanting to step into the presidential office, then contest FAIRLY and based on her OWN MERIT in the next OPEN ELECTION. She has lost all credibility in my book….SAD. If you do not agree with how this presidential election is being conducted, DO NOT SPOIL YOUR VOTE. Express it in the best way possible and NOT CONDONE the manipulation.

  14. As I have often said do make nasty comments about other people’s backyard when your own backyard is a big mess. I am surprised at the understanding of world affairs’ by young Singaporeans, sorry but I wonder where they get their mindset and thinking.

  15. And the Oscar goes to Halimah Yacob for ACTING as if she was considering whether she should stand for the Presidential Election.
    She is nothing except another crony of PAP government.

  16. The whole justification for a GRC is minority race participation. No by-election will make Singapore a laughing stock of the world or the ruling party unnecessarily lacking in confidence.

  17. Why take all this trouble? Any body becoming President will be have to pass any request to dip into our reserves to solve our economic problem with the coming global economic crisis, even a guy like TCB. The difference is whether he or she will ask nasty questions or not. In future, we should elect leaders who are not thin skin and more accountable. As it is, a Speaker will become someone who will maintain silence most of the time.

  18. She can confidently announce it means they already have the answer from the 5 judges that Dr Tan’s appeal will not entitle him to run for this year EP??

  19. No by-election if a minority MP resigns simply shows the importance placed on minority representation in a GRC, which is ironic considering how they’re harping on the importance of a minority being an EP.

  20. There is no question that Halimah is a very good person. There is also no question that China is our danger to multiracialism as they want to subvert South East Asia with its claim on Chinese diaspora there. But voters may end up with little choice of candidates. If there are two candidates, those pissed with the ruling party and civil service may cast in a way that looks like the Tony Tan situation. If there is only one candidate, then I wonder if the spoilt votes will expand in size vis-a-vis the last P election. What is being said here is that voters like the candidate but probably pissed with where she had worked with politically not the union.

  21. Source- whatsapp
    ~ author not known~


    The Elected President (EP) scheme was supposed to be a check on the government of the day. The EP is also endowed with various specific powers designed to hold the government to account.

    These powers include being the so-called second key to the nation’s financial reserves; having a say in the appointment of key members of statutory boards and public institutions; and the ability to instruct the CPIB to carry out investigations.

    Firstly, Mdm Halimah has little financial experience. How is she to oversee the financial reserves, which run into the hundreds of billions, and how the government spends these, which in itself is a complex matter?

    The second reason why Mdm Halimah should not throw her hat into the ring in September is that even today, 28 July, she is still undecided if she would run in the elections which will take place in less than 2 months. Anyone who is serious about taking on the highest office in the land would have given it much thought over an extended period of time, and would have already made up her or his mind at this point.

    Singaporeans have expressed concerns on the prospects of a current government MP, still in parliament, resigning as an MP and immediately standing for the PE. The spirit of the Elected President is independence of office as intended by Mr Lee Kuan Yew when the idea was mooted.

    Given that Mdm Halimah has also been a PAP MP since 2001, it is questionable if she will be able to fulfill the independent role required of an EP.

    Can you suddenly resign from a party you have been with for decades and then claim to be independent of it, overnight?

    The third reason why Mdm Halimah should not opt to run is that there have been questions raised about her “Malayness” to be a candidate in a Reserved Election for the Malay community.

    All candidates must be accepted as Malay, otherwise the office of the President loses its credibility and respect from the community and from Singaporeans.

    Questions about Mdm Halimah’s race were raised because her late father was an Indian-Muslim. Does that not make her an Indian and thus disqualified to run?

    *You cannot have Mendaki saying an Indian-Muslim does not qualify for its assistance schemes, and then say that an Indian-Muslim can contest in a Malay-only Reserved Election.*

    _With all of the above unresolved issues and questions surrounding Mdm Halimah, it would be best if she does not contest the September polls. If she does contest and wins, it will leave the elected presidency open to all sorts of criticisms._

  22. Do we want a society based on wealth, connections, race or meritocracy ???
    If by meritocracy, then why PAP picked her to helm the highest office in Singapore ???
    So she is the best among the PAP members ???
    Then why was she not even full minister before ???

    I suspect PAP knows that there are no Malay that heads a $500 million company.
    So there will be no other outright eligible candidates, other than PAP MPs, to compete with her.

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