Halimah Yacob confirms that she’s eyeing the Elected Presidency


Madam Halimah Yacob has confirmed that she is eyeing the Elected Presidency. Speaking after a community event in her Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, Madam Halimah said:

“I am thinking about it, of running for the presidency…The elected presidency is a very heavy responsibility and an important institution in Singapore, so it’s not something that one should take lightly… so it needs a bit of time to think. But I must say at this moment, I have a lot of duties I have to perform, as Speaker, as MP. These duties are also very dear and important to me.”

At the parliamentary debate on the Presidential Election (amendment) Bill in February, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Chan Chun Sing, accidentally referred to Madam Halimah as “Madam President” instead of “Madam Speaker”. Netizens who responded to Mr Chan’s slip then, wondered if it was a freudian one.

In his address, Mr Chan further confirmed that no by-election will be called if a minority candidate in a GRC resigned to contest the Presidential Election.

Mr Chan explained that the GRC system, which requires each team to include at least one member of a minority race, has been in place since 1988, and that it has two purposes. First to ensure enough minority members in Parliament and secondly, to ensure no political campaign on issues of race and religion.

He noted that there are 25 minority MPs out of 89 – “more than what you’d expect proportionately from adding up the percentage of Malays, Indians and other minorities”.

“Even if we have one less, that is 24 out of 89, which is 27 per cent of Parliament,” Mr Chan said.

In April of this year, it was reported that a People’s Action Party (PAP) member who was abruptly asked to step down as Grassroots Adviser in Aljunied GRC just weeks before the 2015 General Election (GE) has been helping Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Member of Parliament Halimah Yacob at her Meet-the-People Session (MPS) for more than a year.

The former Adviser of Kaki Bukit division in Aljunied GRC, Kahar Hassan, was dropped from the PAP team which went on to contest in the GE amidst rumours that he was “hardworking” but perhaps did not build up rapport with his residents.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock the former Presidential Election candidate who was a whisker away from winning the 2011 Election, said that if the Government fails to allay the people’s concerns regarding the Elected Presidency (EP) the next EP will always be tainted with the suspicion that the reserved elections of 2017 were introduced to prevent his candidacy.

The 5th Elected President of Singapore may be a ‘tainted’ President


  1. Is she good? Smart enough to id fraud? Will she a keep an eye on national reserve and provide transparency on how it’ll be managed and utilised? Just how good is this candidate? I only have 1 vote to offer

  2. I would have easily voted for her in a regular presidential election. But with this reserved presidential election thing conjured up by the PAP, I seriously doubt I would.

    • Commoners like us in cooperate world only consist of say 30%, however, there are still 70% in govt bodies working, the PA committee dogs, the new Citizens, etc etc… will vote for MIW. Our votes means nothing to be honest. Why do all this wayang thingy… just present this to her or the chosen ethic group MP. #wastetime #wayang

    • She definitely want to serve, to sign the death note to permit the hanging of people and also to help herself to a big chunk of the salary in the near coming future.

  3. Anyway, we wont have any one else to vote. So dun waste time. Look at WP they are more productive using the time to raise community funds instead of wasting time on gone case issue. Be like water my friend

  4. No need to vote…after is already reserved for you….just appoint that’s all…just Wanyang only…wave and shake hands that’s all you can do…

    • Yes ..so important that when 38 saga erupted , it is very responsible not to be seen and heard ……si beh Aey sai de!!! The disappearing acting skill so far exceeded that of the master illusionist David Copperfield !!!

  5. Halimah, are you bona fide Malay? Or an Indian Muslim living as a Malay? Is Singapore following the Malaysian definition of Malay? Malay is an ethnic strain of human beings. We take our race from our father! If your father is an Indian or Pakistani, you are an Indian! Shame on you for abandoning your father’s heritage. Anyway, you are no better than any other PAP nominee. Collect salary and do the master’s bidding!

  6. The main question is whether she will be representing the ordinary citizens or representing the government, her current boss.
    The PAP is not Singapore and Singapore is not the PAP.

  7. Eyeing? Oh please…. the entire nation knows that you are being asked to do it and your party basically changed the constitution to make sure you get it.

  8. Do you know as president of SG you have to sign on the death paper in order to hang a person? Is she willing to do that? If she does, then we know what’s inside her mind.

  9. Puppet, Puppet, Puppet, Puppet, Puppet, Puppet…. Watching parliment is like watching The Muppet Show.. ..Everyone does what the Puppet master intends…

  10. She don’t need to say she eyeing. The party is asking her to be. Because ccs called her twice president in parliament. So it goes to show they have already made this happened for halimau to win the election. Ownself help Ownself? If only Singaporeans do not vote Halimau in, will she still be the president? So what is there to eye for? Unless like I said there is ownself power.

  11. Master asked slave to do the work. Slave is greedy coz pay is high. So win win situation. Slave took up the job. The rest of the people no need to try. This one already started promoting and brain washing. We know who is the next President already. Even her own gang called her Mdm President in parliament. Ownself choose ownself. Shamelessness really knows no boundary.


  13. Chan Chun Seng already address her as Madam President, whether it’s accidentally or not , the show must go on and Singapore will have the first Lady President, the other candidates don’t waste your time. When PAP and the government wants a Elected President of other races they already put their stamp on it.

  14. She is a shoo in. Didn’t some minister already let the cat out of the bag in parliament months ago? Welcome to another wayang. Just nice 7th month coming.

  15. Not eyeing but ordered to run. She will be the yes woman and the most highly paid “appointed government official nodder” for the PAP. Anything they say we have yes woman to agree.

  16. Wow
    That is surprise of Year

    I did not see it coming.

    Even though she was address as the Presiden a few times in the parliament.

    I thought it was a bad joke!

    Singapore politics is so clean like many FT, I like it too!!!

  17. The problem was the Govt made a huge mistake. If they stick to Presidency rotation since Independence they won’t have any problems with now like race is an issues lah.. When they realized that….now they came out with this idea of only “Malay” can run for Presidency?

  18. Pls lah, don’t think we Singaporean are stupid, you were call Madam President in for 3 times and now you said you thinking of running. It all pre-determine by PAP. You should get the best acting.

  19. studying history of mankind. they will Never do anything till hell come upon them. nothing will change for pap, do what you can before it is too late, migrate and run before the country is in ruin. look at all the sacrifice done by many ppl. sinkies only cared abt themselves and their flat. not worth caring for such people lah. just protect urself and ur family first.

  20. Astonishing! Not a single good comments about her intention to seek the EP! Another unsettling situation is brewing.. definition of Malay race or otherwise! A nation hanging in a balance, divided every which way 🙁

  21. i will vote for Salleh Marican Instead….Well if he is clumsy also never mind….Puppet job…..shake2 hand,wave2 hand…dinner here dinner there…ha ha ha

  22. In USA no head scarfs are allow . …. how is she going to handle USA relationship or important G20 meetings ?

    No Muslim passport in USA ….?

    Can she eat with non Muslims dishes. …? Or non Hala cooks? Or pork beacon. ….with USA or foreigners guests?

    How can this build up with better relation with other western countries delegents for non Hala cooked foods ?

    Did You know very well these are the problems and yet … digging deeper. ….. problem for ownself in relation with PRC or USA?

    Just my opinion

  23. Aiyo! Makcik! How old already! How many more years to go before stepping into…..Time to relax and enjoy private life with family, makcik!

    I support you to be an elected Housewife! 🙂

  24. All these time wasted on the wayang . Just put yr cronies in the seat, cause the end result is very clear. Just a word here, the ppl want Dr. Tan but of course we won’t be heard.

  25. Puan Halimah , if this is true , with all due respect , please give others the chance . Even if you resign from the PAP to contest the Presidency , you will ALWAYS be looked at as part of the Establishment !
    So far , you have been well respected , please stay the course . Thanks ! : )

  26. Bring back the old system of Rotating of Race Presidency ! Much much much cheaper in terms of everything ! We certainly DON’T NEED all these Race Tension ! Period !

  27. Don’t take us for fools Halimah. Is this truly your desire to be president or are you doing your master’s bidding? We think it is the latter.

  28. PAP please don’t waste tax payers money lah just appoint whoever you want to be. Temasek already loosing billion through poor leadership.

  29. A 72-year-old Singaporean who has lived through the racial riots of the past writes an open letter on the Elected Presidency.

    Dear Fellow Singaporeans

    Comes September 2017 we may be going to the polls to elect our 8th President reserved for the Malay race only. Notwithstanding the constitutionaI amendments passed in Parliament I am not convinced of the wisdom and logic of changing our Presidential system to ensure that a member of the minority must always have a chance to become President via rotation.

    As a Singaporean who lived through the time of our first President or the Yang di- Pertuan Negara appointed in 1959 in self governing Singapore to the 7th President elected in 2011 race was never an issue in my mind and in the minds of countless Singaporeans.

    He can be Chinese, Malay, Indian or Eurasian elected or appointed it did not make any difference. What matters most is the President must serve the people. If he is honest sincere and capable he will be able to unify all Singaporeans regardless of race language class and religion.

    As a 72 year old Singaporean it is my privilege to grow up colour blind even through the worst racial riots in 1951 1964 and 1965. I was a child of 6 when I first witnessed the horrors of the Maria Hertog riot from a cubicle window in Jalan Besar. Then came the 2nd and 3rd racial riot in 1964/65 when we were part of Malaysia. We were at the Cathay Cinema when racial riots broke out and we were told to go home.

    But none of these riots change our generation’s perception that in multiracial Singapore race should not matter and should never be allowed to matter certainly not in the choice of a President whether he is black white brown or yellow.

    It never occur to me that a Malay should not be the head of state in Chinese majority self governing Singapore in 1959. Neither did I have any reservation to a Eurasian President Dr. Benjamin Sheares a distinguished gynaecologist who served us well from 1971 to 1981.

    Then came our third President Mr. Devan Nair an Indian MP who came from the ranks of the PAP. He unfortunately had to leave office after 4.5 years as a result of personal health problem.

    Next came President Wee Kim Wee another appointive President who hailed from the Straits Time Press. He was a “baba” Chinese Singaporean who performed his role so well that he became known as the People’s President.

    Another well loved President was Mr. Ong Teng Cheong the first elected President in Singapore history. He was our Deputy Prime Minister before he took office but completed only one term owing to differences in perception of the President’s role as a guardian of our reserve.

    After him came the 2 term President S R Nathan a civil servant who was moderately popular with the people attending President’s Charity galas to raise funds for the people. Again race was not an issue even though the previous Indian President did not fare too well and had to leave office under a cloud.

    Now we are nearing the end of the term of Mr Tony Tan an endorsed elected Chinese PresIdent who was a former DPM in the PAP government.

    So all in all we have had 7 Presidents over 58 years. 1 Malay, 2 Indians, 1 Eurasian and 3 Chinese. Out of the seven 4 were appointed and 3 were elected. As far as the people are concerned it does not matter as long as they are men of integrity and perform the jobs well to serve the people.

    Without going into the merits and demerits of the government’s rationale for amending the Constitution to allow for a reserved Presidential Election for only members from the Malay race my main objection is that such a change violates the Singapore Constitution and undermines the daily National Pledge recited by all school children every morning that:

    “We the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness prosperity and progress for our nation”.

    If we have any regards at all to the history of our Presidencies one fact that stands out is the colour blind reality of the ordinary Singaporean. There was never any perceived notion that the Presidency must be rotated by race to ensure fairness to the minority. All the friends acquaintances and strangers I meet on the streets and in the parks in the last one year invariably dismiss race as a factor in their reckoning of what makes a good President.

    The issue of the President holding the second key to the national reserve should also not be an issue for he is surrounded by the Council of Presidential Advisors whom he has to take advice from. So whether he is Malay Chinese Indian or others the key that he holds is a collective key held by a panel of advisors nominated by the government.

    As for the financial qualifications required of a Presidential candidate it is most unlikely that the government would be able to headhunt for one who would meet all the stringent requirements.

    In fact all our past Presidents never had the experience of running a $500 million company. Where then do they get the forte to disagree with the government on opening our national coffers.

    However in raising the bars so high the government turns what should be a level playing field into a pole vault pitch ruling out the possibility of sourcing for a few good men who can genuinely understand the plight of the ordinary people and work for their welfare.

    The office sadly is in danger of becoming the precinct of the rich and powerful.

    In this day and age when governments all over the world are beginning to lose the trust of the people it is incumbent on the PAP leadership not to erode that trust further by imposing a albatross around the people’s neck.

    Given the challenge from a former Presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bok that the reckoning of the first elective President does not reside in Mr Wee Kim Wee’s term but rather in Mr. Ong Teng Cheong’s it would be prudent for the government to pause before rushing to implement it’s Reserve Presidency – an area where angels may fear to tread.

    It would also be doing itself a huge favour to hold a referendum to ascertain the wishes of Singaporeans whether race is indeed a factor in the choice of our Head of State. Afterall what is the hurry when more haste produces less speed and further undermines the trust of the people in the midst of a economic recession and a very uncertain world.

    Patrick Low
    4th April 2017

  30. Halima you shall be a female Patung president of S’pore. Our melayu bros feeling proudly or disgraceful. Perhaps have to refer to shariah law in the Quran.

  31. Halimah is appointed by Chan Chun Sing just like Wee Kim Wee was appointed by LKY
    We must fight for democracy election regardless of race, language or religions
    For female President, I will vote for Dr Lee Wei Ling as she is capable to check the white monkeys

  32. The Elected Presidency is supposed to be a Separation of Powers… Not a Lumping of Powers… Hence we need an Independent President… And it would help if there is a Five Year Ban on Candidates from All Political Parties…

  33. HOW TO VOTE………..if there’s 2 ”non-PAP” candidates………..just ABSTAIN…………

    if there’s only 1 ”non-PAP” candidate……………vote for this guy………..

  34. Hello bro N sis..let Mdm President a chance…anyway only 1 term only(5yrs)so next (EP)chinese for another..5 term(25)mayb next (EP)indian race..i hope so..huhu

  35. The cat was let out of the bag Long ago when Chan Chun Sing address her as something like “president……” and the whole house fill with laughter.

  36. This special election for Malay is an absolute disgrace to Singaporeans especially Malay Singaporeans. So much dirty tricks, so much rewriting of our history, so much controversies. Is this the way LHL lead Singapore ? From one mess to another.

  37. This is good since she is very familiar with the working of the government and critical issues facing Singapore.

    She must be able to stand up firmly for the Presidency with the ability to withstand any pressure on duties and responsibilities of the President’s office according to the Constitution of Singapore.

    She must possess good diplomacy and be out reaching in fostering a good relationship between Singapore and the World…and the ability to stand in good stead for the Presidency and for Singapore.

  38. We, the citizens of spore, pledge ourselves as 1 united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice n equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity n progress for our nation.

    Our mps will totally agree tat it is true.

  39. I will spoil the vote. It’s disgusting enough how the PAP has tried to bluff Singaporeans about the PE. Disgraceful how you pricks just want to stay in power.

  40. What is it so difficult to decide? Why are still you thinking? Is it very difficult to choose the one gives you multi millions dollars pay annually? Just follow what your master has planned for you!!

  41. As Custodian of our Spore Billion Dollars Reserves & Esteem Reputation Standing Character of Malay Elected President. All 3 candidates dont Qualify Competent.Why many stoic Malay Leaders have not come forward. Dr Yahaya.Imran.Ahmad Matt ar Sidek Saniff.Abdullah Tarmugi. Wan Hussein Zoohri. Amir Jumabhoy. Alami Musa Syed Ali Redha. Syed Hassan Bros. Osman Haron Yusuf .Tengku Putra.Tengku Jamil . Tengku Awie.Ahmad Magad.Ahmad Khalis Isa& Jaafar Kamari .Allyarham Ridwan Zafir. Iskandar Jalil . Minister Yaakob.All in All everyone a shiny star by itself. Please more can come forward. Even our Fandi Ahmad & Syed Kadir . Hussein Aljunied.Retired Colonel Syed Ibrahim. so many Patriots & non coming forward. We might as well call upon our Good St Patrick sian. Dr Tony Tan to carry on Sit for Another Term.as this are very fragile & important times..So fellow Malays Rise to the Occasion to serve Community & Country. Amin.

  42. Please lah if the govt cannot govern Singapore properly, pls don’t……..
    what’s the diff?
    Chinese Malay Indian Eurasian we are all Singaporean…..
    Regardless of race, we need people who can govern us properly, look into our hardship and clear our CPF issues

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