Halimah to move out of Yishun after Home Ministry’s strong advice to do so


President Halimah Yacob is all set to move out of her home in Yishun Ave 4 after strongly being advised to do so by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). MHA said in a press release that it had conducted a careful assessment of the security arrangements for the President and had informed her that security agencies face several challenges in ensuring her security and protection, if she continues to stay in her current home.

The President had earlier stated that she would like to continue to live in her current home in Yishun, subject to security considerations. Her reluctance to move from her HDB jumbo flat drew fierce criticism from netizens.

Netizens express disapproval over Mdm Halimah’s decision to stay in HDB

Some even reproached her for wasting taxpayer’s money to drive with security escorts from Yishun to the Istana, and back, every day.

MHA also said in its press release that the President has accepted MHA’s security recommendation, and that she will make arrangements to move to a new place soon.

Presidential cooking!

The President’s decision to move out of her HDB flat in Yishun, dubbed the Yistana, was welcomed by many netizens.

Prominent online satirist Molly Meek described trolled the President saying, “I’m quite sure she will do good together with the MHA”. Her comments referenced Madam Halimah’s presidential campaign promise: “Do Good, Do Together!”

Poor Halimah! She wants to be humble and stay in an HDB penthouse, but MHA says she shouldn't. Now, if she insists on…

Posted by 莫丽蜜 on Monday, 2 October 2017

The publisher of the The Middle Ground, Daniel Yap said: “Goodbye Yistana!”

Goodbye Yistana!

Posted by Daniel Yap on Monday, 2 October 2017

Madam Halimah’s new location was not disclosed in MHA’s press release. Most of Singapore’s past Presidents did not stay in the Istana, but President Halimah is the first to be living in an HDB flat instead of a private property.


  1. She shldnt be greedy & take up the Prez post if she wants to keep her current lifestyle.
    Of coz, i cant deny being paid millions per year to be a puppet Prez (instead of a conscientious one like ex-Prez OTC) is very attractive; it is a lot more $$$ than what she was getting as then-SMRT director under Saw Phaik Hwa while watching our train system getting ruined.
    Wayang mama.

  2. No surprises at all. Every Singaporean expects this would happen! So interesting why couldn’t MHA advise her early even before she declared to continue living in the HDB flat? Another soap opera!

  3. They did not insist that Pinocchio move into Istana hor. “Move to Another Place” was the message.

    Guess who will take over Living in the Istana?

    Hence, Zoo might be the Best Place to move to. Enclosed & Guarded 24/7

  4. If she using her heart and brain as a serious consideration for Sg, todate she is still ppl mp at heart. Now, slave yourself to your dictator, keep well the reserved fund key, make sure it is safe under your bed

  5. “Fierce criticisms”? Please , she will most likely be the first elected Singapore president EVER to have to traipse on egg shells for every day she holds office.

  6. This decision should have been made at the outset and not after tax payers’ money had been wasted, Yishun residents and the public very much inconvenienced. If the President cant even make a right decision on this very simple matter, how can we count on her to watch over our national reserves?
    The reason given for her moving out is because of her security concerns, and not about the inconvenience she has been causing the residents and public. Its all about herself. Yet she said she wants to be a President for all people. What rubbish

  7. Bye bye Yistana. So many wrongs here from this newly (s)elected President :

    * wanting to appear humble by staying in her Yishun flat
    * inconsiderate to her neighbours and Yishun residents
    * thoughtless to her security personnel
    * shows up her hypocrisy as she actually wants the best of everything

  8. Singapore is proud to bring you on 13th september 2017. Movie so 5 star rated, each scene are realistic and unexpected. Not My President starring Halimah Yacob as the president. The most best wayang you can ever get.

    • The script was written long time ago….but it was a lousy and shameful script…where all spectators…see through the story lines…
      Tell her no need to Wayang further….just move out and don’t waste Taxpayers money..

  9. I being simple-minded, believe there is no danger. From the very start, I know it won’t work. Travelling time with full escort daily. How to receive DIGNITARIES who visit S’pore any time of the day. Change of Guards. Image of Tiny Red Dot… no need to be President, I have all this considerations already. When you accept to be one, whether elected or not, all these pomps and expected of office bearers comes in a package. No need to be funny or “special” from the predecessors!

  10. If she don’t move out …. anything befall her protection, who will willing to go forward to help ?

    Well is the ans is no …., then let the security department do their deem rights .

  11. She is just trying to draw attention and trying to be special or different from the other president but that doesn’t get my respect at all and it will only make her look more like a fool and clown.

  12. What the other side of the world will say?

    Head cannot make decisions and the MHA over ride her decision?

    That’s bad foresight decision. Can’t even anticipate?
    That’s bad image for the country..and for our ppl.
    What others country will say when you visit your relatives in other countries?

    What should we reply them?

  13. The longer the controversy lasts, the more bitter the atmosphere is. Day 1. MSM tagged Heartland President, People’s President. First title down. Other title, dead, day 1. If Yusof Ishak, Benjamin Sheares, Wee Kim Wee and/or Ong Teng Cheong are called the People’s President, we will heartily cheer. Nominated or elected. Served 5,10, 8 and 6 years respectively. With poise and dignity. Fondly remembered. The Straits Times. 40 articles in first fortnight. Here Comes Super Woman. For the 30%, you fuel the fury. For the 70%, its turn-off. You have lost your integrity and our respect. Security or wayang. Either way, it’s bad judgement.

  14. Perhaps some may argued the fact that we will be unhappy no matter what she does .
    Fact is … the reason of her existence to be the president was the greatest mistakes of all time !!!!!!

  15. Let’s cut straight to the Chase.
    Chinese Saying 家有家规,国有国法,
    meaning there are rule, protocol and law in every country which even emperor has to abide by.
    There shall be no personal whim and fancy in official state affairs.
    An Official Residence is in place for the Sin President, whoever he or she is, to carry out the Official Duty in it, in the Case of Sin: the Place is known as the Istana.
    There is absolutely no reason for Makchik Halimah to use her private home to perform her role as President Of Sin. The Office Holder of the Post CANNOT and SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO MIS-USE her PRIVATELY OWNED HOUSE FOR OFFICIAL DUTY AS THE HEAD OF STATE.
    In Chinese Parlance, it is 成何体统? Meaning what kind of pervert system is it?
    Makchik Halimah has being widely claim to be acting people friendly by wanting and insisting to stay at her Public Housing Home. Even if she is indeed sincerely people friendly or better; people loving, she Must CONFORMS to the
    Btw, multi-million dollar income earners SHOULD BE MADE TO RETURN PUBLIC HOUSING PROPERTY TO HDB.
    Subsidized housing should only be for the Lower Income Citizens.

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