Asia Malaysia Hackers steal and sell Netflix accounts for S$3.3

Hackers steal and sell Netflix accounts for S$3.3




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Malaysia — A concerned netizen started a Twitter thread exposing what appears to be Netflix subscription scammers.

Twitter user @aidanurariza said she encountered several sellers offering Netflix services at RM10 (S$3.3). Authentic Netflix memberships range from RM33 to RM51 (S$10.98 to S$16.97) per month.

It appears the accounts for sale were hacked from other legitimate users. She tweeted to spread awareness urging users not to fall prey to the scam.

To her surprise, she found that her account was being used in another state.

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She shared screenshots of what appeared to be suspicious streaming activities on her Netflix account. She discovered that her account is being used for streaming in Sarawak and Johor even though she lives in Kuala Lumpur.

She urges other users to check fast whether their accounts too were hacked and used in other areas.

Other netizens replied to her original tweet and shared their experiences as well.

If you suspect unauthorized activities on your Netflix account, you can check by going to Account > Menu > Recent Device Streaming. Take note of the location, time, and device recorded and check for shady streaming activity you are not familiar with. Afterwards, change your password and disconnect all the devices.

You can then report the incident to Netflix through their customer service line./TISG

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