Home News GTR which crashed into Toyota may been driven by P-plate driver

GTR which crashed into Toyota may been driven by P-plate driver




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Facebook user Yohoon Koon shared the video of a GTR crashing into a Toyota at Kallang Leisure Park on 27 Aug 2016. The user said that the driver was a “young punk” who was “showing off to his friends at the carpark when he rammed into the side of (the other) car.”

According to the user, both cars sustained heavy damage and “it’s a miracle that the driver of (the Toyota) was not injured.” He said that the driver of the other car could have been seriously injured, if not killed, if the impact had been on the door side.

Koon said that police were investigating the accident. He added: “Hope that idiot GTR driver get’s his license revoked and banned from driving for causing an accident while doing illegal racing in a carpark.”

A Facebook page dedicated to safe driving in Singapore, Beh Chia Lor in sharing pictures of the accident, referred its readers to a Youtube video, which suggested that the GTR that crashed was engaged in a photoshoot earlier.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=5icKq2keeQU”]
The Page also shared a picture which suggested that the driver who crashed was using his mobile phone.
2Facebook users who commented on the Page’s post suggested that the driver may be holding a probationary license.

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