Grandparent confronts masseuse after poly student contracts syphilis from “happy endings” massage


The grandfather of a Singaporean teenager confronted a masseuse who had serviced their son multiple times, after his 19-year-old grandson contracted a sexually transmitted infection after one of his trysts with the masseuse.

According to the Chinese daily, the student had been referred to the masseuse by a friend and began his relationship with the masseuse by flirting with her on WeChat.

The pair met at the wellness centre in central Singapore where the masseuse worked shortly after, and she began charging the student $100 per “happy endings” massage session – sessions that would begin with a massage and end with masturbation.

These sessions soon progressed to involve sexual intercourse and the masseuse began charging the teenager $400 per sex session.

Three weeks after they began engaging in sexual activities, the teenager complained of pain and itchiness in his groin area. His grandfather, Mr Tan, told reporters: “We went to a doctor and the doctor said he had contracted syphilis.”

Mr Tan added that his grandson’s father grew suspicious and checked the boy’s bank statements, only to discover that he had spent over $1000 on the masseuse’s services in less than a month.

The boy’s incensed parents apparently confiscated his bank card and visited the wellness centre to confront the nonchalant masseuse. Mr Tan recounted:

“She acted as though there was nothing wrong. She even aggressively said that he ‘ownself ask for it’ and was a willing party. She also openly talked about how he wanted to have sex with her.
“The family was very angry and embarrassed. We feel such businesses are out to harm people, especially young people who are still immature and easily led astray.”

Mr Tan added that he is sharing this with the public in the hopes that other young people will not fall prey to such masseuses. He further revealed that his family had lodged a police complaint against the masseuse over the incident.

According to the daily, the wellness centre in question appears to have ceased operations about 2 days ago.


  1. it a two way thing la uncle even your son don’t find this girl also may go places like ktv pub or even friend intro. don’t think until your kids are so innocence. if living with grandparents than I believe both parents busy making money no time for kids la so parents are to blame too cause you didn’t teach.

  2. What can the police do? Unless there’s CCTV evidence of what they did, how can he prove that he only visited that one masseuse for special service or that he doesn’t have other sex partners ?

    Grandpa should buy a special brief with a lock for the grandson so he won’t anyhow.

    Such massage biz are very hard to regulate, so youngsters and hansup ppl must have good self-control. No use crying over spilt milk.

  3. Come on it can be cured easily. Whats the big deal? Just becareful next time.. dont be a cry baby.. big boy now.. if you can decide yourself for unprotected sex, you can go consult doctor and cure yourself.. dont tell me our poly students are still innocent babies.. be a responsible man for what you are doing.. no point involving the world!