Grace Fu issues 2nd ‘Apology Notice’ to Workers’ Party parliamentarian in as many months

Leader of the House, Grace Fu, has issued an ‘apology notice’ to another Workers’ Party member of parliament, Sylvia Lim. Ms Fu’s notice is the second one of a similar kind issued to opposition parliamentarians in as many months. In January 2018, Ms Fu asked non-constituency MP Leon Perera to apologise for misrepresenting the facts and misleading Parliament at a sitting of the House in November 2017.

This time, Ms Fu (who is also the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth) asked Ms Lim to withdraw her “allegations” that the government had “floated test balloons” about the Good and Services Tax (GST) hike coming between 2021 and 2025.

Lim had said earlier that the Government had floated “trial balloons” on a possible tax hike but possibly backed down after the public noted Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s comments in 2015 that the Government has enough revenue for the next decade.

Ms Lim stood her ground and refused to retract and apologise for her comments, even when she was pressed by the Finance Minister as well as the Home & Law Affairs Minister.

She asked: “I clearly said that it was my suspicion…it’s my honest suspicion, am I not entitled to have a view?” Ms Lim’s boldness in the House has earned her the praise of Singaporeans, for not cowing to “intimidation tactics”.

Netizens thank Sylvia Lim for standing up against “intimidation tactics” in Parliament

Ms Fu in giving Ms Lim a Thursday deadline (by the end of Parliament’s sitting for the Committee of Supply debates) to withdraw her “allegations”, said: “Ms Lim was suggesting that the Government would have raised the GST immediately, if not for the adverse public reaction when it ‘floated’ the suggestion late last year, and if it had not been ‘stuck’ with a previous statement that it had ‘enough money for the decade’. Ms Lim was in effect accusing the Government of being untruthful when it says that it had planned ahead, and that its proposal to raise the GST between 2021 and 2025 was the result of such planning.”

Ms Fu added that Ms Lim cannot contend that her suspicion remains “reasonable and honestly held”.

“Her allegations have been refuted, the facts she cited have been shown to be inaccurate, and she has not raised any further facts to substantiate her ‘suspicion’. However, Parliamentary privilege does not entitle MPs to knowingly maintain allegations that have been shown to have no factual basis.”

It is unclear how Ms Lim will respond to the charges against her by the Leader of the House. But WP’s Leon Perera eventually apologised for claiming Mediacorp edited Parliament video. He however maintained that he “did not deliberately misrepresent the facts of that incident to this House.”

Socio-political observer Leong Sze Hian had previously condemned such notices to apologies. He said: “only a free and unfettered debate in Parliament can ensure that policies are subject to comprehensive and diverse review, on a continuing basis.”

In 1986, the former chief of Workers’ Party JB Jeyaretnam (JBJ) was referred to the Parliamentary Committee of Privileges for refusing to apologise for alleging in the House that the Government influenced the judiciary.

In what was described as the ‘longest verbal battle’ lasting two-and-three-quarter hours, the late opposition stalwart refused to apologise to then-PM Lee Kuan Yew. Despite repeated demands by Mr Lee, JBJ held that the Government had a hand in the transfer of a former district judge.

Mr Lee later referred to JBJ’s allegation as a ‘smear’ on the government and described JBJ as a “dishonorable man” who refused to apologise for the grave mistake he made.


  1. Can this be also consider as a form of “harassment”???

    Remember someone said this before :

    “Gang rape, after all, is democracy in action.”

    I don’t even want to comment much this time. most people (except pappy IB) will have eyes to see. What are this group of people doing to this single lady?

    Maybe one by one they have to come out an “pledge their allegiance” to the one that started the “bark”?

  2. Singapore taxpayers paid millions dollars for such kind of disgusting and obnoxious behaviors from the PAPigs’ ministers. Absolutely disGraceFu and waste of parliament time and money.

  3. Sylvia don’t back down or bow down to bully!! This is a test to our constitution ! PAP want to make a mockery out of it!! Parliamentary have the privilege to voice out and act on behalf of the public concern ! I’m a public and I want u to ask the government why !

    • Tan Tony f*%^*#*^k them WTG ! Do it and they must answer to the pple that elected SL and other Singaporean of a different persuasion !!! continue to bully and intimidate WP MPs to their own detriment ! this white termite gang shall surely live to their own evil device!!! Do it to SL and face the wrath of the common men at the poll come 2019!!! nahbeh ! the bloody 1/2 prc witch better apologize to all Singaporean for that 400K dustbin incidence!!!!

  4. Grace Fu owes two apologies.
    First for saying Olympic Games won’t be broadcast live only to change track after public displeasure. Next for paying $400,000 for a dustbin consultant, which reflects her stupidity. Ask her to apologise to the country.

  5. The evil look of her face as she takes pride in demanding an apology from the opposition. At least Sylvia speaks on behalf of the citizens in Parliment. Have you ever spoken up for the people that elected you as MP? You have betrayed the people that elected you. You are a disgrace to them, DisGraceFool

  6. If they prosecute her because of this without valid or substantial evidence then it will only prove how afraid they are of revealing the truth of the matter. As “they” (PAP) have always done….

    • Mark my words , the will do the same to her as they did to jbj ! Once a dog gets hold of its bite , it will not let go ! Slyvia will be lead up the road of Gogolta to be crucified like an innocent lamb to the slaughter .

  7. In some countries during parliamentary session they debated and sometimes they fight but even police will not charge any of them, why, legally elected has got parliamentary immunity.

  8. Sylvia Lim has every right to ask questions in parliament. ..the ruling party had to ask her questions…just answer…and move on. Apologise my foot…89 try to bully a brave lady.

  9. Respect the dead

    They’re GONE , why bring them into the debate ??? and grief many people !!!

    It’s a waste of time, $$$ and resources …

    It’s time to move on to the more important issues …

    It’s disgracefu …

    Sad …

    • Some dead people caused the most harm to many. They created the system, boasted they could come back to set things right, where is he now while his dishonorable offspring continues his greedy rampage on the country?

      Sinkies should learn to listen less of such grand rhetorics but see more what is done.

      This country is now most expensive, over crowded and all public services are failing. There is no soccer world cup and swiss standard. More people are jobless than ever. More lawlessness than ever with fire set at HDB doorstep. Every truth and criticism is now branded as fake news. President race cheated to fit the role. Every law is twisted to intimidate decent people, progressively make this a police state and dictatorship.

      This is how much Singapore has arrived , after sg50. Absolute power, absolute corruption. Absolute decline.

  10. Don’t worry the devil will never like truth because they have no truth in them but GOD is not dead if they don’t repent HELL is waiting for them.

  11. An apology is not a sign of weakness nor shame. It’s a gesture that only the strong will do.

    You can have an opinion at your kid’s birthday party but in parliament, EVERYTHING you say must be backed by facts. Coz you’re in a room of adults, throwing a tantrum and shooting your mouth off will not and should not be tolerated.

    Refusing to apologize and call it standing up to intimidation? that just shows the character of Sylvia and those of her supporters.

    Aren’t we all taught to apologize when we make a mistake and it’s cowardice to make excuses for it?

    • So we see an opposition party behaving exactly like the ruling party, in that case, why should we vote oppositions if they are no better!? Might as well stick with the old.

      • There are great differences, one stands for truths and dignity, the other stands for lies and riches.

        Sticking to status quo means more pain and hardships. It’s sinkies choice, ultimately you get what you picked.

    • Patrick Leong raising questions and throwing curveballs that cannot be substantiated with solid evidence!? Is that what the nation wants to know!?

      Did you mean SL was asking all the conspiracy theories and coffee shop talk in parliament on behalf of her supporters?

    • Yeo Siang Hock yeah run along. Just like the masters you serve. Can never stand up to anyone whose views differs and resort to name calling.

      So whose lumpar you carry? The oppositions no doubt

    • It’s amazing how some people do not realize when they say you por the white’s lumpar, they who are supporting the oppositions are DOING THE SAME THING!!!!


    • Sylvia Lim did not make any mistake; nor are there any grounds to justify the demand by the white crooks for an apology. This is parliament and not some dark back alley where thugs ply their trade. If questions cannot be asked, then what is parliament for?
      Might was well dismantle it and turn the government into an absolute monarchy.

      The disgusting and detestable behaviour of people such as HSK, Shanmugam and now Grace Fu is just like that of some entitled and pampered spoilt brats who, finding that their plans (or plots) are being exposed and people are not buying into their game, now throws up a huge tantrum and start to brandish some awesome weapons to get submission. Aren’t they supposed to be our servants; didn’t LHL sayso during election campaign time?

      And HSK, Shanmugam and the likes are not mere rat-grade sycophants, they are supposed to be Ministers of Singapore. Their behaviour simply shames Singapore on the international scene.

      When I read of comments that so blindly and mindlessly supporting such nonsensical demands by even ministers engaging in sewer politics, I am totally astounded by this massive evidence of brain damage that has been sustained by the people — as a result of decades of indoctrination by the power-hoggers.

      Folks like Michael G R Lum are pitiful, brains so badly pulverized by the forces of evil. Look, the power that the controlling regime (I don’t even call them ‘ruling’ regime) is so absolute, they can call an Indian a Malay, what else can’t they do?

      Thus, when cornered in parliament, they simply yell out “coffeeshop talk”, “conspiracy theory” and what not. And then come the threats. Even a 5-year old with undamaged brain can see that.

      The current scenario is so strongly reminiscent of the last days of the Qing Empire. The whole court was infested with ball-lickers and apple-polishers, full of crooked, self-serving lords who often frame the good ministers with false charges and sentencing them to prison or worse, death by beheading.

      While the whole Imperial Court was indulging in all kinds of pleasure and luxury, the country was being torn to pieces by foreigners. Did the emperor, the dowager, the crooked lords care?

    • Sylvia Lim better take screenshots of all her supporters coz one day her opinions land her in hot soup and get sued, she’ll need ALL her supporters to dig deep into their pockets to help her out.

      Surely her supporters wouldn’t want to see their indian chief go down right, so dig deep and sacrifice your children’s education funds to help yah.

    • Opposition behaving exactly like the ruling party….NO….Not really exactly…A little lesser, why should we vote ruling party when opposition is less ass…Might as well change

      Question do not need evidence… Questions need to be cleared by evidence…
      Yes I want to know…So are many Ppl here…

      U conclude SL is asking conspiracy theories…This is not a question, where is your evidence?

      • Their empty brains flushed with easily money now paint themselves into a corner. We will see more activities from those cheap internet sycophants.

    • If they want to present fact, then go to court.
      Thus far, neither has the G present any statistic Nor fact to substantiate the increase by any percentage point? Case in question is the 30% water tariff, the S&CC , How much of the GST collected is channeled to support the poor, which they claim. All this while no statistic or projection given. It is more than a handful of the population assume the GST will increase In the Budget announcement. The Gov have been squeakily quiet for months and not rebutting. Yet they (Murali) are prompt to rebut about the special attention given in the MPS for foreigners.

    • Dzulkifli Loh perhaps all these increases are a surprise to many and some may even wish things will be reverted but I for one know things like that will only go up and not go down so I get prepared for the increases.

      And increases or no increase or when increase doesn’t sway my vote. If there is a need, there’s a need. Are you saying Singaporeans would be more willing to accept if the statistics are justified? Or will they argue every case point in their opinion and still resist the increase?

      I’m not in politics and I don’t know how to run a country so I leave those work to the people I voted for. But it seem we have a lot of keyboard politicians who know how to run a country better but sit on their asses instead of signing up with the various parties to stand for election.

      When the govt say increase, I’ll ask how long before it’s implemented so I have to timeline to plan to be ready. Who cares why, what, how!?

    • Justyno Lee does it matter? It’s going up whether you think or do not. If you wanna think, think about how to be prepared for it instead of all those conspiracies and even if you manage to come up with the real reason, it’s not likely the GST hike isn’t gonna happen.

      Spend more time doing instead of thinking, your life might get better instead.

      Unlike the people in the last centuries, people nowadays spend more time resisting than doing to improve their situations.

    • Mazlan Satcha Funkilus must be killing you to know your life is controlled and dictated by dogs! And everything you think you own are made possible by the dogs. Your lard laden ass belongs to the dogs.

  12. Jus apologize and go ahead like what LhL used to do….
    Dnt very about wrong or rite…
    No point opposing many out there and getting stressed…
    Achieving your goals is more important rather than a sorry…

  13. Demanding apologies has been the ugly hallmark of the PAP government. From the time of LKY until now, their arrogant bullying tactics have not changed. They use their Parliamentary majority to bully, to laugh at and to demand apologies from the WP MPs.

    There is absolutely no reason for Sylvia to apologise. What makes the PAP government think that they have refuted her claims and her suspicion? Just because they say they have planned ahead, are we to take their word for it? Are we to give them our unfailing trust carte blanche, when they have flip flopped so many times before? When they have broken their word and their promises to us? When there is a total lack of information and transparency on their part?

    Who are the real Dishonourable ones here?

  14. Ms Lim, I don’t think you need to apologise as I think you have done nothing wrong. On the contrary, I think you were carrying out your duties as an elected MP to express your views in Parliament.

  15. There is nothing to apologizes. If there’s any apologies forthcoming its should be from this government for taking us, the citizens of Singapore for granted.

  16. Why must apologize? LHL said sorry to the people twice for blunders made during election campaign some years ago, but nothing has had changed so far.

  17. 1 person not enough must get gangs to add on to exert pressure. This is really the way our government do things! They never wrong! Sadly this is how some of our citizen behaves too!

    My opinion….Hold your ground! There is nothing wrong to clear doubts. They 心里有.

  18. Fu is a big bully who always uses her position to flex her muscle cos’ she got big backing. Keeps asking ppl to apologise in parliament. Like that how to be a democratic country?

  19. Hey PAP indirect communisty party..why must WP apologize to you..dont be a big bully..we the citizens vote you in…we can also vote you must know you all ministers are PUBLIC SERVANTS..YOU WORK FOR US..WE PAY YOU..we did not agree to your huge you know with that kind of salaries dont have to raise alot of people are greedy monsters beyond redemption..

  20. Grace Fu is a BITCH.
    When LIM BOON HENG cried saying, there is NO GROUPTHINK. She kept QUIET
    When Lee Bee Wah cried on National TV after Table Tennis Saga. She kept QUIET.
    When Indian Pretend to be Malay to be ELECTED President. She kept QUIET.
    When Indian WWII Traitor becomes President, she too KEPT QUIET.
    Shame on this SHAMELESS WOMAN. Bitch.

  21. Netizens thank Sylvia Lim for standing up against “intimidation tactics” in Parliament.
    Grace Fu should withdraw her allegation and apologise to the House.

  22. If Disgraceful is demanding an an apology then it must be true of the test balloons. Otherwise why so upset?
    Sylvia Lim for getting under their skins.

  23. Why shd Sylvia Lim apologise when the public have thr right to know. This is typical political bullying.Stay your ground Sylvia God is with you n nobody can threaten you n get away with it.That disgraceful Fu.

  24. Forcing someone to apologise without a cause to justify is demeaning. LKY is referred to serious allegations and demand the right answer. WP here is just expressing a general view only. In which similar way does it got to do with that scenario? Trying to blow matter out of porportional?

  25. If MP cannot ask questions and challenge the government, then no need for parliamentary debates… just issue each MP with a rubber stamp that says I AGREE lah

    • When 70% voted for pappies effectively they have done that – gave them
      Rubber stamp to agree with whatever the Govt has come up with !!! Have you ever seen any vote of dissent , when comes to voting time ? Don’t you 70% see the danger ? They can do everything they want ! No one can stop them
      . Even changing the constitution !!!

  26. Sylvia should apologies immediately for over-estimating the integrity and intelligence of her audience. She could have better off trying to sing opera to some donkeys.

    Grace Fu is correct. It is obvious that there is no need to raise GST immediately since there have been increases in our water bills, electricity bills, transportation bills, stamp duties, conservatory fees, carbon taxes, etc, just to name a few. Even the dollar-to-dollar match baby bonus is now kept by the government and will only be (partially) realised when the baby reached retirement age.

  27. In the past, the govt creates jobs for its people. Now this govt creates wealth from its people. They do not warrant those salaries at all if they cannot make money externally to give the people a better living !

  28. This is the 1st world Parliament with 3rd world behaviors of the PAP. The absolute majority THEY enjoyed in Parliament has gotten to THEIR heads. THEY forget that it’s the PEOPLE who gave THEM the power of majority to serve and not to abuse. Ladies & Gentlemen, we should remember comes GE 2020 to VOTE these tyrants and bullies out. ,,Karma will come to all those who have behave disGRACEFUlly.

  29. “You are a minister, not a God from the heavens who lord above everybody.”
    “Do not think the people of this country exist to provide you with position and wealth, but the position exists for you to serve the people,”

  30. Government had floated “test balloons” on the need to raise revenues within this term and had intended to raise the goods and services tax (GST) immediately.
    Government would have raised the GST immediately, if not for the adverse public reaction when it “floated” the suggestion late last year, and if it had not been ‘stuck’ with a previous statement that it had “enough money for the decade”. This is what people feel.
    People not allow to feel this way?
    See Sylvia Lim not allow to feel this way.
    Grace Fu should withdraw her allegation and apologise to the House.

  31. They are making a big mistake if they censure her in Parliament. They should know how much people hate bullies. Just look at many examples of viral posts of bullies being CSIed and flogged to “death”.

  32. This(dis) graceful !!!!…. You are not half the woman madam Sylvia is .
    You are not only a mockery to your kind and a disgrace to your family !!!!

  33. No use wasting our breath about Grace Fu demanding an apology from Sylvia Lim. The fact is, you all must realised that all of PAP MPs owe it to the PM for their outrageous salary they are getting. Therefore they must kowtow to him. Case close

  34. What’s with this woman and her apologies? If parliament cannot debate issues that affect Citizens, then WTF?

  35. Pity the oppo MPs who got laughed at often and bullied in Parliament because their number is small. Next GE must put more oppo in parliament so the bully can stop.

  36. They are nothing but big bullies in Parliament just because they have the majority. Most of them are not qualified to be MPs. Furthermore, some of them cannot deliver a good speech. Only good for the money and no substance .

  37. since when does interpretation of ones words as fact count towards an offence that needs to be apologized for? concentrate on fixing problems like the dismal falling birth rate already than indulge in petty badgering. pay u all millions for what? waste of all our money. and i wont apologize for that!

  38. Grace Fu is disgraceful for bullying. Ms Lim just asked a simple question yet got twisted around by the PAP gang. Stop the bullying, and get to work, make our lives, innovate instead of just import cheaper labour and tax tax tax!

  39. To all the Young Generation all must remember..if you people still continue to vote this indirect communist Party..sad to say..your future generation will suffer even more .

  40. This disgraceful is the one who lamented about pay cut to her public-money multimillion salary.
    What has she risked to land on such windfall? Licked the prince’s arse, porlampar?

    What exemplary public service has she rendered?? She milked and trampled on those trusting naive but pitiful souls loitering or exercising on streets for paper trashes for living.
    Fuck the greedy evil regime.

  41. Why ask others to apologize when she herself SCREWED up even bigger time with our tax payers money?!

    Clear the plank in your own eyes before you remove the speck of dust from others.

    Apart from that WHY cannot raise a suspicious question? Isn’t Parliament there to go for a debate? How come now like Kindergarten? I say DON’T say sorry. Answer to the screw up is more important, then asking IMPORTANT questions.

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  43. Again they will abuse their power and try to sue people again for whatever,defame and so so.for just one simple get rid of obstructions…..

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  45. “I will not apologise to this House because I believe I was doing my duty as an MP, in the Constitutional role that we have been elected to, to give the Government the forum to account to the people, and for that I make no apology.”

    WP MP Sylvia Lim


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