GrabCar's car leasing partner allegedly forfeited car rental deposit unfairly


A Facebook user GRAB Driver SG Help shared that a GrabCar Leasing Partner, Twincar Automotive Pte Ltd unfairly forfeited the deposit he placed with the company because he refused to renew the car leasing contract.

In a video that the Facebook user shared, a representative of the car leasing company can be seen saying he will deduct $150 for every scratch that is found on the car.
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The Facebook user said that at the inspection which is conducted when the car is returned, the company representative will take out a “pen then knock on the car casually and says here, here, here and here all need repair and polish.”

He further said that the representative refused to respond to suggestions that the spot he pointed out appeared undamaged. He said that he was sharing the incident in the hope that UBER or GRAB drivers won’t have to suffer the same misfortune as him, and also in the hope that the relevant authority will take action against the car leasing company.