Grab users were re-sent receipts of past trips, causing much worry in a time of data breaches

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Usually, glitches in notifications from apps are commonplace, and thought nothing of.


However, when users of ride-hailing app Grab received e-receipts and app notifications for past trips earlier today, many wondered if their credit card information or accounts were compromised. They also worried of being double-charged, or of losing personal information they had entered into the app.

Grab users in other countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines also received a notification and electronic receipts stating that they were charged for a ride on July 19.

A spokesperson from Grab assured customers that no passengers were charged again. He said, “”We would like to reassure customers that no passengers were charged again, and their Grab account is not at risk. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

He also responded to media queries and said, “We are aware that a small group of Grab customers had received notifications and receipts for rides they took with us on July 19. This was due to a notification error that resulted in customers receiving duplicate ride receipts and notifications”.

Grab also responded and assured many of its worried users on Twitter.