Grab drivers adhere to PDVL Licence

Photo Credit: Grab

Grab said the Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL) regime has started on 1 July, adding that private-hire car drivers whose applications reached the LTA by 30 June now have up to one year to attend and pass the PDVL course.

They can continue to drive during the one-year transitional period.

“The PDVL is a recognition and vital next step towards ensuring the sustainability of the private-hire car industry in Singapore,” said the private car hailing service in a media release.

“Grab also appreciates the peace of mind the PDVL will provide to passengers, knowing that their drivers are fully licensed.”

It said over 95% of Grab’s active drivers will be eligible to continue to drive after 1 July. Active drivers are those who spend at least 5 hours on our platform daily.

Grab is also committed to developing a trusted fleet of driver-partners.

The PDVL application process has been a welcome opportunity to ensure that all our active driver-partners are familiar with the latest changes in the ride hailing industry and their Driver’s Code of Conduct, delivering the best possible service to Grab’s passengers.

It also introduced its own Grab Enforcement Team.

“Grab is serious about building a high-quality and reliable platform for passengers and driver-partners.

“Hence, as of July, the Grab Enforcement Team (GET), comprising experienced enforcement officers, will ensure Grab driver-partners have the correct licenses to operate on our platform.

“This includes ensuring that all Grab driver-partners have the proper PHV decals, that they are carrying their PDVL or concession letter, and checking that they comply to the high standards of the GrabCar Driver Code of Conduct,” the company said.

As for the PDVLs post 1 July, Grab said it will continue to pay for interested drivers’ PDVL application fees, medical screening costs, as well as training fees for those who are unable to access their SkillsFuture Credits.

And it will also be following up closely with driver-partners with concession letters to ensure they attend and pass the PDVL course during the one-year transitional period.

GrabCar driver-partner, Siti Nurraihannah, who has been driving with Grab since March 2016 said the PDVL offered greater job security.

“I drive with Grab as a way to supplement my income so that I can financially support my father who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. As the sole caregiver, the PDVL offers greater job security and peace of mind that I can continue to provide GrabCar services to supplement my income.”