Grab driver wants to charge passenger extra $5 from T1 to T3 – justified?


In what is an example of what looks like bad service, a Grab taxi driver is filmed – by himself, apparently – insisting that his passenger pay him $5 for a ride from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 in Changi Airport.

The video, which is posted online, shows the passenger having a quarrel with the driver, whose face is not shown, about the extra $5 demanded by the driver. The video begins with the two men having apparently arrived at T3.






“You want to change location to Terminal 3, there will be additional charge to you, ok?” the driver can be heard saying to the passenger.

“That’s fine,” the passenger replied, asking the driver to open the boot of the car so he can get his luggage out.

“If you want to complain to Grab, please go ahead,” the driver said.

“Worst driver I’ve seen,” the passenger said.

“You are the worst, lousiest [sic] customer, ok” the driver responded, as the passenger walked away to catch his flight.

The driver then turned to a security guard and related what had happened. According to him, the passenger had booked a ride to Terminal 1. For some reason, however, he changed his mind along the way and asked to be taken to Terminal 3 instead.

It was then that the driver insisted that he be paid an extra $5, giving rise to the dispute.

Is the driver justified in asking for the extra $5? Or should he have just driven the short distance to Terminal 3 for the same agreed, original, fare?

And incidentally, you can actually take the airport Skytrain from one terminal to another – and it’s free.