Grab Driver allegedly fired after customer screamed at him for not picking her up at taxi stand


UPDATE: A Grab spokesperson has written to TISG clarifying that “the driver was banned for repeated behavioural issues including passing improper remarks to passengers, despite previous warnings and temporary suspensions by Grab.”

Facebook user Amilia Adnan has taken to the social media platform to call out a customer who allegedly caused her father to be sacked by private-hire car service Grab after he refused to pick her up at a taxi stand.

It is against the law for private-hire car drivers to pick up customers from taxi stands. In fact, earlier this month, taxi drivers were tapped upon to report on Grab or Uber drivers who flout this rule.

Amilia wrote that Grab had terminated her father’s services because of the customer’s “ridiculous complaint”:

To that woman who verbally abused my dad when he picked you up the other day, cursing and swearing at him, i hope karma hits u hard one day.
That person you’re cursing and shouting at is someone’s else husband, father, grandfather..
How could u? Considering you were covered up from head to toe, shouldnt u be more kind? What did my dad do wrong to u? He was just doing his job as a grab driver, earning to feed himself and his wife.
The very fact that you were the one shouting and screaming hysterically in the cab from novena to tampines, but you are also the one who complained to GRAB just cause my dad told you to not stand at taxi stand when he is picking you up. Do you think its fair for him? He didnt even scold you. He merely asked you to stand slightly further away from the taxi stand. What? Your ass too heavy for u to budge and you gotta rant it on my dad?
And now, because of your ridiculous complaint, my dad has no job. Literally. GRAB has terminated him effect from today. Are u happy now? Satisfied? Kacau periuk nasi org yg probably are as old as your dad.
I dont forgive you, whoever you are. And i hope u will get retribution for doing this to an old man.
Damn you.

She posted an update later that her father has returned the car and that he is now applyign for jobs:

We are taking each day as it passes. Putting our faith in Allah. Saddens my heart to come home seeing him asleep on the couch as he was tired from returning the car and applying jobs. Usually at this timing, he w still be out there picking up passengers. 

: To that woman who verbally abused my dad when he picked you up the other day, cursing and swearing at him, i hope…

Posted by Amilia Adnan on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shared my post yesterday w regards to my dad's…

Posted by Amilia Adnan on Thursday, 13 July 2017


  1. I’m trying to get this right. The driver obeyed the stipulated rules in not picking up passengers from taxi stand and what was Grab’s stand or rationale to terminate him?

  2. (Zaidy) Because the driver daughter herself said he father proven his innocence thru voice record between the driver and passenger…even with the evidence provided it seem GRAB only protect it customers

  3. Firstly is grab trying to encourage the pick up of pax at lta assign taxi stand or stop? If yes whats lta doing? Allowing grab to flout the law laid even before grab was even born?

  4. When government allowed uber and grab to operate in Singapore, this 2 companies should already knows of the rules, the driver is right by asking the passenger to move away from the taxi stand, is grab going to pay for the driver if he was book by the LTA, this shows that the grab encourage their drivers to break the rules.

  5. If what is reported is the truth then the woman is the worst kind of bitch around and deserves to be cursed endlessly but you know GRAB is far worse for failing to defend their elderly employee who merely tried to stay within the law

    • The fact that they have their own enforcement team already shown their disregard for gov’s enforcement, following the ownself check ownself style

  6. Hi everyone, yes tiz iz real news. It really happened. Im shocked tt it has escalated to here. Haha. If i wasnt tagged, i wouldnt noe .

    And so ya. Grab did what they did. Basically they wanted him to personally apologize to tt woman but my dad felt it wasnt right as he wasnt at fault. So since he didn’t agree, grab said to end the ‘partnership’

  7. Grab has a very confusing standpoint. Unless Grab is allow to pick up passengers at taxi stand, why is it wrong to tell customers not to wait at taxi stand? By terminating the driver means that Grab company see no wrong in passengers pick up at taxi strand? If so the company should also take responsibility for any fine or charges LTA gave to Drivers picking passengers up at taxi stand. Driver should sue Grab for misrepresentation.

  8. I’ve written to Grab last month asking them to add a note on the riders app about phv not being able to stop at taxi stands, bus stops, bus lanes. No reply to this day. It is something which can be easily done.

  9. LTA shld now drag grab to x-examination. LTA shld corner grab if this was true and take those responsible for the termination to task. Why after knowing grab staff is encouraging law violations, LTA still keeping a blind eyes, a dumber ears and fascinating blank minds. What’s wrong with you grab? You just conveniently let go your bloody stupid cso who has thrown shits to your face. Come on grab, come out with your defences.

  10. Not going to support Grab now. What an asshole management.
    Read they ‘gamified’ drivers incentives and made drivers compete.
    Head they also denied the CTO his fair share of equity. Another asshole company must be.

  11. LTA should reviewed the current rules for the grab and uber company, if found any of their drivers flout the rules penalized the company instead of the drivers, just like any other cases, such as smrt, construction,telco etc.

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