Grab driver allegedly breaks customer’s teeth after punching him during argument over trip cancellation


A netizen known as Henry has fractured four teeth after he was allegedly punched in the face by his Grab driver while the pair were embroiled in a row over the cancellation of the trip. The incident reportedly occurred on 12 May around 11.50am.

Henry, 35, claims that he and his family booked a ride from 727 Yishun St 71 to Choa Chu Kang via the Grab mobile application. The driver of a black Audi accepted the booking at about 11.33am and arrived at Henry’s pick-up location less than ten minutes later.

The driver, however, allegedly refused to ferry the family since they had a 5-year-old child with them and allegedly asserted that Henry was supposed to have indicated that he is trying to commute with a young child while booking the ride. According to Henry, the driver advised him to book another ride. When Henry agreed to do so, the driver apparently took off.

Henry then proceeded to book another ride using a different ride-hailing application and continued to wait for their new ride at the same spot. It was at this point that the Audi driver returned, at 11.46pm, and allegedly confronted Henry loudly about why he did not cancel the Grab ride.

The second ride – a blue Mitsubishi – arrived soon after but the Audi driver became verbally abusive, according to Henry who claims that the Audi driver continued shouting at him to cancel the Grab booking while trying to urge the Mitsubishi driver to cancel his ride with Henry.

Henry claims that he agreed to cancel the Audi booking as he boarded and sat in the front passenger seat of the Mitsubishi. The unsatisfied Audi driver allegedly held Henry’s door open and continued shouting, instructing Henry to stop laughing even though Henry was apparently not laughing.

Just as Henry was taking his phone out to cancel the Grab booking, the Audi driver allegedly punched him in the face without warning, causing Henry to bleed profusely.

Henry says that he immediately contacted the police and instructed his family to return home, worried that the Audi driver would assault them as well. The Audi driver allegedly tried to flee the scene but Henry recounted that he leaned on the Audi to prevent him from leaving. The Audi driver only left after questioning by police officers, after the police and emergency services arrived.

The police have confirmed that they were alerted at 11.51am to a case of voluntarily causing hurt at Block 727 Yishun Street 71 that day and that a 35-year-old was conscious as he was conveyed to Khoo Teck Huat Hospital.

Henry was referred for a dental checkup and surgery soon after he discovered that the punch had fractured four of his teeth.

Henry shared to an online publication:

“I would like to highlight the severity of the incident. I was attacked without any provocation, and it was carried out in front of my wife and two young children.

“The assault has caused serious mental trauma to me and my family. I feel a sense of helplessness for letting my children witness their father being attacked by a stranger.

“Not to mention the effect this incident has on my children. What if they learn from to solve their problems through violent means?”

A Grab spokesperson has since shared with reporters: “The safety of our customers – drivers and passengers alike – is our absolute priority, and we do not tolerate such behaviour. The police investigation is ongoing and we will be fully cooperating.”