Grab disappoints yet again, Joji Philip Thomas Tweets


Obbana Rajah

It looks like Grab is continuing on its streak of underperforming.

Joji Philip Thomas, founder and editor-in-chief of local media company Dealstreetasia tweeted about how he was made to wait over 30 minutes when his Grab drivers cancelled on him twice after accepting the trip.

Furthermore, he tweeted how these cancellations were not immediate, they were only after he was made to wait.

He tweeted, “With #Uber gone, as consumers, we’ve been subject to such terrible service from @GrabSG – the danger is in a monopoly, the only player can get away with such poor service and consumers near the brunt of it”.

In a second tweet, he continued, “Wasted over 30 minutes as Drivers randomly cancel after making us wait for so Long – cancellations with Grab are so common – an issue we rarely had with Uber”.

While the situation is as such now, in two days time, starting in the month of May, two new players will be entering the ride-hailing market here in Singapore. They are Jugnoo and RydeX. Even Go-Jek, a popular ride-hailing app in Indonesia is looking to partner with taxi-service ComfortDelGro.

Grab, Uber – and now Jugnoo

Grab Singapore responded to Joji’s tweet, but it was unclear if any further actions were taken.

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  1. This is so common. I have encountered numerous time. There were even a few times I was carrying my baby, had a pram and rainning heavily. Waited ove3 10 minutes only to have the driver cancel on me!

  2. Those AR & CR kill the drivers… Forcing them to pick at far distance with shit fares and paxs alway want drivers to break the laws too… Paxs are no angel too

  3. Grabhitch is a social service provided by Grab between private car owner and rider. This article is putting a bad light on Grab PDVL drivers.

  4. Even u are cancelled last minute , u have no choice. Likewise for rider, they can cancelled last min too. I cancelled on the driver too cos last minute , someone offer me a ride. So how? Just move on.

  5. Drive to rider, gone liao. Dun wana cancel n force driver to cancel… For each cancellation the driver needs to make up with 9 more trips. Some face suspension If cancel too many. That’s someone rice bowl u messing with

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