Govt Records Declare Ong Teng Cheong “Singapore’s First Elected President” – is He or is He Not?

Amid furore over the Government’s decision and the High Court’s backing that President Wee Kim Wee is considered Singapore’s first elected president even though he was appointed to his position, Government records have surfaced confirming that President Wee’s successor President Ong Teng Cheong is Singapore’s first elected president as he was elected after the Elected Presidency Scheme was introduced in 1991.

The question over who can be counted as Singapore’s First Elected President attracted hot debate after the Government announced that the next Presidential Election, to be held this year, will be a reserved one since there has not been an elected President from the Malay community for five consecutive terms. In counting the consecutive terms, they included President Wee although he was an appointed President.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock, a former Member of Parliament and 2011 Presidential Candidate who lost by 0.35% to the incumbent, challenged the decision to include President Wee in an application to the High Court.

The Court rejected his application and supported Parliament’s authority in the matter stating, “Parliament’s choice of (the first elected President) is a policy decision which falls outside the remit of the courts.”

Records from the National Library Board, HistorySG (a government-run portal filled with recommended resources on the country’s history), Our National Archives and the Istana website refer to President Ong as Singapore’s First Elected President.

A letter from former Prime Minister, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong also hailed President Ong as the nation’s “first elected President.”

Source: The Istana
Source: Our National Archives
Source: HistorySG
Source: National Library Board

Even international media has covered President Ong as the first to be elected into the position in the nation:

So which is it? Is President Wee or President Ong Singapore’s first head of state? If President Wee’s term is counted as the first elected term, will Government records be altered to suit the assertion that he, not President Ong, was the first elected President?


  1. I thought the government had already twisted the fact that

    Wee Kim wee…. parliament “elected” president

    Ong Teng Cheong…. people elected president

    So PAP and AGC win liao lor

  2. Deputy Attorney-General Hri Kumar Nair, representing the Government, argued that the articles in the Constitution on the reserved election did not specifically exclude presidents elected by Parliament

  3. no need .. maybe in future they will change again to Ong Teng Cheong as first elected President…
    to suit their agenda….
    this is what we call … make black to white and make white to black…. what the f*** can you do… says the G…

  4. His Presidency in office is the first election we as citizens of Singapore went to the ballot box to vote for him physically.
    Nothing can change that fact except that unless history is being twisted.

  5. If all our genuine concerns and views are ignored, we can always put our points across in the ballot box. Don’t be blinded by all the general election budget goodies and hand outs..

  6. President Ong is not like by the PAP, so he is out, is simple, they can change what, where, when n how as they like, didn’t they also try to change LKY history too

  7. President Wee Kim Wee is a Erected President While President Ong Teng Cheong is an Elected President for President Wee the pappie put him as President While for President Ong Teng Cheong we the people of Singapore elected him as President , for President Wee we did not receive a polling card and a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. so all you clever people can figure out who is the First Elected President.

  8. That all doesn’t matter . The important thing is Singapore is a Multi-Racial country and the Presidency should reflect that .
    Next . . .the RSN boats . .!

  9. Wee Kim Wee was appointed as President. He was never elected.

    “Wee was appointed as the President of Singapore in 1985 and was sworn in on September 1985, where he was in office for two terms until September 1, 1993.” Souce: Wikipedia

  10. i dont support this bullshit…this singapore now really becoming the korean drama and bollywood…joke to overseas friends…full of lies….

  11. Old man will in black and white witnessed by professional lawyers also can challenge already. What can they not do? Not abuse of power? Shows the danger of putting too much power in one man’s hand. If that man is competent than nothing to say but in the hands of a cry baby hypocrite then we get lots of prata for free.

    • You say abuse of power, how did any of it if any affected the people?

      How many people should have power in their hands? History has also proven, too many people having power at the same time fuck things up.

      Which one man would ever satisfy everyone criteria of being competent? Even those who complained since the day they were born that Singapore is run by the Lee Dynasty are now calling for one brother to oust the other! Do these people demonstrate competency in what they are asking for?

  12. It doesn’t matter anymore. They will declare that dinosaurs do not exist even if you put the entire skeletal structure in front of them, they will say it’s not true and the dinosaur is not his brother and expect that’s a sufficient explanation. Please move on and don’t be motivated by selfish desire bringing out the entire dinosaur skeletons.

  13. He’s Schrodinger’s President; both the first and the second at the same time, depending on whether it suits the PAP or not. Political leadership in Singapore is getting more ridiculous as each day passes. It’s embarrassing.

  14. This judgement means that Parliament can pass laws to classify dogs as cats, and if they say a cat is a dog, a cat becomes a dog. Simple as that. Logic and everything else doesn’t count.

  15. the best thing is that our current President Dr Tony Tan .. who is supposed to be safe guarding out interests and Singapore interests, has nothing to say except praise the Govt

  16. Peng here peng there is good when making tasty roti prata.
    Peng here peng there to suit one’s agenda makes for a very nasty and untrusting human relation.

  17. This is the result for giving that cry baby absolute power in parliament, twist facts, twist history, twist constitution and even twist his own father’s will. 69.9% wanted this.

  18. lol … our leaders have been enlightened by the weirdness of Quantum Physics. This is the manifestation of the Schrodinger’s Cat! 😀 😀 :'( (my apologies to those not familiar with quantum physics – just google Schrodinger’s Cat and you’ll get what I mean.)

  19. President elected by parliament is classified as “Appointed President ” Wee Kim Wee!
    OMG Teng Cheong is elected by public elections whereas Wee Kim Wee is appointed by parliament, not elected

  20. Clear evidence of fear. Fearing that Dr Tan will continue the unfinished checks on our reserves by our late president Ong Teng Cheong. No other president dare to ask..

  21. Is our Deputy Attorney General a foreign talent just arrived in Singapore, not knowing the historical President and our parliament house system or because of 69% voters, they become so arrogant to do what they like, even to the extent of dishonouring a written will endorsed by solicitor ?
    LKY, Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam and Ong Pang Boob’s era, they score 81% on SMC, one gentleman for one vote, yet they did not get millionaire salary and did not manipulate the system towards their advantage!
    The whole world is watching our parliament system especially on “Power of Abuse” !
    To reject Dr Tan Cheng Bock is telling the world that Singaporeans are “Simple Simon”
    We have enough comedy shows, please stop damaging the brand of Singapore!
    Singaporeans are fighting for a healthy parliament system and our system needs healing administration based on justice!

  22. How can we believe the G , every day they say the difference thing, today they say President Ong is our First state of head , after some year to their advantage the say no is president Wee. They say lies in the out air ,… can we still believe them n going to give them the next term .

    • Nothing to be surprised about ! Now the CB PLP MIW of clown prince officially declared that the late old man is father to all Singaporean thus bastard all Singaporean in doing so !!! $$$$$$$$ can buy ppl’s soul and even to the point of bastard oneself , wonder what what baser pathetic creature can not cannot be found in the house ??

    • He is the old man god son , I m not because he having given year’s if world class allowance by the old man, we work hard n yet have to be Tax by them for their world class allowance 3rd world standard management.

  23. Mr Ong Teng Cheong was the first citizens-elected President whilst Mr Wee Kim Wee was chosen by the Cabinet in Parliament.
    So how can we count Me Wee as the first Citizens-elected President?

  24. Let hope he is the first and not the last of him. I hope there are more people like him to make world a better place for our children.

  25. Either the two who were then and now are still in the cabinet currently have serious dementia syndrome or complusive flip flop disorder……

    • Very sad to see how twisted it can be. Former PM Goh can recognize Mr Ong as the first elected president but unable to hold ground what he stood for, when he became ESM Goh, shows his words has no weight. The same goes to PM Lee when he was DPM Lee. Lost of confidence. Singaporean need to wake up and do the right thing.

  26. Singaporeans didn’t go to the polls to elect Mr Wee Kim Wee. He was an appointed President by the Cabinet. If Mr Wee is counted as the first elected President, then how about his predecessor Mr Devan Nair?

  27. When the late Lee KY was still at the helm, 0 is 0 and 1 is 1..easy to understand. Under the new PAP government, 0 is not 0 but is 1 because Parliment say so. Don’t understand what I’m saying…neither do I about Wee KW being the first elected President. There are also other Pesidents before Wee KW who were ‘elected’ by Parliament. They were Devan Nair, Benjamin Shears, Yusolf Ishak. Why weren’t they counted as well?

  28. Singapore thrives because of the Rule of Law. With pride, we say, No one is above the Law. Then, we declare, except for siblings. “He is not my brother.” Remember, Animal Farm. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. As trumpeted by the pigs who control the government. Now, Proclamation 2…

  29. Where is the party’s integrity? Why abuse the justice we vow to uphold in our pledge? Why the snub to the equality we asked for?
    Is this the home we want our family to live in?

  30. Its mind boggling to note that the government of LHL chooses to distort history to fulfill their self serving political agenda. Such obtuse arrogance can only come from minds putrefied by an insatiable appetite for absolute power and with it the spoils. To even think that Singaporeans can be fooled all this while. I am appalled by the rot that has seeped into the government! It is time for change! There must be better men!

    It’s a sad day for Singapore

  31. Anyway for me till now President Ong Teng Cheong was the best and caring people President. He knew what and when to advice when govt’s making mistakes.

  32. This is political wizardry by PAP THAT could turn white to black and vice versa. That’s why they should have marginal majority in the next GE.

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