Government debunks claims that it will take back unused MediSave top-ups

In a post on the Ministry of Communications and Information’s (MCI) “factually” web portal, the Government has assured that it will not take back unused MediSave top-ups. It added that all MediSave top-ups will remain in citizens’ MediSave accounts and will earn Central Provident Fund (CPF) interest.

This comes after an allegation that the Government absorbs unused MediSave top-ups went viral earlier. A voice recording of a woman alleging that a $200 MediSave top-up amount would be taken back by the Government if it is unused within a year began circulating online, recently.

The woman in the recording claimed that someone at a polyclinic shared this information with her and added that the polyclinic lady’s family would try to use up their MediSave top-ups so that they would not have to fork out cash.

Debunking these allegations, the Government said yesterday that these claims are not true.

MediSave top-up schemes are applicable to those who are eligible under the GST Voucher scheme and the Pioneer Generation Package. According to the authorities, “Singaporeans born on or before 31 December 1959, who do not enjoy Pioneer Generation benefits, would have also received MediSave top-ups annually from 2014 to 2018.

MediSave funds can be used to offset hospitalisation, day surgery, and approved outpatient treatments, MediShield Life premiums, as well as other MediSave-approved insurance plans.

The authorities reiterated that excess funds accumulated after MediSave reaches its account limit will “flow over to your CPF Special or Retirement accounts, to help build your retirement savings.”

MCI added that members of the public who have further questions about the MediSave scheme may get in touch with the Ministry of Health at 6325-9220.