Gordon Ramsay Roasts on Twitter


Obbana Rajah

British chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay roasts people on Twitter on the regular.

Amateur cooks from all over the world send him pictures of their food and ask him to rate it.

While all of his comments are in your face and negative, people are addicted to the humour in it. This trend started from celebrity comedy roasts of Justin Bieber and Kevin Hart, who allow themselves to be made fun of for charity.

Gordon Ramsay is noted for his mean comments, and his claim to fame was even made into an Internet ‘meme’. He holds two slices of bread on each side of Julie Chen’s head and asks her, “What are you?”

She then replies “An idiot sandwich”.

Here are some of the best ones:

People all over the world flood Ramsay’s Twitter and social media accounts just to see his take on their food presentation.

Gordon Ramsay is also famed for his TV shows based on food called, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ and ‘Masterchef’. During the latter he appears to be less crude, but does not hold back at all during the former where he even spews vulgarities at those on the show.

Surprisingly though, the only nice Tweet Ramsay posted was in response to a Singaporean’s Chilli Crab dish!