Featured News Good Samaritan couple perform CPR on man who fainted at Jalan Besar 

Good Samaritan couple perform CPR on man who fainted at Jalan Besar 




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An older man fainted in front of Sim Lim Tower on 29 Jalan Besar  Road earlier today, just after 1:00 am in the morning. Fortunately there was a Malay couple nearby who helped him by performing CPR on him until an ambulance arrived and took him to  Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Police received a call reporting that a man was in need of assistance at 1:15 am.

Netizen Aaron Chua caught the incident on camera and uploaded photos and videos on Facebook immediately afterwards. He wrote,

“Kudos to the Malay couple that came to help and do CPR on the Road Professionally while waiting for Emergency Rescue. Never have chance to get their names..

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Social Media Should be able to find the names of this 2 person to let everyone thank them.”

He then asked fellow Facebook users to share the post so that the couple could be found and thanked. “Pls Help to share the Post.. and Not forgetting to Pray for the Uncle to A Speedy Recovery

The Uncle walking along the pathway and he fainted towards the Road. They manage to rescue the Uncle to catch the next breathe till the Ambulance arrive.

Date/Time of incident: 27/6/2018-1:15am

Location: Opposite Sim Lim Tower -Jalan Besar”

Mr. Chua’s post has now been shared more than 500 times.

Netizens applauded the heroic couple, and were quick to praise them for their life-saving actions.

One of the people who help saved the man’s life, Faizal Ibrahim, has identified himself, and has received congratulations from many.

He wrote, “Not to be proud of. We did our very best till the ambulance arrived and I don’t care about any bad comment or what, we trying our best to help.

Hope you are okay there”

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