Golden Mile attack victim might need facial reconstruction due to severe fractures to face


It is believed that the victim of the violent assault that took place at Golden Mile shopping complex on 11 Oct might need facial reconstruction after he suffered severe facial fractures even though he tried to shield his face during the attack where he was repeatedly stomped on and punched by an assailant.

The victim, 25-year-old Bong Heng Yun, was embroiled in the physical altercation after an alleged staring match. Bong and the assailant, 22-year-old Marcus Wee Boon How, were apparently not acquainted with one another prior to the incident.

Bong was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital following the assault.

Marcus fled the scene after the assault but was subsequently apprehended by the police three days later. He was charged yesterday with voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

He was granted bail of $20,000, and indicated that he would plead guilty when he returns to court on 13 Nov.

Golden Mile stomping case apparently started over a staring match


  1. Allow Bail of $20,000/=? The motive of him to attack and stomp on victim even lying motionlessly indicates an Intention to Murder.
    He’s Proven GUILTY and be lock in a Dungeon.

  2. Bail should not be given…. chances are if someone accidentally catch a glimpse of him then he stomp people again how…..

    Given the fact his face is on papers before…. sure got people will give a second glance

  3. The attacker will be severely punished by the Court.
    His attacks is as good as premeditated & targeted at the victim’s face.
    Just a slight luck, the victim’s head was spared from the continuous stomps.

    I hope and pray the victim will recover soon from his trauma and success in his reconstructive surgeries.

  4. Our judges in these days are loving n forgiving like a buddist monks. Very soft n loving to all culprits. People can freely kill dogs, cats , human strangers and walked aways with a stern warning verbally. How sweet.

  5. This is not a light crime, theft of accident. Its intentonally wanting to cause grievous injury to the extent of death. This person, until there is stong evidence that he has reformed sufficiently, after serving his sentence whatever it may be (canning, jail, mental, psychiatric rehabilitation etc) should not be released in public through bail.

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