Going viral in Malaysia: Report on new car theft method in Johor


A message that is going viral in parts of Malaysia on WhatsApp says car thieves have found new ways to steal cars in Malaysia.

As the photo explains, they are now using plastic bottles!

The report is said to be a warning from local police and it should get the attention of drivers in Johor in particular where there is apparently a high rate of car theft.

Among those targeted are Singaporean cars.

There are other methods used in parts of Malaysia, including oil spills on some rarely travelled roads. When your car passes over the spill, someone on a motor-bike or another car will suddenly reverse or overtake you.

This will force the driver to brake, resulting in the car skidding thus forcing the driver to stop the car.

Such incidents were reported in Kuala Lumpur during long holidays.


    • @ Anonymous

      The Malaysian economy is very bad. They might not starve because they can still grow jagung in their kampungs and go fishing, but better not fall sick….and no vacations for many of them unlike us talking about going to Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok and even Europe, USA…

      Ever since China opened up, Malaysia lost so many jobs when factories closed down. Go to Penang for eg, and you can see. While Singapore re-invented itself and focussed on high valued added, knowledge based industries, Malaysia remained stuck in second world thinking, thanks to its Bumi policies.

      Why else do you think hundreds of thousands of Malaysians cross the Causeway everyday to work in Singapore?