Goh Chok Tong acknowledges that reserved PE is unpopular but claims it’s necessary for race relations in view of terrorist threats

Speaking at a dialogue in the LKY School of Public Policy’s, ESM Goh Chok Tong yesterday acknowledged that the reserved presidential election for minority community this year is “quite unpopular with a large proportion of the population because it goes against the principle of meritocracy”. But he said Singaporeans should understand why the PAP Govt is doing this. He said that reserving PE for minority community is part of Singapore’s multi-racialism policy. In the dialogue, he also mentioned that preserving race relations is important in Singapore, especially in view of potential terrorist threats.

“The big worry for us in reaction is not the bomb per se, it’s the aftermath (of terrorist attacks). What would that mean for race relations? If race relations become fragile, broken, collapsed, then the terrorists would have achieved their purpose,” he said.

Many Singaporeans, however, remain unconvinced with PAP’s argument about the need for a reserve PE. Many think that the new reserve PE is a ploy to keep Dr Tan Cheng Bock out of PE race. Given his results from the last PE, Dr Tan certainly stands a very good chance of winning in the upcoming PE should he be allowed to contest.

Lim Tean, an opposition politician, echoed the sentiments of many Singaporeans on the topic in his Facebook.

********** Its all about 1 man Stupid ! **************To paraphrase Ronald Reagan – There they go again ! We heard…

Posted by Tean Lim on Friday, 8 September 2017

“We heard yesterday from PAP Ministers and the ESM a full rehash of their tired and by now totally discredited arguments for a reserved Presidential Election,” he wrote. “For good measure, terrorism was also thrown in as part of the PAP’s staple of fear-mongering.”

“Despite all the political sophistry, it is not difficult to penetrate the PAP’s fog of propaganda,” he said.

“Fair-minded Singaporeans know that this dastardly election is all about denying one man, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, the Presidency,” Lim Tean pointed out. “The entire Establishment has connived in this dishonorable venture. History will not be kind to them.”

Lim Tean asked how can PAP compare the reserve PE to the Ethnic Integration Policy in Public Housing designed to promote racial integration?

“Multi-racialism and multiculturalism are all about inclusion and not exclusion, which is what the reserved election amounts to,” he explained.

It is interesting to note that while CNA mentioned about ESM Goh’s acknowledgement that large number of Singaporeans are unhappy with the reserve PE, Straits Times, the main mouthpiece of the govt chose not to report it.



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    EM designation? What is your Scope Of Work? Eating Peanuts with Your F**king Monkey Wife? When Satan LHL ask you to come out and “act”, you come out of Bukit Timah forest.
    How many old and sick people suffer and died because of your NKF?
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  2. Huh???? Malays are the terrorists who are appeased only if you appoint one of them as the president??? What??? And you go scam them by appointing an Indian so that’s supposed to solve the problem?? I’m total confused with this classic obfuscation

  3. Stop using such lame excuses and threats for something you guys had planned. So having a minority president can stop terror threats? How ? Can I ask? Terrorist won’t attack just becoz we have a minority president? If that’s the mentality then we are really in deep shit!!!

  4. Being an almost ardent supporter of the current govt; this is one move which i do not understand. The vision of the best man win in this instance is fenced up with a message that general public can not comprehend. Why is a position being reserved to certain segment of the society only? Despite of all the explanation, I do not comprehend. Even from a point view as a supporter, i can not reason myself out. Are they seeing something we do not and are not communicated properly?

    • That means the 70% are not supportive enough. Supporters will always think that whatever comes out from PAP is the Gospel truth. Nothing can deviate. If you have any doubt, refer to rule No 1. Are you reading anything other then the straits time ? Do you frequent REACH enough to feed on their words and their creed ? I guess you didn’t.

    • Dylan Tang i think u might have misunderstood the main 70%. I presume most are pragmatic people. PAP while not perfect, has done more good than bad. In the grand scheme of thing, they deliver stellar results in comparison to any of their counterparts. But that do not place the supporter in blind faith; we vote with opened eyes. We know they are not perfect but we are relatively good in their hands. Ur response is referring to a cult believer. We are mostly sane, practical and went thru our cost-benefits analysis.

    • If the 70% are pragmatic enough, they don’t even need to have a view on this. Because they don’t need one. In other words, they not pragmatic enough. We Need to refer them to the Creed or REACH again.

    • If they are a good government and in fact if they are the best government we have at the moment despite imperfections then why not allow full and free elections? Rather than doing this and doing that to stifle opposition like the Grc system and cutting the constituencies at every general election to favor their own candidates and now reserving the EP so as to exclude certain individuals / if they are the best we have and people can see that, surely the population will vote for them without all this pattern and wayang … being authoritarian, and undemocratic; stifling dissent; not allowing people to express their views and stifling opposition is not the way to go…. our people are not stupid ; they can see if our government is good or bad… so for those who say this government is currently still the best we have ; many or even most may even agree but then why are they so afraid of free and fair elections? Whether it’s the EP or GE

  5. Lee Kuan Yew On Race-Based Politics And Why It Will Destroy Our Society

    BY SADHO RAM — 25 MAR 2015
    “Malaysians saw Malaysia as a Malay country, all others are lodgers, “orang tumpangan”, and they the Bumiputras, sons of the soil, run the show.” Lee Kuan Yew speaks his mind about why he never allowed segregation in Singapore and why racial politics is not the way forward.

  6. Just lips service to con Singaporeans, He mentioned n promised may item in the past by lips n many haven’t materialized, he say our soccer team after sport school start will go to World Cup standard, he promise Singaporeans world class transportation by paying smart people to do the job but today we get 3rd world class standard transportation but pay upper world class salary to the they so call smart people….

  7. SO SO SO STUPID I can’t believe we pay such brains to make such reasoning. Do they think terrorist give a rat ass or cares whether our president which does nothing by the way is a Malay????. PLEASE HELP ME HERE TO UNDERSTAND THIS. They kill there own mothers if called upon and here we have commander and chief who is suppose to prevent or even stop short the terrorist because she a Malay. I Give Up

  8. Risk of terrorism doesn’t come from any other race? How is a Malay President that is symbolic in nature going to solve anything? Maybe send her as Singapore spokesperson to meet whoever in ISIS?

  9. They all gang up and repeat the mantra of their provider. Terribly disappointed with GCT who should stay out of this especially since he was the PM before dishonourable son. Should have more dignity.

  10. on a more serius note…do u really believe é terrorists can choose its TARGET in a Multi-RACE&RELIGION country like SG???think AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They will aim at little india, chinatown and the CDB. But not geylang serai and istana. Ya, probably also not yishun. They are supposed to know our racial spread-out and have great love for our PAP-endorsed presidential candidate.

  11. Think they should just stop trying to explain themselves and just get this over with… The stupidity levels gets raised everytime they try to explain why this why that…

  12. This old man has out-lived his usefulness and is talking rubbish to bluff thru. The main reason is to prevent TCB to become the next President. N now giving all the excuses
    How can you trust PAP and it’s cronies???

  13. Mr Goh , we want a president who can do the job not what race as long he is capabilities he come from which race never mind , what r u talking asking us to understand u ??????

  14. I’m rather curious if majority of the votes comes in void, leaving small percentage of the votes to the candidates. Does it means even the so call elected President is the what the Singaporean approved or chosen? I hope our wayang Govt can explained it.

  15. We do not condone terrorism. What does reserved PE got to do with terrorism. What are you trying to imply. This kind of words coming from a Emeritus minister is dangerous. So if we do not have a minority race President, there will be potential for a terrorist threats. Donald Trumps take American for fools and you are taking Singaporean for fools. You are better than the Donald what has happen to you??????

  16. Uttering nonsense as though Singaporeans are stupid and spineless. What a moron. Who do he thinks he takes us for. Fools? Singapore will survive if there a change in the ruling party. We have seen many ruling party demolished and opposition taking better control. Time for this PayAndPay to go.

  17. Terrorist aren’t Muslim, you Moron! and if they are Muslim why they slaughtered all the Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and most of their victims are from Muslim nation!!! GCT Mulut puaka jilake!

  18. Is he saying that the Malay Race are terrorist and they can only be appeased if a Malay President is elected?

    Wtf… these are the talents which are suppose to lead our country forward?

    The reasons they give to justify their corruption are getting more and more absurd.

  19. This is the biggest crab I seen n heard. Using race to justify action. Not only does it create or stir ‘hate’…it also contradict every word that was used to put the reserved PE agenda in the first place. These scholars really think we are stupid!

  20. Terrorism has bo respect whether our President is a Malay Muslim as shown in Middle East, Paksitan and many muslim countries where terrorists kill their own brothers and sisters. What has this RP could to do with terrorism in Singapore. It can and will happen anywhere. Dont try to add more reasons for this unpopolar RP election

  21. why do they come up with really stupid reasons. When even Indonesia has been attack by terror for years- their politicians are also Muslim, and one of the biggest Muslim country in the world, what makes the reason so different?!..we are not so stupid by your stupid reason..but we know we have really stupid ministers!

    • Old man, yung yok already. Talk like a 3 years old kid. Talk so many lies just to cover up one lie. ie. EP issue. How is terrorism related to EP. Dont make yourself a laughing stock.ok.

  22. So he just labeled Malay Muslims in Singapore as potential terrorists who need to be appeased…still can’t find a Malay candidate so put an Indian in disguise instead. So now the Malays are Potential Terrorists and stupid? Wow…way to go to achieve racial harmony in Singapore.

  23. Are you sure the Malays think that a “Malay” arbitrarily certified by some committee will adequately represent their interests? What do the Malays here think? Yes or no? Are you saying Wee Kim Wee, Ong Teng Cheong, S.R. Nathan, etc. did not represent your interests nor did they do anything within their powers to ensure your well being? If so, what is wrong is the presidential system, not the race! Even if you make sure every race rotates like the Yang pertuan di-Agong in Malaysia, it will still be inadequate, because the President simply can’t do nothing except witnessing our first Olympic gold medal!

  24. Don’t talk about The Presidency, let’s just talk about Prime Minister. When are we going to have a Malay PM? If this is not race discrimination I don’t know what’s that…..

  25. i wonder how many really cares about this PE, fending off TCB or not…..its these same chaps who told us about swiss standards, heartlanders verus quitters….but yet began to draw foreign trash into my country and we have to protect them while these foreign trash have no obligation to protect our country. wanna defend against ISIS? rid the racial demarkation across all sectors, live up to your professed meritocracy, including military service where everyone is obliged to be vigilant.

  26. With this female president, do you mean terrorists will not come to Singapore??? They even kill their own people, do you believe they will give a wide berth to Singapore? What kind of reasoning is it?????

  27. I tried.. really TRIED!!! To view his contents in a diff perspective BUT still the conclusion is: u r uttering BS. Instead im taking a little offence of what being said. Anyway the Malay community nvr complain so STOP putting us under the spotlight. JUST leave us alone.. we love our rendang..

  28. Our dear ex PM, Goh Chok Tong, on a one to one conversation with him, he is charming and likeable. But cannot excuse him for this faulty reasoning as am surprised that he still have to toe the line and support the power craze PM Lee.

    Because of terrorist threats we need a reserved EP. By extension, you can then even say that because of terrorist threats, mostly from the Muslim, we need to remove Malay population in the armed forces and in the police, we also need to ask Malay community to report any person or friends that stays overnight in their house, we need to check the bank accounts of all Malays in Singapore, we need to conduct internet surveillance to record photo and documents for all Malays in Singapore and we are doing this to protect the Malay population. We need to limit Malay or Muslim that visits Singapore.

    His argument can lead to ridiculous and stupid policy. Do not use terrorist threats and fear to attempt change the mind of Singaporean. Even high school students will find your explanation rather lame if not altogether unintelligent and that compromises your sense of ethics and morality.

  29. The PR machine is out it seems to try and justify the RPE. Assuming their intentions are truly altruistic, it is really easy for them to carry this out without the public questioning their motives. Just apply it on the PE after the coming one. That completely removes the suspicion that this was introduced to stop TCB from running.

  30. Is this an underhand method of rallying for halimah? This breaches the stance of neutrality required of the government. On the other hand, you keep emphasising terrorism. So muslim is what you want, not malay. Why don’t say it on day one? And it looks there is one true malay and muslim on the coming slate. You implied endorsement for him, i suppose. Thanks

  31. What a fucking shit excuses GCT gave to us???? Don’t treat us like idiots or uneducated. The govt wants a reserved PE because they are afraid TCB win the PE. I think by now Halimah picture has been printed and ready to hang up….waiting for formality ceremony. It’s a disgraced reserved PE as far as I am concerned.

  32. If you want a minority President- why bother with an election?
    Stick with the old concept and just nominate one!!!
    Election means a selection by the citizens. That’s in simple term.

  33. Haizam Aryan ur race never complain such issue but on some part some of ur communities still fuck PAP government those have been in and out in prison whatsoever they commited various criminal activities this type of communities do not favour the PAP so do the 90 per cents of the local Indian do like this PAP in the public eye of view whereby the Indian residents in that particular zone still vote the INDIAN CANDIDATE MINISTER this show that a racist system soon to explode how can A PAP GOVERNMENT put the race particular zone cos of the race concern to win for their own benefit of the 70 per cent they follow blindly in the issue pardon for the above of the face do not get the wrong ideas being as CHINESE SINGAPOREAN regardless what race belong I will find deep in my heart This PAP candidate got the heart of welfare regardless what party group I will vote them but he is idiot and hunger for monies and power regardless what race I would not for PAP they gave us at terrible and miserable life here. I will spoilt the votes.

  34. Why called it a Elected President when you don’t even have your choice to choose the President you wanted? Shouldn’t it be anyone who is capable to do the job?

  35. It has nothing to do with meritocracy or even politics. It is purely a ceremonial and sovereignty PR role. It is more like having an independent sentinel or auditor that people can unite behind in national consciousness and harmony quite apart from the major party politics. It is like having a constitutional monarch in the form of a republican president but rather than it being hereditary, it is ‘inherited’ by the different ethnic tribes in turn. Let us say 3 major ethnic groups plus 1 for ‘all the other ethnics’. When it is say the Indian ethnic group turn, their community will nominate 3 candidates whose only criteria being that they are educated citizens with a proven track record work or career wise and must be presented to be humble honest and of utmost integrity. But the entire population of citizens whatever their race colour or creed will vote as to who gets elected from the nominated panel. So, in this respect, we get to elect a distinguished elder as the President, even though it appears to be musical chairs, but surely that is what we would do out of social and brotherly inter-racial community comity? Vince Cheok

  36. Having a minority president makes us immune to terrorists? I think terrorists aren’t so simple minded to believe something as ludicrous as this. The fact of the matter is that the government made a huge blunder to create the reserved election and now are scrambling to justify their wrong decision with inane justifications. What this election has done is regressive, putting a puppet on stage without meritocratic justification except for her race and even that is questionable. This election is therefore about race pure and simple, and decided by the government as being good for us. The groundswell of resentment is proof that Singaporeans wants justice and equality based not on race, language or religion; the antithesis of what the government is forcing to engender for the country. We live in a divided and fractious Singapore, not created by terrorists but contributed to by its own government.

  37. If you have already forgotten, Singapore’s first Chief Minister was a Jew. His name is David Marshall. Why can’t someone, from any other race for that matter, be our Prime Minister. Malay can only be President without power, but cannot be Prime Minister with supreme power

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