Globe trotter Meigo in Singapore, travelled on foot for 3 years


By Laura Zhang

A warm welcome to Meigo Märk. The 27-year-old Estonian arrived in Singapore from Johor on the latest leg of his world walkathon which began more than three years ago on May 11, 2014 in Talinin, the capital of Estonia, Europe. He has chalked up 17,800 km so far after walking through 21 countries.

greeted him right after he had walked across the border of Singapore at McDonald’s, Causeway Point.

Amiable and fun-loving, Meigo indeed spreads positive vibes to anyone who comes across his life. It is no wonder that he has made many friends from different cultures and ages along his journey.

Interested in finding out more about him and his journey? We recorded a video interview, in which he described he received donations and offerings on his trip, his sources of inspiration, his plans and his accounts of different people that he met.

In fact, Meigo can’t wait to say hello to more fellow Singaporeans, who can makan with him and join him for an enthusiastic walk. He is yet to stay in Singapore tentatively till the end of October.

Meigo Märk can be contacted through

Route on the map covered by Meigo

27-year-old Meigo Märk from Estonia, Europe has a big dream to walk in different countries around the world minimum the distance of the planet Earth’s Equator which is 40,074 kilometers. He started to fulfill his dream on May 11, 2014 in the capital city of Estonia called Tallinn. In the last 3 years, 4 months and 3 weeks Meigo Märk has already walked in 21 countries the total distance of over 17 760 kilometers. 

Please look the map with his detail route hereAll the photo albums from his travel are here.


  1. Meigo! Amazing! Inspirational! Full of love and energy! One question. How do you maintain vegetarianism? When I was travelling on my bike, visited countries like Bosnia or Iran, met for example muslim families, where they say: the guest is gift of God. Hoe do you say no? I am vegetarian too, but on the road I eat everything what I get, I am humble and grateful. Thanks!

    • Szilvia
      Hey ! ! !
      Good to read from You !
      How and where are You now ?

      I have had no problems this far to remain 100% vegetarian. I have been fully vegetarian now for over 10 years and many years I was even vegan.

      But if people offered me some milk tea in India, Nepal and Malaysia then I drank it.

      Also one of the very first words I try to learn in the local languages are connected with being a vegetarian hahaaa…

      This far people have seemed to understand it or at least respected it.

      And although I feel that being a vegetarian has helped me A LOT – I still do not actively propagate vegetarianism because 11 years ago I ate a lot of meat almost every single day and really liked it…

    • Fine! Thanks! Sapporo, Japan. I became vegetarian about 10 years ago. I cook for myself and I eat vegetarain food when I can chose and encourage people too. I just had few situations where I felt it would sound disrispectful to say no.. Eg. Bosnia, rain, little village on the montain, a family invited me, no common language, full of love and they shared their dinner with me.. It had meat.. or Iran, small village, poor and loveful family, in the desert, invited me, also meat.. Maybe I shouldn’t feel it is bad or disrespectful! Thanks forr he advice!