Asia Girl and friends beat up boyfriend after his phone reveals her indecent...

Girl and friends beat up boyfriend after his phone reveals her indecent photos, and his affairs

Voyeur's girlfriend -- who had become his victim and then his abuser in retaliation -- was prosecuted for, and has pleaded guilty to two charges of voluntarily causing hurt.




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SINGAPORE – While the exchange of obscene photos may be common nowadays, one done without permission can invite trouble. A girl and her friends walloped her boyfriend when they realized that he had taken non-consensual photos of her sleeping in a sports bra and panties.

As their beatings left the voyeur boyfriend unable to see or stand properly, his girlfriend — who had become his victim and then his abuser in retaliation — was prosecuted for two charges of voluntarily causing hurt. Two other similar charges were taken into consideration.

Based on a report from The New Paper, the 15-year-old girl had gone for lunch with her 17-year-old boyfriend at a cafe in Block 263 Compassvale Street in August last year.

At about 5pm, they had met up with some of the girl’s friends at a nearby deck.

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The group of friends comprised of three other girls then aged 15 to 16, four boys aged 17 to 19, and a 25-year-old man.

At about 6pm, they checked the boyfriend’s phone and discovered several photos of another girl sleeping in short pants. She was the girlfriend of one of the boys in the group.

The voyuer’s phone was also found to have several photos of his girlfriend that she had not consented to nor had been aware of. These photos had been taken when she had been sleeping in her sports bra and underwear.

Infuriated, the voyeur’s girlfriend kicked him in the groin and slapped him four times.

The boyfriend of the voyeur’s other victim punched him in the stomach, arm, chest and face.

Another boy from the group also kicked the voyeur twice in the face, causing his nose to bleed.

The victim was left lying on the ground when the older man from the group told them to stop. The voyeur teen was then left alone while some members of the group went to have dinner nearby.

At about 7pm, the voyeur’s girlfriend told him that he would need to submit himself to being beaten up, in order to settle the matter.

Going to a nearby multi-storey carpark, the group arranged one-on-one minute-long fights between the voyeur and the groups’s four male teenagers..

As the third fight was concluding, the voyeur’s girlfriend discovered WhatsApp phone messages on his phone that suggested he had been cheating on her.

Very upset by this, all four girls attacked the voyeur after the fourth fight. The voyeur suffered slaps, punches and kicks from the girls until he fell to the ground. His girlfriend then stepped on his stomach and kicked him in the ribs.

In court, deputy public prosecutor Jordon Li noted that the accused (the voyeur’s victim) was young and her intentions were not malicious, but of a “misguided sense to right a wrong”.

Those involved in the case cannot be named due to their ages.

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