Geylang Serai MP comes under fire for claiming that annual fair is not Ramadan Bazaar

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Geylang Serai MP, Dr Fatimah Lateef, has been criticised by some in the Malay-Muslim community for her comments concerning the annual bazaar at Geylang Serai that coincides with the month of Ramadan every year.

Attempting to parry concerns that some stalls at the bazaar do not have Halal certification, Fatimah Lateef said in an interview to Berita Harian that the Bazaar is not actually named the Ramadan Bazaar as people believe it to be. She says that the annual fair has been called the Geylang Serai Bazaar for a number of years now and that it is open to all in the multi-racial community.

She further added that consumers should be inclusive as the Bazaar is open to everyone regardless of race or religion. She said, “When you are at the bazaar, observe what types of foods you would like to eat. If you have doubts or the food is not suitable for you, don’t buy it. You can pick a different stall or go elsewhere to eat.”

Penyertaan peniaga bukan Islam di bazar perlihat sifat inklusif

Posted by Berita Harian Singapura on Thursday, 8 June 2017

Retired Straits Times senior political correspondent, Mr Ismail Kassim, responded to Mdm Lateef’s interview, saying:


“Call the Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai by any name, it doesn’t matter. Few will also object if you want to open it to those who want to sell non-halal food.

But do be upfront. Be transparent and please inform the public so as to avoid confusion and creating a controversy. An unnecessary one too, that should be best avoided especially in the month of Ramadan.

Most of us including myself have always thought that the Bazaar which coincides with Ramadan only sell halal food; so try to appreciate how upsetting it could be when we discover otherwise.

To matter matters worse, you seem to be taking the high moral ground.

By raising other unrelated issues, you seem to be trying to pass the buck, to
blame us for the outcry, as if we are against inclusiveness.

We can assure you that we are all for inclusiveness and multiracialism and have no objection if you want to change the nature of the bazaar to include sale of non-halal food.

But don’t do it surreptitiously. It is not the proper way for a PAP MP to behave.”

Members of the Malay-Muslim community have commented in a similar vein online, questioning Fatimah Lateef and the Geylang Serai Town Council for not disclosing that the fair  is not the Ramadan Bazaar at all. Commenters argue that this lack of disclosure may have led Malay-Muslims to believe that all the food sold at the fair is Halal.

The last time a constituency made news over a fair was when Workers’ Party’s Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council was fined for running a Chinese New Year fair without a permit.


  1. I beg to differ with the MP. If you really want to gel the community, then the section called Ramadan bazaar should be halal. Then, have another section nearby across the road, with the sign stated Non- Halal.

    • In the first place, it was never a bazaar organized and dedicated just for muslims…it was organized to coincide with Ramadan and is opened to all Singaporeans of all races and religions. Just because some self-entitled groups wants to hijack it and make it exclusive for themselves does not change the fact that it was never a Ramadan Bazaar, it was always knows as Geylang Serai Bazaar.

      So by your own logic, does it means that Geylang Serai is therefore an exclusive place for some groups and where only halal food can be sold?

    • We should have the sections marked clearly what is halal and what is not halal. You can call the whole thing Geylang Serai Bazaar. But the halal section should be termed Ramadan Bazaar. We should be considerate towards other religion.

    • Abdul Rahman…. All halal stalls must have verification n certification displayed. Or not at all? Am curious bcos that’s what I know. If that’s is the case.. Isn’t that already clear enough?

    • In times of today, more respect for each other religion brings gracefulness, kindness, harmony and peace for each other. No one is disputing that Geylang Serai cannot sell other items. But be more mindful and respectful. Section off or classifying what’re halal stalls cost little. There is no need for outside groups to politicise the Singapore multiracial environment.

    • What u said is true , however the problem lies with the Muslim community that feels too entitled for themselves . This is Singapore the most racial harmony country in the world, if they were to display these horrific attitudes elsewhere , God knows ..

    • Patrick Lim. Halal is not only on the food itself..there are other things that hv to be looked into.. the cooking equiptment that is being used (cleansing of equipment in Islamic way) etc.

    • Abdul Rahman..I know what is halal.
      Question is.. Don’t halal cert is enough to prove these requirement are met?
      I had seen small malay stalls selling food without Halal cert but Muslims are ok with it.
      I had seen muslim eatery outlets manned by Chinese, indians n others with halal certification. N Muslims ok with it.

    • Ultimately what I mean is… It is the onus personal duty to verify n check if the food you buying is truly met with your choice of halal standard.
      I had seen Muslim cooks smoking n making satay…

    • Thank you everyone for comments. We respect everyone’s capability, intellectual power, rights to free speech. Let’s move forward knowing that there can be improvements in every aspect of our daily lives, bearing in mind our own religion and respect for others. Ahead of us are challenges and problems we need to work as a nation. Thank you everyone for your comments, which started from what I first wrote. Let’s stop the further trail of words and enjoy life ahead. May peace prevail in everyone’s heart.

  2. Nothing wrong with Dr. Fatimah Lateef’s comments, it’s just that some groups think they are entitled to more exclusivity than others…

    • “Call the Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai by any name, it doesn’t matter. Few will also object if you want to open it to those who want to sell non-halal food.

      But do be upfront. Be transparent and please inform the public so as to avoid confusion and creating a controversy. An unnecessary one too, that should be best avoided especially in the month of Ramadan.

      Most of us including myself have always thought that the Bazaar which coincides with Ramadan only sell halal food; so try to appreciate how upsetting it could be when we discover otherwise.”

      Read the article yourself. It’s not clear nor is there any consensus it’s what Dr Lateef says it is.

    • Not a question about exclusive entitlement but what people understand the bazaar to be – that because it’s held during ramadan, it’s well, a ramadan bazaar. Just like you hold a bazaar selling red things or items celebrated or associated with CNY around the chinese new year period, what would people make of it if some MP suddenly declares oh wait it’s not a CNY bazaar. Huh?

    • Just because some wants to assume and the blame will be on the organizers? Controversies was created because some groups think and want to impose + dictate their views on others, and this is not about being well-informed or not, it is about being dictatorial and self-entitled.

    • It’s not an assumption, it’s what people normally think it is. Turns into a certain social expectation and norm. I was personally as a non-muslim also quite surprised by dr lateef’s statement tbh.

    • Terrence Tan, you have twisted logic, because the bazaar was organized to coincide with Ramadan and therefore it must be assumed as a Ramadan Bazaar. Do not hijack the meaning of the bazaar with your own twisted logic!

    • Hello, this is deduction. You wear a dark suit at night going past my house at a certain hour behaving suspiciously, of course i will draw certain heuristic conclusions, even if i may actually be wrong. Not the best analogy but hope you know where i’m coming from. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, behaves like a duck….well…..

    • We unfortunately really have a group of people who are so dictatorial and imposing in wanting others to revolve around their beliefs and values, and when they don’t get it, they cry father cry mother and call others as insensitive!

    • SY Kong sure i realise there are people out there trying to impose their beliefs but it’s a bit of a stretch to link it to certain already existing social expectations. It’s two different matters leh. That’s how i see it bro. Peace.

    • SY Kong: er… no…. must be reasonable. Like if a man looks like me, he seems to be intimate with my mother, he and i share many many traits in common, even if no one actually confirms he’s my father, it’s reasonable i can draw certain conclusions lor. (of course if a dna test shows eventually he’s not, then ok i stand corrected but i’m talking about heuristics. Reasonable deduction, you know what that means, right?)

    • Nice conversation, bro! Have a great evening 😀 (go and read up on heuristics, learn something new today, just like i learned something new today, that the geyland bazaar is not actually a ramadan bazaar 🙂 )

    • Her statement could mean that you can sell any items including pork at the Ramadan Bazaar. As a Muslim, I would certainly feel unhappy and impose my beliefs/values/cry father/cry mother. If it’s change to any other name outside the month of Ramadan, you won’t hear any sound.

    • Raziff Hamid, in the first place, it was not a bazaar dedicated and catering to only muslims, it is a bazaar organized to coincide with Ramadan and it was never called Ramadan Bazaar. It is open to all Singaporeans of all faiths and race, so why are you claiming exclusivity when it is not in the first place? Why do you think you are entitled to exclusivity for a bazaar being organized for everyone? Spare us your self-entitled mentality!

    • Terence Tan, I also learn something that some people can originally post assuming comments and then delete it when being exposed as invalid and start to change stance so flexibly…why did you delete your original post which shows your blinded assumptions?

    • Hahaha…special position means you can claim exclusivity and hijack any events for your own purposes…it’s not gonna to happened in Singapore so why not a born-loser like you go to our neighbouring countries where they even have laws to precisely protect a born-loser like you from competition? I’m glad that all of my Malay friends are a highly competitive, intelligent and diligent lot that does not need Article 152 for them to be successful in life, and I am proud and honoured to have them as friends and compatriots…not a born-loser like you wanting pity from others!

    • SY Kong Exclusivity we ask not. Just to be in line within the acceptable norm of the Singaporean​ society who has accepted​ that halal food are key to the Muslims. Also the historical traditions that the Ramadan Bazaar were setup to cater to the breaking of fast, which is then extended to the public like any businesses do. Is it too much to ask when it is an accepted practice?

    • Raziff Hamid, you are still harping on a topic being discussed and clarified, that the bazaar was never a Ramadan Bazaar but one that is being organized for all Singaporeans to coincide with Ramadan, and it was not being positioned nor categorized as a bazaar to break fast (as imposed by oppressive self-entitled individuals). Also, wasn’t there more halal food available in the bazaar? Why so dictatorial that all must be halal just because self-entitled people like you want to hijack it as an exclusive event. Again, it is Geylang Serai Bazaar, not Ramadan Bazaar!

    • Daud Abdullah, still can’t compare with how you mobster imposed upon others your self-entitlement and hijack an event to instigate and stir shit!

    • Article 152 talks about interest, and not rights…since when you interpret it as your rights? So does article 152 gives you the rights of exclusivity in this topic? Don’t shamelessly distort the article to justify your own miserable born-loser life! But you can and should leave Singapore as our neighbours had better rights defined within their constitution to precisely cater to whiners like you! Please leave!

    • Article 152 is a political constitution, which means it is a governing reference for the government to implement policies that protects the interests (and not rights) of Malay. There’s no law to compel nor mandate individual Singaporeans to tacitly support it or not as it is already institutionalized within government policies passed through parliament proceedings. So stop your dubious manipulation as the article does not and did not give you the right to define a bazaar organised to celebrate Ramadan as exclusively for Muslims (and muslims need not be Malays).

    • You are the sneaky freak…Article 152 is a political constitution, whereas my loyalty reside with the pledge that I’ve made since a kid, and in it, I pledged that “regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society based on justice and equality…”. Do you recite a different pledge from me, or your pledge accord your more justice and equality than others? I’ve pledged my loyalty, now can you pledge yourself that your loyalty is based on justice and equality for all? Just answer my question and try not to use a political constitution on me…I am not the government. Now, tell me specifically, do you have more rights and equality than others and if so, where’s your loyalty in accordance to the citizens’ pledge?

      But I can understand why you have to hold on to the article, as the only achievement in your pathetic life is to exploit more equality than others.

  3. It has been called Bazaar Ramadhan all these years. I wonder why she said it’s NOT. Was she just born yesterday? If you want to include a non Muslim stall, let it be selling non edible items. Not mix halal and non halal under one roof. It’s only held once a year, unlike the pasar malam where you can visit at every hdb estates.

    • It was never and if someone decided to call it otherwise, does not means it automatically is. The bazaar was organized as a bazaar to coincide with Ramadan and is open to all regardless of race or religion, and was never an exclusive bazaar. Were you born yesterday? Spare us your self-entitled mentality! Do not hijack an event and call it your own!

    • Oh similar like chinatown bazaar la. Aiyah why nvr say so early. So can open a bazaar in chinatown.

      Talk abt self-entitle metality, have u went to bazaar in geylang during ramadhan fir the past years? If yes did you saw any food related stall sold there as non halal and not by a malay. If u say non malay got open a stall in the past and yes they do but mostly are clothes(great tailors) and accessories. Never a food stall. ONLY last year that we saw a high percentage of non muslims open their store. Of course the muslim community got confused by it. “Eh wait past 15yrs all can eat but now dunno…must check for halal cert” its not about self-entitle mentality. Its more we were not inform earlier that there will be mixed. Thats all. Oh btw…hijacking an event is not part malay culture.

    • Mat…I think the issue is not whether this is meant only for Malays to operate the stalls.. There are other races providing halal services too. Your statement is closer to causal racism.

  4. All this bloody MPs, when come to a national situation, everybody starts to give opinions and suggestions and bla3.

    However, before any event starts and commence, do they study and do some research??
    The impact, consequences and bla3?

    Paying them millions salary, just to give suggestions ar?
    No need to do some research or whatsoever??

    • We know the majority are mature Muslims like you so the negative comments was from a small minority who are simply instigators and mobsters!

    • I agree with you but also make known that geylang market is the only market in singapore that have all halal meat… ie: no pork…. if it is meant to be a normal bazaar, than they are wasting tax payers money to put up all the lightings and bannner in geylang. The prob is there is a mistake and not admitting to the mistake is a total different thing. I’m all for integration but not at the compromise of religious beliefs.

    • Patrick Lim bro… When i talk abt lightings in geylang, have you actually seen it… the lighting clearly state Selamat Hari Raya or Eid Mubarak. It is meant for Ramadan right. Please go down geylang and see… not only orchard road…. Lol… it is ok to sell not cetified halal food as we are a multi cultural society but it should be make known to the public. It is sad to see ignorant singaporean to use orchard road as an excuse. It like during cny chinatown decoration or depavalli little india is being compared to orchard rd.

    • Manz Black…. You did not mention Eid mubarak, anyway.. Orchard road displayed lighting with what kind of greeting when this festive?
      Care to tell me?
      N what does Eid mubarak means? Care to tell me?

    • Abdu the one that is idiot is u. Bring your perangai cerewek kental Kat Negeri lain tengok ape jadi. Ni pasal makan dah kecoh Macam ape, bende Yang wajib Tak ingat . Memalukan betul . ? Zaman skarang org cam kau dah kental Tak cam umat dulu, gy perang tapy byk sabar.

    • Patrick Lim i dont need to mention.. u just need to go geylang and see for yourself. Take a look at the lighting and decoration. Eid Mubarak is arabic word.. loosely translated blessed celebration and is always use by muslim ard the world to greet one another during Hari Raya. Orchard road lights up are usually associated with christmas. You shld go to geylang bazzar and enjoy the atmosphere. Sad to see fellow singapore not enjoying the food there.. be it halal or non halal.

    • AbdurrazzaqThoiyyib Kiayi Cholet bro, everybody is entitle to their opinion.. just because of difference opinion doesnt give u the right to call ppl stupid…. tat not the muslim

  5. So she is saying those Muslim who but and eat food from Ramadan bazaar are committing some kind of wrong, similar to buying any food from any non halal food stall in SG ? That’s serious implications for our Muslim community

  6. The Geylang Serai bazaar or Ramadhan bazaar, whatever, has existed for years without any problems, why now? I,m sure as a child the MP often visited the bazaar with her mum.

  7. Everything is wrong with her assertion. The Malay community does not agree with her.
    Next year call it NON HALAL GEYLANG BAZAAR and do it in FEBRUARY!
    Try not to appropriate our culture, can?

  8. Wheather geylang or ramadan bazaar this bazaar already exist since 70s. What the issues.Its a shame to name Ramadan bazaar when lots of muslims eating there during the day.

  9. She is a complete jester and idiotic. Call it by whatever name but the “practice” is what dictates the bazaar that had been occurring many years in Geylang Serai. Everyone I know of relates to it as the bazaar that sells halal foods. She must be the only Singaporean ‘foreigner’ that is clueless about a bazaar occurring in the Ramadhan period selling halal foods at Geylang Serai. Wot a sad muppet she is.

  10. Bet She never goes to tis.bazaar since e old geylang serai….hence does not know what is e.bazaar ramadan all abt….but just open her.mouth to blurt out something since shes a MP for Geylang Serai….check e.history of tis bazaar pls MP .

  11. Hot on the heels of formula “milk is milk” and that no milk is better than other milk….we have festive bazaar “food is food” and no need to know whether its Halal or non-Halal….LOL

  12. IN Singapore, we all live & stay together as brothers & sisters for more than 52 year’s already. We also respect each other’s religiously. So in order to maintain such nice tie of togetherness continuously. We must stay United all the time. For me as a Singaporean. I go anywhere to dine or play. Of course restricted place like army facilities I would not go inside. Let live on this spirit forever in the coming years.

  13. Strange that non-Muslims can appreciate the sensitivity and the Bazaar’s link to Ramadhan. But a Muslim MP fail to recognize this simple observation. Disappointing!

    • Patrick Lim of course at that level, the advice is sound.
      But you need to go to the genesis of the Bazaar. It is created around Ramadhan and Hari Raya. It has for years been the Ramadhan Bazaar. Because of the religious reference, then sensitivities should apply. Would you sell beef during a Hindu festival ?

    • Riduwan Matni… issue is not abt selling pork in Geylang serai bazaar…I hope.
      If not then your reference is way out. If it is true there will chaos.
      I can quote you way out reference if you want. But you will not like it n think am as insensitive.

    • Patrick Lim it’s not just pork. Products need to be halal at the Bazaar since it has always been known as a Ramadhan/Hari Raya Bazaar. It is about observing local sensitivities.
      There are many non-Muslim establishments with halal certification. We Muslims patronize them. So it has nothing to do with race or creed.

    • Riduwan Matni…I did not say is a racial issue. Bcos you quoted beef in Hindu festive… N I said it was way out bcos the issue in Geylang serai is not about pork selling in that area.

    • Products need to be halal.. Based on what? If there is a halal certification displayed in the stalls.
      Whose duty to ensure there is a halal certification? Muslims daily duty to ensure that.
      There could be Muslim selling food without Halal certification anyway. Does it mean that Muslim stalls violated your Ramadan festive without that cert? You care too comment on this?
      Chinese new year…Christmas n others…I still see Muslim selling their foods without other religions complaining why they selling Islamic food during non islamic festives. That’s what inclusive means.

    • Patrick Lim you need to make a distinction between a Muslim and a non-Muslim preparing food. A Muslim is expected, is duty-bound to provide halal food. This is a religious obligation and especially when it comes to halalness, we take this very very seriously. With or without a certification, he/she is answerable to God, and that responsibility you don’t take lightly.

      A non-Muslim might not fully appreciate what halal entails. It’s not just about not consuming pork or alcohol. It’s about the wellness of the animal, how it is treated when slaughtered, all food needs to be clean and free of toxins or harmful matters, utensils used, etc. Because of this, Muslims will be assured of a halal certificate shows that the non-Muslim operators understands its obligations.

      Because of this sensitivity, the onus should be on the organiser and the CCC to ensure that this is observed. Nobody checks this on a daily basis but if it is compromised, then a hefty penalty should be in placed.

      This is not a normal Bazaar. This is linked to a religious observance. This is why Muslims are currently unhappy with the state of affairs

    • Nope…like she had mentioned clearly…it was done “coincide” with ramandan ….
      N the issue is not abt halal or pork …is about illegal employment of migrants.

    • Then you might want to see what I posted earlier. It has been known as a Hari Raya Bazaar since 1985. The CCC 50th commemorative publication stated it as Hari Raya Bazaar.
      To have it during Ramadhan means you take advantage of the festive period and yet she doesn’t want to have the responsibility of observing the same period her CCC is making money from. That’s just irresponsible

    • Riduwan Matni.. I mean this issue..not 1985 period … Common sense… time changes.. Be realistic.
      The issue is about illegal employment of migrants. Nothing to do with halal issue.

      It just means they employed illegal migrants to sell the halal food.

      Is like you see.. Non Muslims employee selling in Mac Donald.

      There are Muslims selling food without Halal certification… anyway.

    • 2 days ago, the ST calls it’s the Hari Raya Bazaar in its article. Yes times changed in 2 days.
      Again you don’t understand the discussion.
      I shall leave it at that. Have a great day !

    • I think orchard road street should ban ramandan festival in that case…. Bcos the lightings is misleading. Bcos there are many non halal stores shops n food n beverages operating.

    • Patrick, during Ramadan we break fast we need to eat. Obviously we look for halal food. Please do not argue just for arguments’ sake. Learn to look at others’ point of view. Thank you.

    • Noorhayati Seleman…I do understand Muslim break fast problem. I also know that if in doubt Muslims can choose not to buy from the stalls. N it is also the daily duty for muslims to check if in doubt.
      This issue is not about halal or stalls without Halal cert.
      It is about illegal employment of migrants to run the stalls.

  14. I am appalled at our young PAP leaders be it the Malay/ Muslim or other race in the government at how they lack sensitivities in their statements be it about milk issue, sex in small spaces or on the recent Ramadan bazaar terminology. I really worry that these young MPs will take over the leadership reigns and still out of touch with the community they are serving. Remember that YOU are serving the community not the other way around..!!

  15. It sad to note that a tradition for bazaar during ramadhan food sell are all Halal for the Muslim to break fast , and non Muslim will experience to enjoy halal food, it been many generation we enjoy buying food without fear of non halal food, oh well we really sad the MP we trust has ignore the sensitive of our Muslim the first place why was there is no media information of the changes, it really sad ….

  16. Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai should be 100% hahal foods stalls as the name is Ramadan and always held on fssting month . She as a MP should check before comments. Did she went there to see ?

  17. It is very true, we live in multiracial society , we are not against non halal selling in Ramadan Bazaar, but just put a sign so buyer able to know difference of halal and non halal, as far we are concern the Organizer and the MP, has blunder and cause the confusion , so try to make it right in the next year Bazaar, and call it Bazaar instead of Ramadan Bazaar yea…

  18. Majority don’t go round to see if you had a halal certificate. If you allow non halal food, in Geylang Serai bazaar, it amounts to betrayal of their religion.
    Time for MP to Apologies or resign.

    • She already made it clear.. It was not meant just for Ramadan fair…
      N has been always for the past years… Why suddenly this complaint?
      Why need to apologise when there is nothing wrong asking muslims, if in doubt don’t buy from the stalls.
      Even if you ask any religion, it will say the same.

      It is Muslim duty to ensure the stall is halal certified…. If they have doubts.

  19. This bazaar thing has been there many many years and don’t tell me there is no pre selection of so called qualified stall holders for the bazaar as far as food is concerned? No problem in past years and this year very problematic and we need people in high office to teach us how to buy things and shop for food in the bazaar! Uniquely Singapore!

    • I know one thing for sure in Islamic teaching… If muslim in doubt.. ask or seek clarification.
      Similarly it goes the same to other religions in their teachings.

      Now is that Muslims reached a stage that they feel it is not their responsibility to check n see if the stall has or has no halal cert.???

  20. Anyone would expect it to be halal of course. What the MP is trying to say is that it’s the consumers fault for not opening their eyes.

    What a nasty character

  21. Patrick, since when Geylang Serai Bazaar became a run of mill Bazaar?
    MP can change the traditions meh ?
    By placing the onus on visitor to visual check, if food is halal, is non caring. MP should show some care for her Muslim community, ensured that all food sold are halal and hygienic. She can just tell the Organisers. No non halal section for Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar. What do Muslims feel, when they find a non halal section of food .You are insulting their religious beliefs. This is the holiest month for the Muslims. No body will buy your Bazaar concept. We must care for them and ensures that they don’t accidentally betray their beliefs.
    What you do with a not caring and unconcerned MP ?
    She must Apologies if she talk without thinking, or resign.

    • Like i said it is in their teaching… If in doubt seek clarification. It is the onus duty of Muslim regardless is ramandan or not. It is their daily duty to do so. N she is not wrong making that statement.
      As for the Geylang serai bazaar.. It has been named in that form for many years. Those years there was no complaint of the name.
      Why need to apologise for right comment made?
      I don’t get it…lol

      If you think she should apologise just bcos she is PAP… Then I will not comment further.

      I only say she need not apologise at all bcos her statement is not wrong.

      So are you saying her statement is wrong or bcos she is pap? You have to be objective to discuss in this.

    • Patrick Let’s keep politics out of religion.
      Any leader, who doesn’t care and concern about the people they are leading are not fit to be leaders.
      By suggesting that you “see” then buy in an uncalled remark.
      Traditionally Geylang Serai Bazaar is a Ramandan Bazaar. It is NOT a normal Pasar malam. There should not have a non halal section. By having so, is an insult to their beliefs. We are a multiracial society. We respect and care for each other.
      She should apologise for an insensitive remark.
      What is wrong in saying “sorry” ?

    • Kelmon Ng… This issue is about illegal employment of the migrants to run the stalls if you want to be objective in this discussion.
      Not about any non Muslims stalls selling non halal food.

      N I have already said so…asking muslims to do their duty to certify stalls if in doubt…is their daily religious requirement…not for only this festive.

      Geylang serai bazaar …as she said is done to coincide with this festive. Or are you saying this bazaar is only operating during this month n the rest the place is closed for good?

      Her comment is nothing wrong.
      Muslims in doubt…don’t buy it.
      There are small muslim stalls run without Halal cert anyway.

      Orchard also have lightings n celebrating their break fast every year..
      Should we make it that orchard all must be run by Malays n all food must be halal? No…it is ridiculous. Yet some argued that only Malays can sell.

      In other festive bazaar…Muslims stalls are selling too. No complaint.
      In Christmas …No one say only Christians can sell others cannot.
      In bedok sempang …mostly Indian n Chinese cooks..but most muslims are eating there…no problem.

      Yet in here some claimed only Malays can sell in the stalls.
      Hope you can see the real objective of the complain from these people.

    • Hi Patrick
      The issue of illegal workers is the Govt problem.
      Muslim has an religious obligation to check food they take is halal
      It is our obligation to be sensitive to this. Therefore no non halal section in Geylang Serai Bazaar. No need to visual check , food is halal and hygienic.
      The Bazaar is for Ramadan. Not Pasar malam. Only once a year. You should not suggest MP of the Area is not aware of this.
      I see her comments is seriously wrong
      You are the MP, not caring, “you do your check” and if you accidentally betray your beliefs, your problems.
      Think she talk without thinking. Magic word “Sorry” will solve all misunderstandings. Keeping quite and hide behind you, will make matters worst. Instead she, from the very beginning, Ensure everything is halal and rents are affordable. There is much political mileage to gain

  22. EACH FOOD STALL IS $10000-$17000 FOR THAT ONE MONTH!!!
    My Malay friend opened a stall last year for $12000.
    It was a total loss.
    Didn’t even have $8000 gross sales for the whole month.
    So, it isn’t realistic to expect all the stalls to be Muslim.
    Only people who have the money and is confident that they can make, should open a stall.
    Anyway, the bazzar looks real crowded but people are not spending like what they used to.
    Even the stalls that have a lot of business might not be making money.
    If they only allow Halal stalls, half the Bazzar will be vacant.
    The only other way is to reduce the rent.
    The greedy bastards are not going to do that.
    So, expect all kinds of different shops or expect a much smaller bazzar next year.

  23. If it’s true ? What the fuck an MP moral standards ? It’s been years since my childhood that I always recognized it as Pasar Malam, Kampong Malam n Hari Raya Geylang Bazaar, it’s our Malay’s traditions n have to respect their terms and conditions. Thus, what a Moron MP ! Sucks.

  24. Ramadan Bazaar are meant for those who practicing Islam pillars, a pure Islamic faith does not require Halal certification.

    Islam is religion, no relationship with race, furthermore it is not an ordinary bazaar to begin with.

    So where is the basic respect for this matter?

  25. Patrick Lim, it not about doubts or non Muslim selling in Mac Donald, it about people like u have little respect to others, and creating unpleasant remarks that cud cause unhappiness to others , be more understanding rather blubbering and give some supporting ideas to a counter such repeat problem in the future, you want people to respect you , first you must respect your self yea ..,

  26. Correction , Sam Gunner, we are not referring to high rental the cause to create different shop, to cover the high rental, but it because we are not make known of the changes from an annual Ramadan Bazaar which serve mostly halal, change Bazaar, which also serve non halal ,that cause of confuse to Muslim buyer, just to break fast, too bad the MP, given trust are too slow and late to address the issue, until people express unhappiness , further more all of u are a bussines minded person that should know the situation well, we sympathies and understand , should there is a lost, due to miscalculation in the buyer traffic….this is my personal opinion , my apology should it feel not right ..

  27. So dear mp, will it be ok to have…for next year geylang bazaar?
    1) Bak kut teh stall
    2) BCH barbeque pork stall
    3) Dried Chinese sausage stall
    4) and a lot alot more pork related

    I quote what you said ” you can pick a different stall or go elsewhere “

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