Geylang seafood joint charges $353.40 for four dishes


A disgruntled father has taken to Facebook to complain about Sin Huat Eating House – a seafood joint in Geylang – for charging him $353.40 for four dishes.

The customer, Kenneth Tan, had taken his sons to the coffeeshop eatery and claimed that he received slow service in the “old, dirty, dim and hot” food outlet, where he was allegedly charged $100 for 1 fish and $200 for a crab bee hoon.

Tan wrote on Facebook:

“Sin Huat Seafood: Do not eat there. Total rip off! Slaughter house! Kena chop! Please share this with all your friends. 
“$353.40 for 4 dishes! I hope none of my friends will have to go through my experience. Almost $100 for 1 fish and $200 for a crab bee Hoon. They think they are Ritz Carlton?! I had dinner there with my 2 boys on Saturday and I still cannot get over this traumatic experience. 
“Service was slow. More than 1 hour before 1st dish arrives. Old, dirty, dim and hot coffee shop charging 5 star restaurant price. I will never ever eat there again. I hope you will never do too. 
“Really wonder why such places still exist?”

Sin Huat Seafood: Do not eat there. Total rip off! Slaughter house! Kena chop! Please share this with all your friends….

Posted by Kenneth Tan on Tuesday, 24 October 2017


  1. You must be very stupid not to know. This is considered one of the pioneers o crab bee hoon and they are very famous in SG. What do you mean by dark old dirty place ? Then u still go there ? Mean u kum lan la….this is the price there…period

  2. They will make you wait for hours even there’s not many customers, experienced that about near to 20 years ago and never patronise again. Crab bee hoon cost about $75 which is expensive at that time.

  3. Probably a cheapo hoping to get hawker prices on e basis of seeing a “old, dirty, dim & hot” place but ended paying “Ritz” pricing & then started ranting? this place has long been tagged as the Geylang food Nazi…OTT prices, long wait for food, etc….just wonder where this chap has been hiding? haha…

  4. Sri Lankan crabs are like 40-60 per kg dependent on where you go. They are easily 1.5kg each. Key is to always ask what is the price and see the weight of the food items before you agree. Old and dirty doesn’t mean cheap…

  5. Now the crab cost about 72sgd per kg. Last time used to eat 19sgd per piece. From there, famous one at neighbourhood cost 50sgd per piece. Buffet crabs more worthwhile.

  6. Allow me to give you a rough estimate into the breakdown of the items. I am not sure what kind of fish is on your plate?? Presumably , it is “Soon HOCK” , the fish has to be more than 1.5 kg and the price would be outragously more for red garoupa of the same Kg . And as for crab beehoon , the charge would not be astronomical if your SRI LANKA crabs are big with 3 or 4 to tempt your palate . I used to patronise the one in AMK , Blk 232 , Melben and the two big crabs would easily ” kill” me financially for more than a $100 , still without breaking the bank . Now , should you feel that you had been ripped off after dark why not take the matter to CASE or even Tribunal court paying only $ 20 for adminstrative fee for your case to be heard.I had dealt with 2 companies selling handphone and other product winning the case judicially , even hand down . You have nothing to lose as far as recourse for action is concerned. And even the popular outlet ENG SENG in Joo Chiat , renowned for pepper crabs would not squeeze blood out of stone for your gastronomic delights

    • Are you not aware of Sin Huat and their pricing ? More then 30 years and still very successful . All seafood are fresh and alive and swimming . All the aquariums are visible to customer. Nothing comes frozen . Just for your info.

    • i am more empathic towards those who felt that they had been taken for a wild right as far as the exorbitant price is anything to go by. i do agree with Alfred that the eating house has been around for quite a long time and why is it that they are still thriving and doing a rather brisk business despite the barrage of hard complaints and mouthful of relentless attack against them for the high price charge.??? May be another food columnist should be around to give a brutal account or a hard write -up on the yummy food dished out day in and day out for all the willing to splurge customers. I am actually amazed that famous Anthony BOURDAIN had even spoken with good rave review about the watering hole here.And as there is no accounting to taste and even earful of opinions heard here and there are subjective and human beings have the tendencies and are more inclined to speak flavourfully when their stomach and palate are pacified and not when they challenged to be pacified and now the burden of smothering the hot air under the collar of the disgruntled customers would be none other than the owner himself. But my perspective or angle of the issue is , like in any good traded or before it is offered shouldnt it be nice to practise the conventional code of ethics like “Caveat EMPTOR ” BEFORE THE FIRST DISH IS BEING PLACED ON THE TABLE and the potential customer be cautioned about what the financial damage would likely be and that itself would nullify any nasty customers from launching any complaint. What says you?? And having said all I would first go for the specially curated dishes and the ambience next ,

    • ไมค์ ออง You are taking the issue out of context but if you are paying yourself for sinful indulgence and you cannot complain to Case for that infamous matter which is even more for your erotic capital . You are dabbling with a different kettle of fish so to speak .

    • Raymond Giam Giam You can find on YouTube when Makansutra Mr. Seeto brought Anthony B . It was on TV a few years back. I must admit the Chef/ owner is a bit unfriendly and sometimes rude/ stuck up. IMHO the food is heavenly delicious . Fact is Sin Huat has many regulars . Every one has a choice whether to patronised the outlet . No one is forced to eat there. It is amusing there are calls to boycott and to bring it to Case. It is Sin Huat Culture and they are still thriving and successful period.

    • Thank Q for the info and I am a follower of AB but not makansutra .Human beings like you and I had ego to maintain and particularly so if you are entertaining a blue chip client and it would be degrading to check on all the prices of the dishes .what appeals to one or for face saving gesture is the meals served are good . And for those who knew about the charges and felt that they don’t have deep pockets would be best to keep a distance just to smell the whiff or aroma of the yummy food . No insult intended and always patronise those outlets within one’s Budget unless you are willing to splurge and splash for meaningful occasions . Cheers to all and happy dining

    • Raymond Giam Giam bro for me it is definitely for the experience and the fantastic food served. No ego , no face saving gestures . My clients and myself are equally comfortable with simple Hawker fare as long as they are good and yummy. Consider us as foodies , we go where the food is good.

    • Have you tried Sin Huat? Crab beehoon, steam Frog, steam fish, “ gong gong” and steam vegetable ? It is all in the preparation and taste. I have travelled the region and very aware of the market price . There are many good ones out there and cheaper . Go try it and do the comparison yourself . Cheers!

    • Yes, it is expensive. But you get what you pay for. That’s why most of the business is from regular customers, for the past 30 years. There are plenty of alternatives along Geylang Road if one finds Sin Huat to be too expensive.

  7. Sin Huat has been around for at least 30 years . Prices are always a premium and comparable to high end Chinese Restaurant . They are very reputable and and have many loyal regular customers. I had a steam “loa Shi Pan” for $600. Crab beehoon $250. Steam vegetable $60. IMHO every dollar spent was worth it as the food is exceptionally good . The writer who complained is making a fool of himself , ignorant, cheapskate and made wrong assumptions and is very salty. This restaurant has quite an impressive list of prominent people who are regulars. Don’t be deceived by appearance.

    • I think he ordered a piece of crap. KNN. If really kena rip off,dont paylah. Call police,call case,call Mp and make a big hoohaa. Why paid and than cowardly put sand in peoples rice bowl. Damn fukking bastard. Im not siding anybody here. Im a malay and i dont eat there but i find this ridiculous. Even when i eat seafood at Melaka,i weight and confirm the price b4 agreeing. Not after finished eating,regretting the food cannot last 3days 3 nite than posting at facebook. WTFFF

  8. Cannot afford to eat, don’t eat there. Don’t when the bill comes you rant and started posting all over social media and badmouth others doing business. In 1998, we ordered one big plate of crab noodles and it came out to be $45. We ordered, we ate and we paid. Coming 20 years on, don’t expect to be cheap, just because you think Geylang is red-light district, then you better think twice about eating there!

  9. Expensive don’t patronise, this is a free market. What is the point to complain ? Willing buyer, willing seller. Lor 35 is famous for its expensive prices, food yummy or not is a matter of taste. U are not the first Nor last to complain because suckers are born every minute.

  10. Must be the one stood at the corner of either lor 33 or 35 junction of Geylang Road.Cant be bother to know the name.Had been there few years ago and ordered crab mee hoon for two.The waitress said minimum $100 then can serve.We were there early about 5pm and the coffeeshop was not too crowded.We waited for almost an hour but food was not served.When questioned,she said no idea when can the food be served,she suggested that I ask the chef in the kitchen.The chef also said dont know.That was why I f* them and left the shop.The waitress still can chase after me to ask for the bill on the peanut which we had eaten whike waiting for tge food.Until today,I have not regretted for not tasted the food there. Was waiting all theae year for them to close shop but amazingly it is still around.

  11. Stupid dumb f**k next time ask for price before order. 狗眼看人低 assume coffee shop u big f**k?

    That joint have credit card machine for u to pay. It’s known among foodies for it’s very expensive but delicious seafood. Many famous chef & celebs have dined there.

  12. Geylang isn’t the backwater location some people think it is…many (and I don’t mean this vendor in particular) are fronts for money laundering. They charge super high prices to move the tainted cash quickly. If an unknowing newbie happens by, they just get pulled into the current.

  13. This place is suck !! went there the last time the place is so dirty and dark worst than coffee shop . The best thing is that they are charing 5 star hotel price for food ….this guys are daylight robbery .I have share with lot of friends not to visit them anymore.

  14. The crab bee Hoon was superb. I purposely went there, waited one and half hour for the servings. Check and study the taste and I copy cat the dish. The trick is in the stock,,, solid chicken soup, lots of garlic n ginger and walaaa. The reason why it’s so slow is that the boss himself is the Chef and inbetween cooking he goes around to take each order by himself.

  15. Sin Huat is famous (notorious) for their unique attitude’s towards customer service. They believe their food is good enough to bring in business…you like you come, but dont expect service. They are crab nazis.

  16. Think about it, if owner is really ripping customers off with prices like that, you think he will still survive for decades until today?
    C’mon, the old man is one of the pioneers of selling the famous crab bee hoon.
    Few years ago, my parents, some family friends and i went there for dinner, 10of us ate until cannot breathe, seafood all damn fresh, portions are reasonable, bill was $800. The boss even accepts credit card! Of course we were shocked by the bill, but considering what we ate, we ordered 2large sets of each dish.
    Yes! The price is like “WHAT DAFARK?!” for that kinda place and service.
    Just think about it, about $80 for each of us with that amount of seafood, it’s fresh, it’s good! From huge crabs to bamboo clams to oysters to clams (that actually have flesh intact to shells), bigass prawns…
    All i can say is, if you want awesome food pay for it and enjoy!

  17. We like to complain this n that when we got the pinch. This is Singapore’s way of life. If we want to give them support by patronising them that’s it. No body force there.

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