From track faults, train faults and signalling faults to software fault: SMRT pinpoints EWL peak hour delays to software issues


SMRT has pinpointed train service delays that peak hour commuters faced this morning on the East-West Line to a “software fault.”

Commuters shared online that the delays began from around 8.45am today.

Already crowded station platforms were overrun with commuters who were frustrated due to the longer waiting times at station platforms as SMRT initially advised commuters to add an additional 10 minutes travel time due to a “signalling fault.” Commuters complained online that the trains that did arrive after being delayed were so crowded that passengers were asked to alight the trains, making the platforms even more cramped.

The situation wasn’t improved for those who managed to board the trains either. Commuters reported that trains travelling on the EWL stopped for 3-5 minutes between each station.

Disgruntled commuters grew even more agitated when they found that SMRT was not releasing any information about the service delays on their social media channels or on the transport mobile application.

There was no updates about the EWL delays on SMRT’s Facebook or Twitter page at all today.

SMRT’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Mr Patrick Nathan, finally issued a statement at 1.57pm:

“At about 8.30am today (Oct 24, 2017), the East-West Line encountered a software fault on the legacy signalling system. The fault was rectified in around 10 minutes, but the EWL experienced some train traffic congestion during the morning peak because trains had to move at slower speeds for safety reasons when the fault occurred. As such, commuters may have encountered delays to their journey this morning. Station and train announcements were made informing commuters of the fault and to add an additional train travel time of 10 minutes. Normal services resumed at 9.00am. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to affected commuters on their peak hour commute.”


  1. First. Of all knnb phua cb smrt.

    Second, late to see loved one. Knnbccb.

    Ur reasons want us to forgive you. Our reasons to HDB, town council, Sp services, SingTel, IRAs all cannot be accepted. Phua cb

  2. They will not report anymore breakdowns cause the Fare Hike is coming soon, if reports of breakdowns still keeps coming in that fake committee can’t justify a reason to approve the fare hike this year.

  3. SMRT, there is a saying. It goes like this… “tell the truth and shame the devil”. No point hiding the truth because it will come out sooner or later.

  4. For the first time i totally agree that its everybody else’s fault except theirs! Why? BECAUSE YOU KEEP VOTING FOR THE SAME INCOMPETENT LEADER ELECTION AFTER ELECTION!

  5. WTF again…now it is software fault? What’s next after software fault….my fault? Helloooo…up there ministers and CEO of transport…..u want me to bring u a fucking sharp knife to kill yourself? Why don’t u just quit for the sake of all Singaporean who has to bear with all the freaking train delay n fault for the past fucking years If u can’t fix the fault…hand it to someone else who does. Don’t sit on your ass and take your obscene salary and blame others. Ministers and CEO…do all of us a fucking favor and quit.

  6. Has the Contracting model failed? Soft launch, Oct 15, was in the stationary cabin for 30, 35 minutes. Air con hummed loudly, PA system hardly audible. Minus day 1, cabin failed. Track fault, signalling fault, … whose responsibility? Infrastructure is government, running is operator. In public, no finger pointing, in private, split hairs? Maintenance, flooding … oh, the pumps. Quality, or inspection/replacement, or both? Solution : go public, one entity, under one roof. (Other issue, returns on retail, have a separate entity, to give full focus on operation of the system.)

  7. Thought signalling system upgraded liao??? I smell something fishy. [“At about 8.30am today (Oct 24, 2017), the East-West Line encountered a software fault on the legacy signalling system. ]

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