Frantic mother searches for children, believing that maid abducted them after her phone was confiscated


A frantic mother was spotted desperately searching for her children at the void deck of Block 827 Woodlands Street 81 around 2pm yesterday. The mother was seen stopping passers-by to inquire whether they had seen her two children.

When one such passer-by probed further, the agitated parent apparently revealed to him that she suspects that her domestic helper has abducted her children, possibly after she had confiscated the helper’s mobile phone.

The police were subsequently called and two plainclothes policemen and 4 uniformed officers responded.

In a twist of events, a man – believed to be the children’s father – brought the children back home safely and soundly just two hours later, at 4pm.

The mother then reportedly refused to comment further on the matter, only adding that she was happy that her children have returned home safely.




  1. Serves her right for the panic!

    The maid is not as vicious and bad character as this woman!
    But take heed as a lesson, you don’t treat your maid as human being, see how vulnerable you are!

    • Grace Yu there are also reports of car accidents, lightning strikes, airplane crashes, are you not gonna go out and stay at home or started building a underground bunker?

      Just because it happens doesn’t mean everyone is the same. Furthermore if one treat their maid with respect then you get respect in return.

      The cases you quoted, why didn’t you include how the maids were treated?

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