Forumer claims he voted in GE2015 but Elections Department informs him he did not

A forumer who goes by the moniker of ‘hollowman’ writing in Hardware Zone said that he voted in the last General Election, but that the Elections Department (ELD) now informs him that he did not. In sharing the letter from ELD, the forumer said that he had thrown away the polling card and so don’t know how he can prove he was there at the polling centre.

The polling card just informs voters of their polling centre and does not serve as a receipt of the voter exercising his right at the election.

The forumer said: “I have no qualms applying to restore my name into the registry, it’s only a few clicks, but I’m angry that the declaration part forces me to lie with a fake reason when in reality I turned up to vote. And depending on the reason I choose, I might need to submit proof, it’s like rubbing salt into my wound.”

“And knowing civil servants, I bet if I call them to check the records again for my attendance, they will say “Sorry Sir, but our records show your name has been removed from the Register as you did not vote….blah blah blah”,” he added.