Home News Former Yale-NUS student claims filming housemates as they showered relieved stress

Former Yale-NUS student claims filming housemates as they showered relieved stress

The peeping tom who pleaded guilty to all eight charges will be sentenced on Jan 31




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Singapore—A former student of Yale-NUS admitted to filming his female housemates as they used the shower. The peeping tom said that he committed the offences in order to “destress from his academic pressure.”

Yale-NUS allowed male and female students to live in a co-ed house since 2015.

The offending student lived with five other female housemates in a suite from Aug 2017 to May 2018 and from Jan to Mar 3, 2019.

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On March 3 last year, one of the female housemates returned to the suite along with her boyfriend.

The housemate took a shower where the peeping tom secretly followed and filmed her.

She noticed someone else enter the shared bathroom and saw a mobile phone placed about the bathroom door.

The housemate confronted the student about the incident, as he quickly deleted all incriminating videos on his phone.

The student denied the accusations and feigned innocence about it, suggesting that the ‘culprit’ may have been someone from a party elsewhere in the building.

He even told the housemate to file a report to the school.

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The victim reported the incident to the Dean’s Fellows of the college and to the security office. However, there was no CCTV installed in the suite or on their floor or staircase.

The victim confronted the peeping tom again, but he still denied the accusation.

Later, he confessed to other residents that he did indeed record the victim as she was in the shower.

The victim filed a police report soon after.

Police seized the mobile phone and recovered recordings of other women in showers along with upskirt videos.

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The peeping tom had footage of four of the five housemates as they used the shower.

He also filmed other female students in classrooms at Yale-NUS College.

He has since been dismissed from Yale-NUS College for “breaching the college’s code of conduct” last Oct 2019. He was described as a “safety risk” to the school community, according to a statement from the college as initially reported by Today.

The student faces eight charges of intruding on a woman’s privacy. He will be summoned back in court on Jan 31 for sentencing./TISG

Children among victims of NUS voyeur who received 24-month conditional warning for multiple incidents between 2015 and 2016

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