Former Radio Presenter Receives A Chain Message on Whatsapp and Calls It Fake News


Obbana Rajah

Sofia Dendroff, former radio presenter of Power 98FM shared a video on her Facebook page about fake news and its detriments.

This video was even shared on the Media Literacy Council’s Facebook page.

However, the example Sofia cited saw her receiving many amused comments.

She said, “I’ve been a victim of fake news myself. It happened not too long ago. There was this chain message that was going around on whatsapp”.

Then she added,

“I had to forward that chain message to either four people or five groups and money would appear in my bank account in four days. Sure enough, I believed it, but four days later, there was no money. Now I have always learnt to question the source, especially if it sounds fishy or too good to be true”.

Well, while chain messages are rarely true and almost always deceiving, they do not fall under the category of news, fake or otherwise.

Fake news are news or stories intended to misinform or deceive, but they are actually news.



    • Explain chain mail then smart Alec. Is it not a form of news? Fake news can come in different mediums. If someone sent u a message saying that if u sent out to 20 of your friends u would have $50 transferred to your acct. What would u call it? Chain mail? Chain mail with fake news? At the end of the day its still fake. And it was news.just delivered in a chain mail.

    • Like what is fake news dickhead? Isn’t chain mail a kind of news? And fake news can be delivered via many mediums. News in a different form….but still fake so its fine. Go wash your brain in the drain dummy

  1. Chain messages received via WhatsApp IS Fake news! Even the people at WhatsApp are warning against and the way Fake News is spread through chain mail messages. So for those not sure don’t open your mouth and blab away. Go and fact check.

  2. A few years ago many people received WhatsApp messages in the form of chainmail. They were told that Whatsapp would be charging 0.5¢ per message in future to users unless they forwarded the same msg they received to 20 friends they knew. Then the colour of their msgs would change to blue ticks to show they were exempted from the new charges. Many people believed it to be true and forwarded the msgs. Later it was discovered to be fake news. So Obbana Rajah, you are wrong about chain mail not being fake news. As long as people believe the msg to be true, then its fake news. Do your research in future before commenting!