Former President Tony Tan appointed director and special advisor of GIC


Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC announced today that former President Tony Tan has been appointed director and special advisor of the organisation.

Besides having been the 7th President of Singapore, the ex-PAP politician has helmed the Ministries of Education, Trade & Industry, Finance, Defence and Health during his tenure as elected Member of Parliament. He was also served as Deputy Prime Minister for a decade, between 1995 and 2005.

After his retirement from Cabinet in 2005, Dr Tan served as deputy chairman and executive director of GIC (previously known as Government of Singapore Investment Corporation) from Sept 2005 to June 2011.

He also served as chairman of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), chairman of the National Research Foundation and deputy chairman of the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council.

Dr Tan stepped down from his roles at government-linked GIC and SPH on 22 Dec 2010 and announced his intention to contest the 2011 presidential election, which he won by less than 0.4 per cent of votes.

Having stepped down from the head of state seat in August this year, Dr Tan will take on his new appointments at GIC from January next year. On Dr Tan’s new appointments, GIC Chief Executive Officer Lim Chow Kiat said:

“As special advisor, Dr Tan will provide much value in broadening and strengthening GIC’s network of senior statesmen and leaders of corporations and institutions who may be constructive in advancing the business and interests of GIC. We will also benefit from his extensive knowledge and perspectives on global matters.”

Netizens were less enthusiastic about Dr Tan’s new posts at the state investment fund, commenting that this brings new meaning to the term “iron rice bowl.”

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  1. 人在做。。。天在看。
    Please care for the Citizens….not everyone earn millions like u all. 你们也是妈生的。不要那么没人情。U all live in luxury n spending 4k per month is noting.

    • 通常人都是有妈生的,可是这些王八蛋是”他妈”生的!


      All these Bloody AhLeeBaaBaa & it’s Faulty Thieves need to be Banished into Hell!


    • Stop using words like “please care for the citizen”.
      Do we have to beg them?

      You think they give a damn?
      We citizens have backbones and should be helping ourselves decades ago buddy ..please..

  2. 通常人都是有妈生的,可是这些王八蛋是”他妈”生的!


    All these Bloody AhLeeBaaBaa & it’s Faulty Thieves need to be Banished into Hell!


  3. So strange n odd that a former SG President becomes a Director??? He sooo old already still needs Govt to take care meh???PAP better stop taking care n using tax payers $ $ to feed all the retired President, DPM, Ministers etc

    • Tony Tan do not mind from President to downgrade to board of director as long as the million dollars pay check is still payable to him. If he can say he is doing this without a pay check or royalty then i will respect him.

  4. Just when Singaporeans thought they have seen the last of Mr KFC … he is back to suck more of the people’s money after finishing his term as the most silent president of Singapore barely less than 3mth ago.

  5. This is the all taken care of Kaki Lang policy !
    So obscene filthy wealthy but greedy to no ends ! That monkey middle finger pointing hojinx should be charge lack of fiduciary responsibility !!
    Suck sg’rean tax payers dry !!!! nahbeh

  6. Ownself look after ownself first. We the ordinary citizens are not their ownself. So instead of “People’s Action Party”, better for our rulers to rename their present party:-
    “Ownself Action Party”.

  7. Maybe this practise always exist even to potential candidates who failed to be MP, not to mention those who succeeded still have high post as a retirement plan

  8. thats why i have no qualms about damning all these PAP dogs each time i see them.. if they dun bother abt us why shd we bother abt them.. let’s see who fuck the other side the most..

  9. How long do we have to keep rearing pest ?
    What happen to earning a honest living ?…. To all these PAP lackeys , their perception of the term JOB is just to warm the seat and wayang a few speeches , collecting high salary .
    寄生虫…. piu!!!!

  10. Now you know why need to raise tax? Indeed, there is an increase in government spending. His salary at least 1m? Let me remind u all, he was the one who opposed our late former president otc to build mrt! Luckily otc was very persistent on building mrt!

  11. GRC is crazy!!!Anyhow appointed!!!KFC tan didnt be a lawyer or judge before can what to advise?Ha..ha..what a big joke!!!Aiya!As long they dont want outsider only want own people to be the position dont bother much isnt is suitable or not?Kfc tan can be retirement since after leave away president position!!!He still accept these offering!!!May be just a name on the post but do nothing loh..

    • I myself wun say I am more qualified than him when it comes to capabilities alone… hahaha~




  12. TT families are rich as they related to tycoon Tan Kah Kee and he should forego his salary if he shall serve as GIC advisor if he loves SG and not the money. Same as greedy cock talking GCT..

  13. It’s a musical chair thing. No more good candidate to pick for all related garmen position. Got good ones, but these good ones are not good enough for garmen

  14. What does a guy whose specialty are Physics and Mathematics know anything about finance and investments? Why? Just because he worked for a short time with OCBC and that his uncle was Tan Chin Tuan?

    And remember about GIC’s massive losses in investing in banks when he was deputy chairman and executive director then? So what advice can he give?

  15. KFC Tan is 77 year old already..gonna to die still accepted these post!!!Ha..ha..what a joke!!!!Only pap member can do the job..outsider all is rubbish like that..Foolish time the $ also belong his wife and children!!!Can enjoyment not to enjoyment!!!The most horrible ex- president of singapore!!

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