Former NSP Sec-Gen denounces PM Lee for choosing “safe sanctuary” of Parliament to defend himself


Lawyer Lim Tean, the former Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party (NSP), released a video today castigating Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for selecting the “safe sanctuary” of parliament as his forum of choice to defend himself against the allegations of abuse of power made against him by his siblings in the escalating Oxley Spat.

Citing that Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang have sullied the Prime Minister’s standing in the eyes of Singaporeans by challenging his integrity, Lim asserted that “By the PAP’s own self-proclaimed standards, the Prime Minister MUST sue for defamation in order to clear his name.”

By not doing so and by choosing to rebut the allegations in the “safe sanctuary of Parliament,” Lim alleges that the Prime Minister has effectively ensured that his accusers cannot be heard and cannot refute or fight allegations that may be false since Parliamentary Privilege shields allegations made in Parliament from defamation laws.

Declaring that he is adding his voice to the alleged majority of Singaporeans who reject Parliament as an appropriate, impartial venue to settle the matter, Lim opined that lifting the party whip will have no effect since decision makers may be tainted by personal biases and interests. Claiming that parliamentarians are not fit to bring satisfactory closure to the issue, Lim called on the President to restore the integrity of public service by intervening.

Posted by Tean Lim on Saturday, 1 July 2017


  1. This showed how serious PM is taking the allegation. Having it in Parliament is a one-sided affair. The accuser(s) is/are not able to cross-examined him. Neither can he cross-examined the accusers. So even after the session there is nothing to stop the accusers from confinuing with their rants which can only be done in a Court of Laws.

  2. Mr Lee Hsien Yang has come up with yet another follow up post on the Lee family saga, explaining why the Ministerial Committee formed to deliberate on the government’s decision on 38 Oxley Road is not transparent nor proper.

    In his post, LHY shares excerpts of letters sent to the Ministerial Committee and what former MCCY Minister, Lawrence Wong wrote to them.

    Through the letters, it is argued that the MInisterial Committee had no intention of discussing options for the house but to parrot Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s attack on late Lee Kuan Yew’s wish to have the house demolished and PM Lee’s attempts to discredit the final will of their father.

    Despite after months of asking for the names of the committee members, options that the committee are looking at, the final deliverable of the committee and other pertinent questions, the Ministerial Committee allegedly kept their silence until the joint statement is published.

    “It was an extra-judicial secret attack, through a committee of Hsien Loong’s subordinates, aimed at undermining out father’s last will and his unwavering wish.” wrote LHY and noted that whether or not PM Lee recuses himself from the decision of the 38 Oxley Road, his own subordinates cannot be his secret judges.

  3. It’s too late because this is already the eve of the ‘dog and pony show’. Besides our duck-tailed President is only keeping the chair warm for a few more months and doesn’t need or want trouble as he sails into the sunset.

  4. The PAP hold the key now to do whatever they want but they forgot we are the one who give them this key! Well just remember to vote them out in next GE to safeguard our interest! Too bad we just have to wait for a few more years!

  5. How can our president question The G, he is appointed by the G to be president, he also want he monthly allowance to be pay , if not his spouse will question him .

  6. As lv already mention the govt must b truthful n sincere towards true blue sporeans.whats the big deal having a dozen of opposition n nothing to be scarred off if the gahmen is truthful n sincere.true blue sporean are not stupid to judge whats right n wrong.

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