Former Certis Cisco guard explains how Singaporean workers are shortchanged

The following is a letter from one of our readers who wants to identify himself as LC.

The government keeps saying that Singaporeans don’t want the jobs, like in this Certis Cisco case. They turn to foreigners because no Singaporeans can do the jobs. I want to prove a point that the reason why Singaporeans keep resigning is because of low pay and very bad working conditions.

When I signed on, I was promised a pay package in a contract black and white, but the company always finds ways to pay me lesser. I am a Singaporean and I don’t mind the long hours of work – in fact I requested for OT. But they are not giving what I deserve.

You can see how many hours I worked in November.
2Above is the contract they promised me in August and second one is part of my pay slip for last month, being Nov 2016.

This is how Certis Cisco treats Singaporean Auxiliary Police Officers (armed) which they claimed to be short of. Isn’t this very ironic? Now you know why they short?