Former AMK Town Council GM allegedly received $107,000 in bribes; faces 55 charges for corruption


A former Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC) general manager was charged with 55 counts of corruption today.

The former manager, 58-year-old Wong Chee Meng, allegedly accepted bribes amounting to S$107,000 from the director and shareholder of two building and construction firms, Chia Sin Lan, in exchange for “advancing the business interests” of Chia’s companies, 19-ANC Enterprise and 19-NS2 Enterprise.

Both companies directed by Chia are facing one count of corruption each for giving Wong “gratification as an inducement to advance the business interests” of the company.

Wong started out as a property manager at AMKTC before he was promoted to general manager in 2013. The town council was alerted to a possible case of corruption in September 2016 and asked the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) to investigate Wong, after requesting him to go on leave.

One month later, Wong was removed from all his positions at the town council.

Wong bribed with Geylang “spa treatments”, hotel stay at Frangrance hotel and thousands of dollars for his mistress

The court heard that Chia bribed Wong with more than S$30,000, which Wong sent to his mistress Xu Hongmei in China. Chia also paid for Wong to receive “spa treatments” at Geylang and Spa-1 Wellness Centre worth between S$147 and S$1,476, and even once paid S$35 for Wong’s hotel stay at Fragrance Hotel.

Besides this, Chia conspired with a car salesman, Yip Fong Yin, to give Wong a S$13,500 discount on a Toyota Corolla Altis. He got a job for Wong’s daughter-in-law at 4-Ever Engineering, where she received S$8,248 salary for working between March to August 2016, as well.

Chia further gave Wong free use of a M1 mobile line that cost S$2,527 and paid for Wong’s meals ranging between S$42 and S$1,377. Chia paid for karaoke club entertainment for Wong worth between S$121 and S$4,280, as well, which amounted to a total of about S$49,377, over three years.

“Nothing will be swept under the carpet” – Law Minister K Shanmugam

Both Wong and Chia are presently out on S$100,000 bail. They are due back in court for their next hearing on 11 April, this year, where they are expected to challenge the charges according to their lawyers.

After news broke that Wong was being investigated for corruption in January last year, Law Minister K Shanmugam had said: “regardless of who and regardless of the fact that this is the general manager of AMKTC, no town council, no one, nothing will be swept under the carpet”.


  1. They say…Singapore civil service is the least corrupted in Asia. ..but the private sector…worst still…in Ang Mo Kio ward. .under the supervision of the Prime Minister. For $107k…he is willing to sell away his Name and his position and his ward. For a few drop of honey…now he had to stay in a hive to reflect on his own doing. Wah…the SPA and massage …was so nice you know. And it’s free so shiok. ..someone paid for it. No body will know…I am so smart…I am working in the Prime minister ward. Who dare to check me. No matter how good and smart the monkey was able to jump for one tree to another. day he also drop to the ground. The moral of the story is…don’t try to be a monkey.

  2. Do you all readers notice how the controlled media put up the news? They did not in any way mention PAP ward or PAP appointed agent, or any thing about PAP in all their news in TV or newspapers.

    But if such thing were to happen in opposition ward, then the word Workers’ Party will flash in big bold words appearing very promptly and to cause maximum damage to the WP as the media always does. And it will be in front line news over many days and many PAP MP and PAP Ministers will take turn to ask WP to take full responsibilities, to resign, to apologize, but PAP MP and PAP Ministers will still be unhappy.

    Now all the PAP MP and PAP Ministers quiet like nothing happened. The greater manipulators we have

  3. Is there a fall out within the party for such mischievous action to happen knowing it’s the Indian Chief ward! A big question yeah otherwise why take so long to be charged!. Too many chief no little Indians!.

    • Collin Lee so where you get your education that 70% ” supported” a TC manager ?
      70% silent majority voted in a government that is a fact .
      70% supported this TC manager is your imagination , your self righteous highness .

      Does AHTC voters need to apologize for voting in a party who lost 33 million sinking fund ?

      I feel sorry for your ignorance but that’s what oppies do .

    • Maydeline Tan You are either really dumb or uneducated and you still have not explain why you lied about what I said in my original comment. So sad, you must be of those who support the present PAP under LHL and you will keep asking the PAP where to take a shit when you are told by the present govt. when and how to have a bowel movement.

  4. If a company could give a total amount of bribe in excess of 0.1 million, then it ought to have benefitted from contracts and services given by the town council thru the said GM for multiple times more than the bribery amount in order to be worthwhile for bribing him! So how much TC fund were lost due to such repeated bribery thru the GM?