Foreigner with the same qualifications as a local expects less than $2000 minimum salary compared to local’s $3000 for same PMET job


A quick search on job portal Jobstreet shows a troubling trend impacting prospective jobs for Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) where foreign job applicants with a bachelor’s degree ask for a minimum salary of around $1875 compared to the minimum salary of at least $3000 locals with the same qualifications expect for the same job.

A job listing for a senior executive at a Singapore-based shipping company helps to illustrate this trend. The company has advertised for an Accounting Receivables Supervisor – a position that has attracted applications from 119 local applicants and 45 foreign applicants so far.

The comparison of local and foreign applicants for this job listing shows that the lowest expected salary for a local applicant with a bachelor’s degree is $3000. This applicant, an audit executive, has 6 years professional experience.

Meanwhile, the lowest expected salary a foreign applicant with a bachelor’s degree has listed for the same job is PHP 70,000 – or S$1875. This applicant is a customer service team leader with eight years experience.

The second lowest expected salary a foreign applicant with a bachelor’s degree has listed for the same job is INR 100,000 – or S$2096. This applicant is an insurance coordinator with seven years experience.

The lowest expected salary a foreign applicant with a bachelor’s degree who has experience as an executive in the accounting sector has listed for the same job is S$2400. This applicant is an accounting supervisor with three years experience.

There is still a stark S$600 gap between the lowest expected salary of this applicant with the lowest expected salary of a local applicant. This amounts to a S$7200 gap between the foreign and local applicant over 12 months and a S$7,800 gap over 13 months.

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  1. Hahaha luv this sort of news. Shows the utter stupidity and selfishness of the 70%. Now the fresh grads are bearing the brunt. For one day of driving uber or being jobless, thats another day of losing out on prequisite work experiences to the legions of fts flooding in. Wuahahaha !!!

  2. Those FT who post very low salary purposely did tht in order to earn an interview. Afterwhile, after they selected for interview everything chnage. The asking salary is almost the same as singaporean

  3. I already said before the FT who took up PEMT’s are mainly from Pinoy and Nth Indian. They have taken up all the white collar jobs.Cos they can speak and understand English.MOM when dealing with quota employing this FT shd must have different set of quota from others.

  4. You forgot to add. Those foreign companies like to employed their own kinds but to meet the MOM quotas, they employed their own people who have already PRs or Shitizens only a fraction is Singaporean and also being mocked by them our Govt and Singaporeans are so stupid!!

  5. So if local wants $2000 must live in JB to stay comfortable in condo ? Only when the high speed railway is ready .. if travelling is not a concern , many will live in Malaysia

  6. Where do they come from? If their country taxes them on income earned abroad, then of course they expect higher income.

    I would also expect higher pay than a local for me to go abroad.

  7. That us why LKY hv policy of 3-1 SG to FT in company when he is in Charge.
    Now, he say we Singaporeans r not hungry enuf to compete with FT.
    He mean lower ur salary expectation to that of FT.
    Once u accept his suggedtion, u will become 吃不饱,饿不死. Meaning u will not die of hunger, but u will also never get a full meal

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