Foreign workers protest again in Singapore regarding land issue in Tamil Nadu


Foreign workers from Tamil Nadu in India are protesting an Indian hydrocarbon project which will affect a tiny village in the south Indian state. The protesters who oppose Indian government’s hydrocarbon project believe that it will damage their environment and cause groundwater contamination.
The protesters in Singapore (from the pictures posted on Facebook) seem to be foreign workers who hold work permits and employment passes. In Singapore, blue collar workers who work in sectors like construction are usually given work permits, while professionals are given employment passes.

The protests have happened despite police advisory against it.

The police advisory in Tamil said public assembly without a police permit in Singapore is illegal and constitutes an offence under the Public Order Act. It warned that foreigners who break the law will be dealt with firmly, which may include termination of work passes and visa.

This is the second incident in recent months which has riled up the foreign workers population in Singapore to hold protests here.

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In January several hundreds protested the Jallikattu ban in India in different parts of Singapore. The police also investigated several protesters.

Observers in India have likened the Neduvasal protests to the Jallikattu protests, which attracted the support of many youngsters in the Indian state.