Foreign student from China who cheated on several O-level exam papers about to start new course here


One of the foreign students who cheated on his O-level examination papers here is now waiting for another course to start.

The student, 17-year-old Chinese national Zhou Zice, cheated on five O-level papers by relying on three tutors who fed him the answers to exam questions through a small “skin-coloured” earphone that was linked to Bluetooth devices attached to his body and a mobile phone tucked in his back pocket.

Zhou was one of six foreign students who cheated during the O-level examinations here, two years ago. All six students took the exams as private candidates.

Yesterday, Zhou – who was not caught while he was writing the exams in October 2016 – testified against staff from the Zeus Education Centre in Tampines. The staff who are on trial are the tuition centre’s Singaporean principal, 52-year-old “Pony” Poh Yuan Nie; Poh’s 30-year-old Singaporean niece, Fiona Poh Min; and 25-year-old Chinese national tutor.

Another alleged Singaporean accomplice, 32-year-old Tan Jia Yan, also faces 27 charges in court. Tan, who was also employed at the centre, allegedly took the exam as a private candidate and used FaceTime on a mobile phone attached to her chest, concealed by clothing, to transmit images of the papers to her alleged accomplices.

Pony Poh and her two tutors allegedly worked out the answers and fed them to the students. Tan admitted in court that she and other alleged accomplices also helped to attach and remove the Bluetooth devices and mobile phones to the student’s bodies.

(From left) Fiona Poh Min, Pony Poh Yuan Nie and Feng Riwen

The cheating scandal became exposed when one of the students who cheated, Chinese national Chen Yi, was caught by an invigilator on 24 Oct 2016. Zhou testified that the Zeus Centre’s tutors instructed him to lie if someone from the Ministry of Education called him about the matter.

Although Zhou did not mention what he was instructed to lie about, he noted that no one from MOE called him. Zhou also testified that Pony Poh did not read him any answers during the exam and that she did not help him to attach or remove the communication devices on his person.

The court heard that Zhou came to Singapore with the hopes of attending an International Baccalaureate (IB) course here in 2015. He enrolled himself in the tuition centre after his guardian told him to do so. Revealing that his guardian is a man he met while he was holidaying here a few years prior, Zhou added that he is about to begin the IB course here.

Netizens responding to the trial expressed surprise that Zhou is allowed to continue studying in Singapore even after the cheating scandal came to light:

Wow….. Recently these 2 days, i heard that this news of cheating in GCE 'O' levels in 2016 is a hot topic! I doesn't…

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  1. Isnt that what PAP advocates?

    Steal other people lunches? Rise to the top no matter what method is used?

    why punish these PRCs? They should be given top managment positions in SMRT for their will to succeed.

    Remember, they have good intentions

    • They are only caught for this, they are capable of more unscrupulous which our govt n public may not be able to handle or detect them. Don’t laugh it is a matter of time they will infiltrate into the governing system and be your governing rulers. Don’t forget we have almost 1 Mio of them. Almost One third of a small population.

  2. FAKE is the norm in SG from fake news by main stream media to pian jia Govt to fake credentials obtained through cheating. Only non fake but real is the daftness of 70% ppl.

  3. The pile of foreign trash keeps stacking up and will continue till born and bred singaporeans start to voice out and take singapore back for us singaporeans and send them back special delivery to their homeland

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  5. Too many to begin with, especially in Uni whereby all ONE needs to do it outsource and buy papers. And submit. Next thing you know is they graduate with flying colours without putting effort at all (Except their money).

  6. Isnt that what PAP advocates ?

    Migrating bolehland chabor to complete with local chabor ?. Destroying the heart and hope of local men? Bring in untalented people which cause ruckus in mrt? Thanks to 70% , the smart people will never marry gurl from their own kind

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