Foreign researcher fined $3000 for squeezing beer lady’s buttocks


A foreign researcher, who formerly worked with the National University of Singapore (NUS), was fined $3000 in court yesterday after pleading guilty to squeezing the buttocks of a 29-year-old beer promoter.

The offence occurred at a Woodlands coffee shop on 22 July, around 6.30pm. The defendant – Dymkou Siarhei, a 39-year-old Belarusian – arrived at the foodhouse in the afternoon and began consuming good and alcohol, before calling out to the victim to order two bottles of beer.

Since Siarhei was a frequent patron who had a reputation for flirting with beer promoters, the victim was wary and kept her distance. She placed the bottles on his table and asked for $13.20.

Under the guise that he couldn’t hear the price of the beer, Siarhei insisted that the beer promoter move closer to him and repeat the price of the beer. Asserting that he would not make payment if the victim did not move closer, Siarhei made the victim repeat the price to him eight times.

Siarhei finally paid her but as the victim was counting the money, he molested her.

The defendant was reportedly reprimanded by a few patrons who saw what he had done. A commotion ensued between Siarhei and other patrons, whereupon the police arrived at the scene and arrested Siarhei for molesting the beer promoter.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Zhi Xiang argued for a minimum fine of $3,000 fine to be imposed, highlighting that the victim was subjected to “persistent harassment.”

He called for a sentence that would deter future such offences, citing the significant increase in outrage of modesty cases so far this year, as reported by the Singapore Police Force.

Defense lawyer Lim Fung Peen called the offence a “one-off” and “out of character” for his client. He added that Siarhei had been under tremendous work stress at the time and has since lost his NUS research job, following the offence.

Interestingly, Siarhei’s staff profile is still up on NUS’ Temasek Laboratories website:

District Judge Lim Tse Haw said that the fact that Siarhei squeezed the buttocks of the victim was more aggravating than a mere slap, and accepted the prosecution’s proposal of a $3000 fine.

Defendants charged for outrage of modesty face a maximum of two years’ jail, a fine, and/or caning.


  1. Lawyer … I m not sure why you always use Standard excuse like this to make him look worst . Just admit it was his mistake and take responsibility n hopefully never ever do it again

  2. Haaa ..again the pathetic excuse of stress by his equally ‘dun know how else to defend him’ lawyer. if stressed, he needs a squeeze ball or squeeze his own backside.. 😛

  3. i FULLY AGREE with those who propagate that under great stress IT IS ALRIGHT TO MOLEST but the only difference here is I only condone if the ACT is done on oneself. Here is the PAP Universal Principle of OWNSELF check OWNSELF ! Ownself molest Ownself !!!

  4. This is the kind of judicial system we have here… They’re merciless with their own citizens but kind and forgiving to foreigners because they’ve got deep pockets.

  5. How was this piece of foreign trash allowed entry here in the first place and how could NUS employ white trash like this at all , no singaporeans good enough to be a NUS researcher? Ridiculous

  6. What sort of stupid recommendation is made by the DPP – most local criminals are sentenced to imprisonment and yet for this foreigner the DPP recommended a simple fine? This is nonsensical and illogical type of recommendation and would never be a deterrence to like minded criminals wor! Something is very wrong somewhere with the Criminal Justice System as run by AGC!

  7. So Govt is $3k richer. What about the beer lady? Kana squeeze buttock for nothing? So our Govt becomes richer when people get molested? What is $3k to a researcher?

  8. He is lucky he was spared the maximum penalty for this offence, which can include rotans under tremendous stress greeting his butt.

    Hope he learns to respect women and keep his hands to himself in future.

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