Footage of female motorcyclists performing “superman stunts” in tunnel goes viral

An Instagram story video of two female motorcyclists performing stunts on their bikes in a local tunnel. It remains unclear when or exactly where the incident occurred.

In the footage, two female motorcyclists can be seen lying stomach-down, with their legs stretched out horizontally, on their sports bikes to give the illusion of flying as they ride the bikes in what has been described as a “Superman stunt” online.

The video is no longer available on Instagram, although screenshots of the incident are still circulating online. A caption on the screenshots circulating online reads, “masih pishang gareng nih,” which refers to a young person who is learning the ropes.

Netizens who shared the footage online expressed concern for the motorcyclists and other road users.

One netizen said: “I happened to come across a short Instagram video of two female motorcyclists ‘flying’ in Singapore. They’re risking harm to themselves and to other motorcyclists.”