Female Grab driver refuses payment and even offers $40 to depressed single mum returning from court


A depressed single mother has showered praises upon a female Grab driver who declined payment  from her and even offered her $40 out of her own pocket to help with her expenses.

The mother, netizen Jaasrena, reported online that she had booked a Grab ride on Tuesday, 5 Dec, after leaving court following the sentencing of one of her children. Jaasrena is a mother of five. Two of her children are presently in prison.

Rushing to attend a SkillsFuture course, Jaasrena said that though she did not have cash, she booked a Grab ride since a relative planned to meet her at her destination and pay for the ride.

Regarding her state of mind at the time, Jaasrena said, “I had to rush down to HDB hub at for a computer course from court for my son’s sentence and was extremely depressed due to it.”

Grace picked Jaasrena up from North Bridge Road. Along the way, she asked the customer whether she had her lunch yet. Jaasrena replied that she did not have money for lunch. She then opened up to the driver: “I was sharing my life story and whatever that was happening in my life with her. She was very understanding and caring.”

When Jaasrena arrived at her destination, she was shocked when Grace declined payment. She became even more stunned when Grace offered her $40 from her own pocket and asked her to “please buy food for you and your children.”

A touched Jaasrena said that she was moved to tears by Grace’s kindness: “I truly never expected her to do this. I couldn’t stop crying that there are such kind, loving and generous people like her in this world.”


  1. Being a woman herself she can understand her predicament better. She had done another fellow human being a good deed. You will be rewarded in life!

  2. More humane than the government that won’t even relook at the HDB policies for single parents. Petitions are submitted and rejected instead. No help there!

    • People should really reflect what they did to themselves from previous election. Can blame HDB. They voted for it. U all deserve the govt majorly voted for. Congrats.

    • Majority middle class + 100% of the upper class are comfortable and happy with life in sg..who cares abt the lower class right? Sg society is every man for himself..u die your own prob..y shld I care if the govt is not helping u..what if the govt make me pay more tax just to fund the poor..so the incumbent is still the best!! Wew

  3. The elites needs to know , there are locals whom on the surface appears to be able to survive and get days by .. but apparently it’s not the case .. this is one of them.. it ain’t rosy as what the state claimed to be

  4. With all the negative news regarding awful behaviour…this comes as a wonderful reminder that there will always be awesome and kind people out there.

  5. There are Good looking rich in high heel shoes Stayed at Novena Condominium can’t pay $15.6Taxi fare after TD want to take her Photos She suddenly run out of my Taxi and said want to call her Lawyer boy friend Cheap po!!!

  6. Soon the stresses and strains of these poor people will surface and their Sad and Angry faces will spread all over and bring the human face of the country down and no matter how beautiful Singapore looks, the ugliness cannot be hidden.

  7. Grace thank you for being a kind Samaritan, a kind heart with a kind soul.

    Shame on you white termites for locking out those struggling to feed themselves and or their family with a mindset of filling your own pockets!

    • Sure put these selfish MIW to shame for not looking into providing a simple roof over struggling single mums by turning down a recent petition. Kharma with rooms beneath waiting for these heartless termites.

  8. Question: Is there a procedure or policy in Grab that if a customer gets into the car 5 mins after the car reaches its destination, the Grab driver is free to impose a SGD 5.00 penalty? And SGD 10.00 if the customer enters the car later than 10 mins?

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