FBI found no trace of 1MDB money laundering in Mauritius


The Fobia – as the FBI is sometimes called – did not find any evidence the 1MDB money passed through the offshore financial system of tiny Indian Ocean Island Mauritius.

A source said the FBI landed in Mauritius last month (May) to investigate reports that the Island’s offshore banks could have played a role in the siphoning of 1MDB money from Malaysia to other jurisdictions on the planet.

The source said the FBI was in touch with the local Financial Financial Services Commission or FSC in Port Louis, scurrying through documents that purportedly linked Mauritius to the 1MDB scandal.

“They found nothing, not a single evidence that such monies circulated through the banks in Port Louis,” the source said.

But in Port Louis city, a banking source said an attempt was made to cash a promissory note that had origins from Malaysia.

A source from Mauritius told The Independent that a promissory note for a large amount of money – in billions of dollars – made its way to Mauritius from Malaysia, but the transaction came short from materialising in the end.

A promissory note is a signed document containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or on demand.

While no further details could be obtained on what type of transaction it was, the source said the money was probably linked to “an embattled agency.”

There are many questions in this revelation by the source who is said to have seen documents pertaining to this failed deal.

But the local banking source insisted that a person of interest in the 1MDB scandal had a hand in the formation of a bank in Mauritius.