Fancy Singapore restaurant mocks customer who left it a 1-star review online as a crybaby


FORT by Maison Ikkoku, a fancy restaurant-bar located at Fort Canning that offers S$98++ 12-course Japanese omakase meals, has mocked a customer who left it a poor review online as a crybaby and told him not to eat there if he cannot afford it.

The issue began when the customer, Benedict, left this review on FORT’s Facebook page, rating the restaurant 1 star out of 5. The review, which was posted on 12 March, has since been removed from the page but screenshots capturing the exchange between FORT and Benedict have been floating online.

In his review, Benedict shared that he was forced to pay $30 more than what he expected because he did not have an American Express bank card and that he found the dishes and service sub-standard:

FORT responded with this scathing response:

This triggered Benedict to hit back that mocking him as a crybaby is uncalled for and that he will not be returning to the restaurant. This prompted FORT to reply that they don’t want Benedict in his restaurant:

This is not the first time that FORT has left questionable replies to concerns by customers on their social media page: