Family living in rental flat chalks up over $3K in utilities bill – Activist takes down post after it drew flak


Activist Gilbert Goh who runs social support group Transitioning, yesterday shared a picture of a SP Services bill and said that the family sought his group’s help in settling the bill. Gilbert said that the family lived in a rental flat. The post was quickly taken down after it drew flak online.

This is the bill Gilbert shared:
Several Facebook users who commented on Gilbert’s post asked how a family living in a rental flat can chalk up a bill of over $3,400 and how many months they were in arrears.

The bill showed that the amount charged for the current month’s usage as $254. $79 was charged for electricity, and $112 for water. Several user questioned the water usage, if it was used only for domestic consumption.

Gilbert said in his post that his group told the family that they can only help them minimally because the bill was so high, and asked them to work out an instalment plan with SP Services.

It is unclear why Gilbert took down the post, but his group has helped others who were struggling with paying their utilities bill.