Fake nurses strips victims of their valuables in Malaysia

Source: Vice.com - Not one of the fake nurses in Malaysia, but another famous fake nurse from Blink 182's "Enema of the State"

A pair of thieves are running a scam in the state of Johor, where they pass as nurses, robbing people of their belongings while supposedly performing ‘health checks’ on them.

They told patients to take all their valuables off before performing the “checkup.”

Pretending to perform fake medical procedures, the robbed the patients home.

The scam was run by two Malaysians in Batu Pahat, a district in west Johor State.

The women, donning nurse uniforms, claimed to be medicine practitioners who provided free government funded health checks with house calls for patients.

“They tell victims to remove all their jewelry and valuables to supposedly ease the health check procedure,” Officer Abdul Wahib told The Star.

“The victims would also be told to strip and wrap themselves in a towel. They were then asked to lie flat on their stomach. One of the women would give an injection to the neck and perform an cupping technique on the patients back,” Wahib said.

While the “medical checkup” was being carried out and the patient was distracted, an accomplice entered the house and stole the victim’s valuables.

Fraud has been on the rise in Malaysia.

Last month, the Malaysian government released an offical video warning the public about the threat of fraud by hypnosis.

Source: https://www.vice.com