Fake news: Just make mainstream media more credible

Sense And Nonsense - by Tan Bah Bah

By Tan Bah Bah

Singapore mainstream media say they want to inform and engage. Fundamental to this would be that they have to be seen as credible. SPH’s mission statement is: “To engage, entertain and enrich audiences by harnessing the power of creativity.” Mediacorp’s is: “To inform, educate and entertain.”

Of course, they would not carry uncorroborated or, some would say, “uncleared (unapproved)” stories. Fine. Obviously then the proposed new laws on fake news and falsehoods would be targeted at sources other than the MSM. Local and from abroad.

Such a futile exercise. It would benefit everyone more if efforts are made to improve the mainstream media instead.

Not for the first time, the perceived problem is, to use a phrase which was popular in the early days of the Internet, the Wild Wild Net.  Ah, so little has changed. After all these years, it’s still the untamed frontier? The purveyor of so much fake news and falsehoods from which the innocent and undiscerning citizens should be protected – with yet more heavy-handed regulation?

Trojan horses in our midst, barbarians at our gates, innocent lambs to shepherd or guard. Scenario command and control planning 101.

And to further dramatise the situation, try the famous but hackneyed and, in this case, irrelevant Bad Old Malaysian Village Experience days story. Racial strife. Wild rumours. Baby cries. Narrow escape. Presumably the telling of this story in Parliament earlier this week was to, what? To show off the tough background from which that particular MP, an ex-Malaysian, came? And what has that got to do with fake news?

Singaporeans are not idiots. We can recognise fake news AND fake and stupid anecdotes. We can read – and read in between the lines. DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam said so.

The best way to fight fake news and falsehoods is not to tell silly stories. Not to restrict information or impede seekers of information. Not to control dialogue and offer one-sided pictures. Not to regard every Singaporean who does not agree with you as an adversary. Not to seek the easy way out in the hard battle for people’s minds and hearts. Not to lose by default or omission because you are comfortable only with sycophantic group-thinkers.

Start by liberalising the MSM. Give them the freedom to disseminate unfettered and unbiased information and news. Let them inform and truly engage. Otherwise all the laws in the world will not be able to stop the barbarians at our too small gates.

“Most individuals can’t personally verify most factual claims that we hear. If you think about some of the things you personally believe that are fact, there are many that you have not personally verified. It would be tremendously inefficient for all of us to try to personally verify all of these things. We have to have a setting where we trust other people.”

  • Paul Resnick, Professor of Information at the University of Michigan

Diabetes: Essentially a cultural war

The diabetes war will never be won – unless there is a serious mindset change at the cultural and community level.

Almost all Asian cuisines are high on sugar and oil content, especially local ones. Just look at the unhealthy food at every shopping mall, restaurant and hawker centre.

The list is intimidating – fried chicken, deep fried curry puffs, fatty meat burgers, pisang goreng, bak kut teh, roti prata, soup kambing, chilly crab, chye tau kway, char kway teow, chendol, gula melaka, kueh lopis, chocolates, pineapple tarts and so on.

Come Chinese New Year in February, all the lectures and discussions at the CJ sessions will be quickly forgotten.

Be really, really serious – do like what we did with smoking. Have the courage of conviction to do the unpopular but necessary. Don’t wayang.

Start this CNY. And the next Hari Raya Puasa or Deepavali.  Stop eating all the unhealthy goodies or at least look for alternatives with minimum or no sugar.

The Citizens Jury on the war on diabetes has its work cut out. If the seniors in our families do not set an example, their children or grandchildren will end up just as diabetic which will be followed almost inevitably by kidney failure. Both are chronic diseases.

Sense And Nonsense is a weekly series. Tan Bah Bah is a former senior leader writer with The Straits Times. He was also managing editor of a local magazine publishing company.


    • Sounds dumb. If the the government is credible, honest and fair then there won’t be people criticizing them. If they can’t accept feedback and critics then they should never be a minister at all. Just a a sales person- if they hate customers than the service job is NOT for them.

    • Sas Karma it is effective in silencing opposition. You can’t arrest everyone, so one way is to close all news sites critical of them。Of course can close Facebook.

  1. And since mainstream media in Singapore is controlled by the ruling party, how bout the ruling party be more credible? And actually be more credible and not just pretend to be so.

    I mean, one could hope, right?

  2. Our local MSM controlled by ruling dishes out news fake news and propaganda especially so to look good when they are truly bad and to fixed opposition parties. No wonder its readership have been on the decline. It news are meaningful would it not attract readers?

    • We can’t be a smart nation with citizens who aren’t treated like adults. But the Party teaches that the sun will come up in the northwest tomorrow. Any who notice that it does not are condemned for spreading fake news and we are commanded to wait for tomorrow, when it will officially “certainly” do so.

      Those of us with religions that frown upon blasphemy and idolatry may want to consider our political affiliations carefully. The State religion has no houses of worship outside Singapore.

  3. Who is the biggest churner of fake news officially but then needing some leegal framework to silence and kill alternative news for its own survival?

    • Fake news is anything that fails to praise the Party Leeader and His Cronies sufficiently. No longer is it merely sufficient not to point out their flaws and failings.

  4. Fake news has now become some sort of psychological warfare, with forces beyond the media manipulating our minds… I am just curious based on what criteria was the select committee members selected?

  5. What’s just as deadly is denial and news blackout so that there’s no accountability needed! This what some dictatorial was able to do previously but with the advent of social media their pants are caught down so there no choice but to put a lid on news by purportedly clamping it as fake news, no?!

  6. You hit the nail on the head! Give us better, more believable news which tells both sides of the story. Then we will stop reading news on social media. The stories from both Mediacock and Shit Times are so one-sided that people choose not to read them any more. Circulation for ST continues to tumble as evidenced by the the drop in advertising revenue based on their latest results. So? They want to die a natural death? With the great general in command, it is a sure thing unless he dares to stand up to his political masters!

  7. Isn’t communist China mainstream media credible in their own people eyes too ? Real remedy : Singaporeans should travel, work and live around the world. Read more, think more. Don’t be lazy about using the brain. Don’t just trust any media, including this website. Trust your own if you read widely and believe in your own analytical power !

  8. How to liberalise a local media industry that is essentially owned by government and PAP interests?

    The only possible path is for them to become more and more irrelevant and less and less sustainable without the backing of other govt-linked businesses.

  9. 1. Ministers earned million salary – Not fake news.
    2. Bishan mrt flooding – not fake news.
    3. AMK general manager corruption case – not fake news.
    4. Keppel O&M corruption case – not fake news.
    5. Halimah is Indian. – not fake news.
    6. SPH faced falling revenue. – not fake news.

  10. Just watch the Snake is up too….by introducing legislation on Fake news is just an excuse to arrest and stop people from criticizing the government and hide all those unsolved corruption like AMK town council… the brothers issues..Keppel bribery…and many more…
    All these happenings…swept under the carpet..ST never made further reports …
    Very soon we will loose our freedom of giving our opinions on FB…
    Time for change…next election…wake up n Vote wisely….

  11. Propaganda strategy Using mainstream media to brainwash the citizens! Normal human rights as speech and opinions were taken from us! The Government don’t even treat us as humans!

    • Didn’t you get the memo? We’re digits; disposable and replaceable on a whim. That was LKY’s word for us many years ago; it’s disturbing that so many of us rightly see him as an improvement on the Clown Prince.

  12. The well known fake news that is 100% authentic is that Halimah is Singapore’s Malay President when her father is an Indian, mother is a Chinese hawker who pays a Malay nanny to nurse her and send her to Singapore Chinese Girls School
    Fake News!
    1) Indian become Malay President
    2) AMKTC manager is corrupted
    3) Keppel bribery
    4) MRT frequent breakdown
    5) General Elections in 2019
    6) Prime Minister has 6 to 9 months to live because his cancer has spread

  13. True. Singaporeans are not idiots. But if they don’t analyse, synthesize, think, project, etc, even they can be fooled by non mainstream, many of which we know are outright anti government but also didn’t deep dive on topics and issues. But if the Journalists of some non mainstream media have overseas work experience, had worked for think tanks, was correspondent for major news wires, then you have my respect. Otherwise, it is talk talk talk bs bs bs.

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