Fake news alert: building in Orchard did not collapse as rumoured

Design Orchard under construction

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has clarified that online reports of a building slab has collapsed at a site in Orchard is false.

“Some photos have been circulating on the Internet and chat apps about how a building slab has collapsed at a construction site at 250 Orchard Road,” the BCA said on its Facebook page on Friday.

“This is untrue; there has been no collapse. The building has a sloping roof design.”

The BCA then posted a link to a model of the building which is under construction and which had been reported by Channel Newsasia in October last year.

The actual building when completed looks like this:

Photo: CNA

Named Design Orchard, the upcoming building is a “two-and-a-half-storey development will house a retail showcase on the first level, an incubation space on the upper floors and an events space on the rooftop.”

“Design Orchard is a multi-agency effort by JTC, SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Tourism Board. It is slated for completion in late 2018,” CNA said.