Home News Facial recognition system may replace MRT fare cards

Facial recognition system may replace MRT fare cards




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ST Electronics has plans to deploy a new Advance Gate System for MRT stations that will allow commuters to pass through the MRT gantries through a facial recognition system as opposed to the current fare card tap system. Fares will be deducted via credit cards or other post-paid methods.

Besides being able to process one commuter per second (in comparison to the current gantry system which processes 40 commuters per minute), the new system also allows commuters to purchase tickets, top up fare cards or even video conference with customer service officers, right from the terminal.

For commuters who are uncomfortable with the facial recognition system or are unwilling to pay through post-paid methods, the new terminal offers radio frequency identification which scans fare cards without requiring commuters to physically tap their cards on the gate readers. The system will be able to detect cards even if they are in the commuter’s wallet, pocket or bag.

ST Electronics has said that the Advance Gate System is already ready to be rolled out in MRT stations. Commuters will need to use a self-help terminal to sign up for an account to use the new terminals once they’ve been deployed.

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