Facebook removes “We Are Against Pink Dot” public group for hate speech


Facebook has apparently removed the “We Are Against Pink Dot” (WAAPD) public group for violating its community standards. Following a link to the Facebook group shows that the page has indeed been deactivated.

Facebook user Roy Tan shared a screenshot of a notification the user who reported the page received from the social media website informing them that the page has been removed. Tan shared: “Great news, everyone! Facebook has removed We Are Against Pink Dot in Singapore for hate speech.”

In a subsequent comment, Tan revealed that he was not the one who reported the page this time: “WAAPD wasn’t reported by me, though. It was done by a friend studying overseas and others.” He added in another comment, “When I reported WAAPD for hate speech several years ago, Facebook didn’t do anything. This coup was achieved by others reporting it only recently.”

Another Facebook user, Yew Hing Yappy Yap, shared in a comment: “FINALLY!! I have reported before too but FB did nothing. I suspect this time round it might be due to what is happening in the US n led to FB tightening n tidying to present a “cleaner” image. FB even sent me a note asking if I need help for managing my stress when I shared an article on assisted suicide. They probably feel that I wanna kill myself. LOL!”

Great news, everyone! Facebook has removed We Are Against Pink Dot in Singapore for hate speech. 🙂

Posted by Roy Tan on Wednesday, 9 May 2018

WAAPD has called itself a “public advocacy group” in the past. An earlier, unrelated statement set out the mission of the group, which had thousands of members, as such:

“WAAPD is made up of a cross section of Singaporeans from all walks of life, belief systems, ethnicity, gender and creed.
“We were set up to discuss the attempt to promote a homosexual movement in Singapore. This movement is not part of our traditional family values.
“We are clear that our position is to reject the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.”


    • In this case, it isn’t about free speech.
      It’s about impeding personal freedom; that is what they strive to achieve.
      It is about imposing one’s preference onto another, at the same time denying their free will to choose, to be as they see fit for themselves, as human beings.

      That, that is the lowest of all inhumanity they can be.

    • David Chow As you say – a Classic Strawman defence by Mr. Leong: States an informal fallacy, based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent at all.

    • Just be a nice person, Mr Leong, you might find you enjoy life more. Incidentally, if your WAAPD’s family values include, as Mr Chow says, denying freedom of choice, then they’re worthless values, that don’t merit upholding.

  1. So a gender likes another person of the same gender ?…. In biology term , a normal male given the normal level of hormones shouldn’t have interest for another male ….. same goes for female pair .Perhaps this is the next step of human evolution ?
    Someday maybe we can too accept the fact that men can have a relationship with an animal of other species? Let’s call it the fur dot and maybe we will see hybrid babies ? Lol ..

  2. people who are against pink dot; just STFU and make your babies. nobody’s asking you to donate your asshole for insemination so just chill

  3. hehehe touchy touchy.. Would a psychopath or pedophile be any different from a homosexual, kleptomaniac, or heterosexual? The argument has always been that it’s not by choice but i’m born with it heheheh….. SO, does Pink Dot movement stands for all these too????

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