Facebook apologises to prominent blogger for removing his content

The Independent, Singapore News Portal

Facebook yesteday censored prominent socio-political blogger Andrew Loh’s content from its platform. It also banned him from posting anything on Facebook for three days. We reported about it here: http://theindependent.sg/prominent-blogger-banned-from-fb-for-publishing-local-socio-political-content/

In a turn of events, Facebook has now apologised and reveresed its earlier decision.

In its apology the social media giant said:


A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was a mistake, and we sincerely apologize for this error. We’ve since restored the content and you should now be able to see it.”

Commenting on Facebook restoring his post, the blogger said:

“Facebook just apologised to me for removing content on my page. Ha! This yo-yo is still spinning ah?

And my 3-day ban from Facebook is now cut short. I can now post! Yay! But for how long more? Will you-know-who spam Facebook with more complaints to get me blocked again?

*I’d fired two messages (Or was it three? Dunno, dun care) to Facebook yesterday telling them they are goons to allow their filtering system to be abused by some Internet trolls.

Anyway, I might finally retire from Facebook. Maybe will be good to spend my time on more productive stuff in life – like go catch spider or go fly kite! Ha!

Maybe I will retire on my upcoming momentous half-century birthday in July.”

Mr Loh also re-shared the post which was originally censored by Facebook.