Expulsion of Prof Huang Jing spurred mixed remarks from PRC netizens

Chinese netizens decry Singapore as Lee Jia Po (Leegapore) and for our lack of freedom of speech. Kettle calling the pot black?

Huang Jing was a Lee Foundation Professor on US-China relations at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Laura Zhang

US citizen Huang Jing, whose Singapore permanent residence identity has been revoked after the Singapore Government identified him as being an agent of foreign influence, said on Tuesday (Aug 8) he had appealed the decision to expel him.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had cancelled the permanent residence of Huang Jing, a professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, and of his wife, Yang Xiuping, also a US citizen.

However, the ministry did not identify “the foreign country” with which he was said to be interacting. The mystery had spurred mixed conjecture, suspicion and curiosity in the wild world of netizens. Huang also declined  comment on the nature of the accusations against him.

US or China?

Dr Huang has been famous for being anti-China in his talks.

Mandarin Youtuber Fashion Stopper stated, “Huang Jing is constantly anti-PRC in his English lectures and always anti-Singapore in his Mandarin lectures on Chinese TV.”

Here is a typical anti-China lecture he conducted in 2012:

Netizens on Cqtimes.cn openly insulted him, “you do not deserve to be a Chinese. Holding a U.S. citizenship doesn’t grant you the right to slam your motherland.”

Zaobao “He betrayed two countries at one go.”

However, he has been involved in decades-long china analysis, as an expert in China politics.

“He must be a spy from China. This is an unusual measure for Americans.” said netizens from Voachinese.com.

However, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China claimed that it does not know about Dr Huang’s objectives.

Many Chinese netizens postulate Huang’s influence would aggravate the already sour bilateral relations between China and Singapore.

One of the top Weibo comments is “Where is freedom of speech, Lee Jia Po (a common tease on Weibo, meaning Lee family’s Singapore caused by Lee’s saga recently)?”

Weibo netizens also conjecture that the U.S. would not appoint a migrant Chinese citizen to spy in Singapore. They also suggest that he might be one of those undercover Chinese in the U.S.

Youtube comments also went, “he doesn’t deserve to be a professor as he is not serving the academics but having second thoughts on another country’s policy.”

Graduated from Sichuan University English Language Major, Dr Huang then Studied History in Fudan University under for Master’s Degree, before he was admitted to Harvard Graduate School for his PhD. He converted his PRC status to U.S. citizenship afterwards.


Singapore blogger  analyses that Dr Huang is involved in “lobbying and track II diplomacy”, not spying (Track II diplomacy is diplomacy conducted by unofficial, informal, or non-governmental actors and agents).

“Track II diplomacy can only exist in a country that has a certain freedom of speech to allow lobbying, robustness of debate to prevent one-sided lobbying, independent thinking to critically analyse debates, and a commitment to guaranteeing the safety of such diplomacy.” wrote .

“By expelling Dr Huang, the Ministry of Home Affairs risks sending a signal that one, some, or quite possibly all of these are no longer true in Singapore.”




  1. I have lived in China for 20 years… and indeed they have more freedom of speech, they can talk openly on social media and scold their leaders (whether all that scolding will create any attention is a different matter). But all politics are dirty, in China and Singapore and anywhere.

    • Yes it is the same politic all over the world regardless the ideology be communist , socialist, fascist , democracy, dynastic ……..everyone is playing a part of the whole …….what’s perceived to be good or bad fall on where one’s position lies ……action and reaction dictate the day …..if certain part of the whole wish to push things to the extreme for their own interests ….do expect a similar weight of reactions , thus clown prince and gang members can do all they want to do albeit there will come a time the reaction from the masses will return a similar measure of their doings …….take heart , do not despair , be patient ……for the Sun shines and the Rain falls not just on the fertile land but also on the barren land , on the rich as well as the poor, on the righteous as well as the unrighteous……….nature will take its course!!

    • Agreed. Meanwhile, passionate patriots should do our part to make the society a better place, without unrealistic reliance on the government, otherwise we can be as guilty in a much smaller way. One flip side though, is when a social project becomes too successful, people may feel lesser impact from poorly managed government initiatives (always a double edged sword), worst still, some shameless officials will claim credit for it. What a bomber!!!

    • Really, then tell me why they have to banned Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and almost all foreign news media…only brainless imbeciles will believe a shit-stirrer like you!

    • Thomas Yong… to be clearer hopefully… if you go to Chinese chatrooms you will see many people saying all sorts of things, name calling, joke making about their leaders. Even on the streets, they are much more vocal if they don’t like certain things. I think one of the reasons is because it is so common in China and the law enforcers do not bother to reprimand you because they can’t be bothered. If you were to take out a banner to complain about expensive housing prices or some developers have just abandoned a construction site indefinitely, the government will in fact attend to you, and try to assist. Why? It is the humane thing to do (whether they are doing it out of obligation or for the fear of any escalations well…). And of course, when the people are trying to create havoc, then a few Indian chiefs will be taken away first. Overall, the Chinese can express themselves more freely. LHL is very lucky to be the PM of Singapore because Singaporeans are quite docile after years of conditioning.

  2. I’m Glad the world knows this govt who took over LKY is incapable. But it’s not enough. The majority needs to know as well. Singaporeans , don’t be more stupid than a 3rd world country. Even they knew this govt is hopeless, we all will be looked down on the 3rd world country thanks to your votes. ‍♂️

  3. China may be communist but the people have balls to protest on the streets even if it’s illegal. They will fight for justice if their government is corrupt. Over here everyone just hide in a corner “Boh Chap” mentality. I wait for you, you wait for me.

  4. Everyone who fall off with White termites will cry n admit that there are no freedom here. But while in their service, they flow along. If well educated backs the abuse of the govt, how can ordinary people do any better. Our country is now flooded by sycophants. Thats why we are not progressing as before.

  5. China netizens =/= China CCP government. Just like Singapore netizens =/= SGP PAP government. Pls differentiate. I stand with China netizens on this, sorry.

  6. Lol…. I think everyone had freedom of speech, but each speech must have substance and limits.

    Imagine any shoppers do window shopping in a mall , and 1 sales personnel shouted that ” no money don’t see , want to see then must have the strength to buy “! !!!

    Can we just walked away and think that …… that was freedom of speech? A parent scolded a child for being naughty, the child speaks ill back to his parent and claiming he had freedom of speech???

    Action’s speak louder then words …. so I always feel .. don’t comments so much , show what you can do before commenting on what others had done !

  7. What to do when someone from privileged position is exposed as a double agent?

    Only the authorities know what damage he has done to SG. In the interim what it has done is right. Any other countries with a similar situation would acted no different.

    He is given a chance to appeal to clear his name, let him explain.

  8. Hey China – you are really hypocrite. You cannot log into Facebook or YouTube or Twitter ? Can you ? It’s because your party wants you to only hear their views. So sad that the blind are led by the mute and the deaf to people’s views .

  9. People in HK and mainland China do speak out and demonstrate and HK has a relatively free and outspoken press. Trying to keep the genie in the bottle isn’t easy – who can predict what will happen?

  10. Just saw a YouTube video that links to LHY mandarin video
    Professor Huang criticise our monkey head for making 3 mistakes
    1) He instigate our neighbors to pressure China in SCS affairs
    2)He criticise that our head put all the eggs in TPP
    3)He said that our leader criticise Trump and support Hilary before the results of President elections!
    I saw YouTube video by leading Taiwanese journalists saying that in Singapore, we can criticize anybody except that familee dynasty
    Peace can never be attained by silencing the voice of truth as only by facing the truth will set us free!
    The angels of the universe are watching over us, especially our national pledge!
    I watch our National pledge with a mixed feelings as to whether we truly keep our vows !
    Will our senior citizens retirement funds be returned so as to set them free from distressing anxieties, then peace be with our aging population???
    Really feel sad and sorry for our senior citizens but will wait in hope!
    We must not be disheartened by the darkness surrounding us, may we pray for Grace upon grace, strength upon strength!
    God allows mistake and changes for a reason, so let us never live in regrets but vote wisely and pray for wisdom and peace!
    Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

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